The Lightweight Hiking Boot I’m Obsessed With


Hiking and me, we go way back. 

I was raised in the middle of the woods…I mean truly, on acres of thick trees and rivers where hiking was just a regular afternoon of play rather than a planned out excursion. My dolls usually came along, too. 

The Best Stylish & Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Boots

I’ve been on the trails with just about every style of shoe you can imagine, but never one that both performed well and that felt eye-catching. That is, until I found the On Cloudrock Hiking Boot.

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Hiking has always been a way of life, interspersed with every family vacation (usually to Alaska) and road trips with friends (to the Redwoods more times than I can count). Hiking was my first date with my husband and he even asked me to marry him mid-hike overlooking a waterfall in Northern California. 

On Cloudrock Hiking Boot: Lightweight and Cute

There have been seasons where I’ve had super practical boots for the trail (read: not cute), and other times where slip-on vans did just fine. While living in Northern California, I opted for a barefoot-style shoe that allowed me to feel each rock underneath my foot to help with accuracy of tred. That worked for awhile, until I slipped on an algae covered rock underneath a waterfall and ruptured my bursa (a sac of fluid that cushions your elbow). It blew up to the size of a baseball and I was convinced it would never go back to normal (it did, but I immediately got rid of those shoes). 

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After that, I started to appreciate a proper hiking boot again, one with a high ankle that was sturdy and built for all terrains. I became extremely picky on performance and in turn gave up the desire for one that felt cute, because frankly, I didn’t think they existed. When I first spotted the On Cloudrock Hiking boot, I think my jaw fell open, I was so excited by their shape and color options.

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I recently fell in love with the brand On when I purchased their Cloudflow Running Shoe. It was incredibly comfortable from day one with no breaking-in phase and no blisters as my toes figured out a new shoe shape.  I’ve been running miles on the treadmill with them and haven’t looked back.

So, it didn’t take much thought for me to order the hiking boot. The decision to purchase them was about as fast as it took me to add them to cart. 

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At first glance, the shape was very similar to the hiking boot I’ve worn and loved for the last few years, which is why I initially was drawn to them, but the color options were gorgeous. Far better than any others I’ve seen. I really like the Swiss designs of every shoe On makes, and this hiking boot just felt unique and fresh. 

Fit Notes: I’m a size 9.5 in sneakers (including their running shoes), but always order a 10 for boots so I can wear thick socks. If you never reach for thick socks with your boots, these would probably work great in your true size.


Despite the lack of research I made before ordering these, it turns out the Cloudrock is everything I love in a hiking boot, just as I hoped they’d be. Though I haven’t taken these on any major waterfall hikes just yet, the traction has been awesome on my local trails. The tab on the back is perfectly placed and large enough to easily pull your foot in. I’ve worn many shoes with a tab too small for my fingers and are essentially useless. The boots are built lightweight (far lighter than my old boots), have a high collar which feels comfortable and protective on your ankles when you’re going up and down steep terrain, and best of all? They’re waterproof. Even windproof, which matters when the temps start to dip. 

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There’s a similar version of these boots On makes called the Cloudridge. These are nearly identical boots, but are not waterproof. This makes them ideal for dry, warm climates and also means they’re a bit cheaper. If you live somewhere warm year round and don’t often find yourself traveling to colder areas, this shoe would be a perfect option for you. The glacier/sea color is stunning, but you’ll get a very similar look to my shoe with the Cloudridge in mocha/pebble.

I think my favorite part about these, apart from being just really cute, is they don’t feel like I’m wearing a big hiking boot on my feet. I don’t even notice them at all. They’re so light and comfortable and perfect for all our fall adventures coming up!

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Happy trails!

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  1. Just ordered these, thank you so much Amy! I tried the Danners that Shana and others love so much, but the comfort is just not the same level as my fugly hiking boots.

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