5 Cute Raincoats You Should Know About


Ah, raincoats. Turns out there are only a handful of options that we think are exciting. Good news: they’re all in this post — updated with our current favorite raincoats for 2022!

Cute Stylish Rain Jackets We Have & Love

As your resident Northwesterner here, I get really sick of raincoats. Alas, I also really need raincoats. Finding a stylish raincoat that I don’t tire of is asking a lot. So…Shana, Scotti, Em, and I have rounded up the best cute raincoats we’ve owned for at least a year. While current color options may be slightly different, the coats are tried and true.

So let’s just go ahead and get into our fave waterproof and water-resistant jackets for rainy days…

1. Barbour Henrietta Rain Jacket

If you only get ONE kind of raincoat, Shana recommends a mid-length parka-style rain jacket like Barbour’s Henrietta rain jacket. S has worn it for everything from sightseeing around London (cue random rain showers) to walking to school in a downpour. Also, check out her super-helpful rain jacket review video for more thoughts on types of raincoats to consider.

Shana recommends a mid-length parka-style rain jacket like Barbour's Henrietta rain jacket.

raincoat (4) | Vans | similar Clare V bag

2. Burberry Trench Coats: Kensington or Chelsea

Ahh, the iconic Burberry Trench. S has been drooling over this one for her entire adult life and she finally took the plunge and bought one. The two styles she likes are The Kensington and The Chelsea — both can *actually* be worn in the rain. While the brand specifies that these coats are not, technically, waterproof, they do hold up well, even in a downpour. Furthermore, Burberry offers a “trench refresh” where you can drop off your trench at a Burberry store, and they’ll reapply the eco-coating to keep the waterproofing fresh. Burberry recommends doing this every two years, if possible, or after about three dry cleans. S did a full deep dive into Burberry trench coats here. Spoiler: she thinks they’re worth it.

Are Burberry trench coats worth it? Shana thinks so, especially 'cause they're (almost) a waterproof jacket.

trench | similar jeans (27) | tee (S) 

3. The North Face City Breeze Rain Jacket

S and I both adore The North Face’s rain jackets. Our favorite is the City Breeze style which has been updated over the past few years.

The North Face City Breeze jacket has some magical rain-blasting fabric and the drops just fall right off. It also has adorable trench coat details that make it feel more special and chic than your typical rain jacket. The colors are stunning, and the whole thing is warm, but also lightweight. It’s a real winner.

We love the North Face City Breeze Rain Jacket for being both super light-weight & truly waterproof.

Jacket (s) | Sweatshirt | Similar Jeans | Similar Boots | Similar Bag**

at Backcountry | at Nordstrom | at Zappos

My City Breeze is a slightly older version and Shana’s is the current version. The North Face City Breeze is phenomenal at keeping you dry while looking cute. This is a lighter-weight raincoat — if you plan to wear any thicker sweaters underneath, size up. Otherwise, it fits true to size.

These pics were taken in the winter of 2020, and I’m still rocking this coat — just wore it to the Oregon coast yesterday. My navy is sold out right now, but check out the other great neutral colors it comes in.

Our go-to rainy day outfit consist of 4 hardworking (yet cute!) pieces -- a stylish raincoat, cool jeans, rad combat boots & a good water-resistant bag.

Jacket (s) | Sweatshirt | Similar Jeans | Similar Boots | Similar Bag**

A lightweight, windproof + breathable rain jacket? Found! The perfect comfy-yet-stylish waterproof must-have is here (oh, hey North Face!) & we are big fans.

jacket (s) | similar jeans | bag | mask

Shana loves how this raincoat is a longer, parka-length jacket. Instead of rivulets of water running down and soaking the bum, this parka really does keep your legs dry. The hood works great, the sleeves are nice and long (and can be cinched in,) and the collar is comfortable even when zipped.

A longer parka style rain coat like The North Face City Breeze Rain Jacket helps keeps your butt dry.

jacket (s) | similar jeansbag | mask

4. The Everlane ReNew Anorak

I mean, how lovely is the Everlane ReNew Anorak? So pretty! This beautiful water-resistant anorak is a nice mid-weight fabric. I love the shape, the split-hem, the hood, the drawstring at the waist…love it all. It is my new go-to raincoat. Also, the fabric isn’t loud. Does that make sense? It’s not the slick fabric of many raincoats that makes a swishy sound when you move.

The Everlane ReNew Anorak come in lovely colors to make the gray days more fun.

Raincoat c/o | Hoodie | Pants | Sneakers

The ReNew Anorak is water-resistant, so it’s a great everyday raincoat (but not so much for hiking/camping). Here in Portland, we don’t typically get huge downpours, we need all the raincoat options. The hood has lots of room but doesn’t block your view either. The best thing about this anorak, though, is the gorgeous colors it comes in…dusty lavender, espresso, taupe, black and olive. My pale blue is a spring color, but I’m drooling over the new fall hues.

The ReNew Anorak is water-resistant, so it's a stlyish everyday raincoat for Portland.

Raincoat c/o | Hoodie | Pants | Sneakers

5. J. Crew Perfect Lightweight Jacket

When Scotti saw the Perfect Rain Jacket from J. Crew, it was an easy choice. It’s water-resistant, so while not fully 100% waterproof, it provides enough protection for her general use. This one’s not short on details, either. The adjustable waist, the hood with a drawcord, the gold buttons and snaps, the fishtail hem, and the pockets hold everything you might need.

This J Crew camo rain coat is water-resistant and full of little details that make it super wearable.

Jacket (2022 version, xs) | Boots | Jeans | Similar Sweatshirt

This rain jacket is available in sizes XXS-3X. One note about sizing: it runs big. Scotti’s wearing an XS here (she’s usually a S or XS in jackets and coats) and she mentioned she could have easily gone down to an XXS.

This J Crew camo rain coat runs a little big, so size down.

Jacket (xs) | Boots | Jeans | Similar Sweatshirt

This J Crew leopard rain coat is a fun way to spice up a rainy day.

Jacket (2022 version) | Boots | Similar Leggings

This lightweight rain jacket is perfect for Em’s misty mornings in Half Moon Bay — it keeps her cozy on damp, foggy days, without being too much for lighter weather. It’s totally breathable and easy to layer. Plus, the hood is right-sized and stays put. The waist cinches in for more of a tailored look, but Em prefers to wear it long and loose. Plenty of pockets for stashing all the things, too. Em also noted that this is ‘quite the look’ but just threw it over her school drop-off outfit for us this morning. (I’m actually totally digging it, Em. Haha.)

A stylish rain jackets with Danner boots makes this the weather-ready school drop-off outfit "quite the look."

Jacket | Boots | Similar Leggings

If you have a cute raincoat you adore, please share it with us in the comments! We’ll keep an eye on these favorites, too, and update you with restocks. Good luck out there and don’t let the rainy days get ya down!



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Finding stylish rain jackets (that are water-resistant or waterproof) is hard. So, we've rounded up the best rain gear that keeps us both cozy & cute.
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  1. Hi there – most of the JCrew options are already sold. Love the style and this would have been perfect. Maybe an append with other options to this post? always looking for for good-looking rain jackets. Cheers, Katharina

    • I know it’s so frustrating that things sell out before we can even get our articles written these days! While we haven’t tried this one, the Joules raincoats get great reviews and this has a similar shape to the J.Crew. As I mentioned, we’ll keep an eye out for restocks, too! Joules coat: https://shopstyle.it/l/byQ7c

  2. I love my Boden raincoats with super fun prints. They may not work for the rainiest of rainy seasons but they’re so much fun and I get compliments all the time.

  3. I have an earlier version of the All in Motion Waterproof Rain Jacket from Target (mine isn’t sold anymore), and absolutely love it. It’s flattering, lightweight, and affordable.

  4. I’ve had the J Crew rain jacket for a few years now & it’s so good! A few years back, my family went to LA for our spring break & it rained constantly—yuck. We spent a day at Universal Studios & that jacket was what made it all bearable. The pockets are fantastic, as was mentioned, & it definitely runs big. Hopefully, it will come back in stock for others who are interested.

  5. Another vote for the J Crew rain jacket! I also have the Stutterheim Mosebacke jackets in a couple of styles..old school and a bit spendy but classic and I love the A line fit 🙂

  6. I was just eyeing the Everlane jacket online- how does it fit? Is it a little large? I’m between M and L in jackets and always struggle over which to choose. Thanks for a great post!

    • I’d say typically their raincoats have run a little big in the past, but if you want to put thicker sweaters underneath I’d size up!

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