The Jeans I Loved & Wore The Most In 2022


Can you believe we’re nearing the end of 2022?

With less than two months left (!!), I thought it would be fun to do a deep dive into my closet and see what stood out as the “Best of 2022” — starting with jeans.

Jeans are arguably my favorite thing to try on, and I feel like I’m always in pursuit of “the best pair ever,” so it was interesting even to myself to see what I ended up truly loving and wearing the most this past year.

AGOLDE stood out as my favorite brand, with jeans from MOTHER and Gap following close behind in the lineup. 

Best In Jeans Awards: My Top 5 Pairs Ft. Gap, AGOLDE + More

AGOLDE’s ’90s Loose Fit (in color Snapshot) and Luna Pieced jeans (in color Element) took the awards for the most-worn of my entire closet. 

I grabbed a pair of MOTHER cargo jeans late in the year, but they quickly rose as a favorite. While cargo jeans are certainly a bit trendy, this pair is so well-structured — and SO DANG COMFY — that I think they’re going to stand the test of time in my wardrobe. 

Gap took the cake for my fave new style, barrel jeans, and while this slouchy pair from Australian label Lioness did make the cut for Best of 2022, it’s more of a “best fail” — but you’ll have to watch the video to learn more about that!

Because 2022 also brought a significant cross-country move for my little family, I find it even more appealing to take note of the items in my closet that not only made the cut to move with me but also have been a favorite now in *multiple* different climates. 

These are them, friends — my favorite jeans of 2022!

1. Most-Worn Jeans Of 2022

AGOLDE ’90s Loose-Fit Jeans (Revolve | Shopbop) – These run big on my frame, so I size down for a pair that sits comfortably at my waist while still being loose. 

AGOLDE Luna Piece Jeans – While these do run loose, I love my true size for the ultimate comfort (and kind of adore the little bit of extra space in the waist). 

2. Favorite (+ Most Comfortable) Jeans Of 2022

MOTHER The Curbside Cargo Jeans (MOTHER | Nordstrom | Saks Fifth Avenue | Shopbop | Revolve) – Irresistibly comfortable, this pair of cargo jeans is the right amount of structured + chic while still being on-trend. While I normally size up in MOTHER denim, I wear my true size in this pair.

3. Favorite New Jeans Style Of 2022

Gap High-Rise Barrel Jeans – Barrel jeans are the ultimate Cool Jeans in my opinion — they’re like upgraded mom jeans that are just as comfortable but slightly more unique. I wear my true size in the blue wash (but prefer a size down in the black wash). 

4. Favorite “Jeans Fail” of 2022

Lioness Miami Vice Pants – While these jeans might be the It Girl pants of 2022, I never reached for them… I think because I never find myself wanting to wear low-rise. But, BOY, are they fun. Sizing varies between washes, but these pants typically run big and extra-long.


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Hey, Pinners…

Jeans are my fave to try on, & I'm always in pursuit of "the best pair ever." Here are my top 5 of the year, ft. Gap, MOTHER, AGOLDE & Lioness.
Jeans are my fave to try on, & I'm always in pursuit of "the best pair ever." Here are my top 5 of the year, ft. Gap, MOTHER, AGOLDE & Lioness.

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