How I’m Making Cowboy Boots Edgy


As a girl who grew up in Arkansas and lived in Nashville for 10 years of my young adulthood…I have a longtime connection to cowboy boots. I remember saving up to buy my first pair in ninth grade and going with my dad to have him help me pick them out (he’s quite the clothes horse too).

I’ve always owned a pair since then. I even hacked off the top of a cheap thrift-store pair years ago a la OE (longtime TME readers will remember her fabulous content here a few years back!). That was super-fun for my fashion-risk-loving self, let me tell ya. And I wore the heck out of them!

A New Fall Vibe: Cowboy Boots — But Make It Edgy

But this time around, as I’m seeing all the cowboy boots out there right now, I wanted to find a way to make them feel edgier and more me — without having to use scissors…heh.

I found an amazing vintage pair on a recent trip to Nashville (and legit felt like a tourist — which was weird after being a resident for so many years, lol) and wanted to style them up to fit my own vibe, aka no denim skirts, floral dresses or cutoffs.

This gal who loves rock music, graphic tees, moto jackets and high-tops discovered…black (faux) leather! (This skirt is similar to the one I’m wearing.)

Add A Faux-Leather Midi Skirt To Spice Things Up

This Mara Hoffman faux-leather midi skirt is under $80 & more versatile than I initially thought.

tee (S) | skirt (similar or this) | similar boots (mine are vintage)

You have seen this skirt recently, styled up six ways. This wound up being one of my favorite looks, especially for this transitional season, so I wanted to highlight it on its own. This style of skirt is so fun and, as I mentioned in the previous post, more versatile than I initially thought. Mine recently sold out, so I’ll include a few more options that I’m loving.

The fit is TTS, but size up if you're straighter through the midsection like me. The S fit, but the exposed zipper (w/ no button or waistband) was too uncomfy.

tee (S) | skirt (similar or this) | similar boots

The consideration & construction of higher-end graphic tees are so good, & the printing, designs & fits just seem to be better than cheaper options.
I love rock music, high-tops & moto jackets... Who knew cowboy boots would be my fall go-to? Pair w/ a black skirt + graphic tee, & my edgy outfit is complete.

tee (S) | skirt (similar or this) | similar boots

Keep It Casual With My Longtime Love…Graphic Tees

Let me take a minute to talk about my love affair with graphic tees too. I adore them. As a graphic designer, I’m picky about them, but I adore so, so many.

I own inexpensive and vintage ones from Target and Poshmark, as well as higher-end options from Clare V. (like the one), Zadig & Voltaire (this one), and rag & bone. Honestly, the graphic tees from top fashion brands are the ones I continually grab for my actual outfits. The consideration and construction are so good, and the printing, designs and fits just seem to be better. I do my best to post here when the good ones are on sale!

That being said, I’ll do a roundup of tees soon that includes a variety of price points. But after having tried on a bazillion tees over the years, this is the knowledge I’ve gained, and this Clare V. option I’m wearing is the absolute best!

Shop My Favorite Cowboy Boots This Fall

EBay is a great resource for finding broken-in vintage cowboy boots online. There, I searched with the parameters “cowboy boots women,” and then filtered by “pointed toe + brown + tan + gold + pre-owned” and found some good options. You can then filter by your own size.

I honestly prefer buying quite a few of my boots pre-owned and broken-in, but I know fit is the concern a lot of times. So, I’ve also rounded up some of my favorite new boots you can shop this year from retailers where you can make returns or try a couple of sizes at a time.

I still want to find some great black faux-leather pants with a slim bootcut shape to pair with these boots too. If you have a comfy pair you love, let me know!

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Photo credit: Posy Quarterman Photography

Oh, hey, Pinners…

I love rock music, high-tops & moto jackets... Who knew cowboy boots would be my fall go-to? Pair w/ a black skirt + graphic tee, & my edgy outfit is complete.