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To kick off March, I did a little deep dive into our most-loved pieces from February. And let me tell ya…the results are GOOD. I’m officially inspired to start curating my spring/summer wardrobe transition (something I typically dread) and invest in good-quality pieces I will wear a ton.

February’s Faves: Cute Jeans, Comfortable Shoes, Designer Handbags &…A Stylish Pill Organizer?

There’s a nice mix of denim styles (these Risen jeans still have a few sizes left), tops, gorgeous shoes, and accessories. I mean, just look at these Farm Rio boots. Are you kidding? I didn’t know I was a floral gal until now. Also that ASOS maxi dress. NEED.

Also yes, this pill organizer made it into our top sellers, too. But I can see why you guys loved it — we’re nothing if not practical over here. Hey, at least it’s cute!

So, let’s get into our top 20 sellers from last month.

February faves were jeans (duh), the Hanro Allure bra camisole, Nike sweats, Birkenstock clogs (in stock!), the Vagabond Cosmo boot & ... a pill organiser?!

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1. Risen Boyfriend Jeans

Where to Buy: Social Threads

You heard it here! Boyfriend jeans are BACK. This is exactly why I keep all of my denim whether or not Tiktok considers it “trendy.” Styles always come back around (and obviously, wear whatever you want anyway). I found that with my shape and size, some of the trendier denim styles don’t sit the way I want them to, so I stick to styles I know work for my particular shape. Boyfriend jeans are one of those denim styles that have an effortless vibe, a little baggy in all the right ways and, let’s be honest — they are so. much. comfier.

Shana’s Note: These Risen boyfriend jeans are THE pair I’ve spent a decade searching for. They’re slouchy and cool, yet with a high rise that’s both easy and flattering. They’re a stretchy, comfortable pair of jeans…that do not look like a stretchy, comfortable pair of jeans. They look much more authentically broken in. Despite this stretch, I don’t have to continuously pull them up throughout the day.

2. P448 John Sneakers

P448 John Sneakers are maybe the perfect neutral shoe?

Where to Buy: Nordstrom | Nordstrom Rack | Verishop | Zappos

A classic white leather sneaker has quickly become a closet staple for all of us. They’re the type of shoe that doesn’t look weird when you wear them with allll the denim styles. They’re sort of…foolproof. I would probably walk around barefoot on the daily if it wasn’t for my classic white sneaks. (Not really, but I could). Also — reviews say the leather is soft and comfy. Bonus points for P448.

Scotti’s Note: These just came in the mail today, and they’re insanely comfortable right out of the box — without socks.

3. Hanro Allure Bra Camisole

Where to Buy: Nordstrom | Saks Fifth Avenue

Recently, I’ve been into shapewear bodysuits that don’t need a bra — but I figured out quickly how difficult it is to actually put on some of them. So this Hanro cami might just be my next for me. No more contortionist manuevers over here.

Scotti’s Note: The Hanro cami is incredibly comfortable, especially since it removes the need to wear multiple layers. The bra portion doesn’t pinch on the sides, and the cami adds an extra layer of warmth without adding bulk. So, instead of layering a tank over a bra under my sweaters, I just wear the bra cami. I don’t have to deal with multiple straps or having to tuck in excess fabric, and I still get that extra layer of warmth in cold weather.

4. Luar Handbag

This Luar Handbag is affordable designer at it's best. Funky + fashionable.

Where to Buy: Nordstrom

There are very few clothing-related things I’ll splurge on in life. But this purse? I’ve been swayed. So, THANK YOU SHANA for convincing me I need this Luar bag in my life. It’s exactly what I look for — from the material to the color and even the structure and size. *Sophisticated chef’s kiss*. But — as Shana notes…considering it’s a luxury brand, that price ain’t too bad.

Shana’s Note: This little top-handle bag, for example, is a killer combination of sleek sophistication with a hit of retro quirk, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Love, love, LOVE. And that bag retails at Nordstrom for $265. Considering the company Luar keeps, that’s a solid example of affordable luxury.

5. Vince Ceil Slide Sandal

A beige kitten heel? Um, yes, thank you Vince (and Kat for showing us how it's done!)

Where to Buy: Nordstrom | Vince | Bloomingdale’s

Give! Me! The! Kitten! Heels! I am that person that looks like a newborn baby deer when I attempt to walk in taller heels. Anyone else? And as much as my 5’2″ self loves some added height and skinny heels, my clumsiness (that’s literally been passed down for generations like a family heirloom) does not. Kat’s current fave Vince kitten heels? Perfection for us clumsy folk who also prioritize comfort. It comes in a gorgeous green color, but if you’re a neutral-lover like myself, def check it out in the black and tan options.

Kat’s Note: They’re the perfect kitten heel that feels so on-trend and yet subtly classic. Vince is known for its high-quality shoes, and the Vince Ceil Slide Sandal heels are made of incredible quilted leather. Watch my latest YouTube video for the full review!

6. Nike Wide-Leg Sweatpants

Where to Buy: Nordstrom

Raise your hand if you’re a short gal with a love for long, wide-leg pants. *Raises hand*. So, when I saw Julieta in these…naturally I decided I have to have them. They might hit the ground for us shorties, but not in a way that you’d be tripping over them throughout the day. And I imagine for the tall gals, they’d be the perfect length.

Julieta’s Note: If you want to wear sweatpants while feeling like a million bucks, a wide-leg pair wins over and over. Mine are fleece because I was coming from Bogotá (cold-ish) back to NY in winter temperatures. But a lighter material would work when you travel to or from warmer destinations.

7. Free People Mystic Mary Jane Flats

A black ballet flat is where it's at. Thank you Free People for these studded beauties.

Where to Buy: Free People | Nordstrom

Once again, Shana. You’re convincing me over here. I thought ballet flats/Mary Jane-style shoes were so not my thing. But now I’m thinking maybe they are my thing. Maybe it’s the silver detailing and edgy buckle strap that makes them seem less “precious.” In the best way, of course.

8. Favorite Daughter Mischa Jeans

These Favorite Daughter jeans are more like classy trousers. Legs for days!

Where to Buy: Nordstrom | Favorite Daughter (more colors/styles)

These Mischa Jeans from Favorite Daughter denim jeans look like they’d give legs for days. Don’t mind if I do.

Shana’s Note: If I worked in an office…I’d immediately pick up these jeans (more trouser than denim – additional sizes at Anthro), or these rag&bone chinos. I’d tuck in this silk blouse and layer some sort of crewneck sweater over top (letting the collar peek out).

9. Birkenstock Boston Clogs

Birkenstock Boston Clogs are back in stock! In this chic ivory color as well.

Where to Buy: Zappos | Bloomingdale’s | Nordstrom

I’ve never owned a pair of Birkenstocks (nor have I ever really thought they would blend with the rest of my closet). UNTIL… I saw Amy with this pair in “Antique White”. So, now I might have to be a Birkenstock girl. These give the same nostalgic feel as the rest of the classic styles but in a fresher (slightly more) contemporary way.

Amy’s Note: I just feel like everyone needs to know that these are back in stock! I have this colorand they’ve stayed fantastic even through all our tromping around sand and wet rocks at the beach (I do lightly brush them when I get home).

10. Dansko Bessie Boots

The Queen of comfort shoes swears by these shearling lined Dansko boots.

Where to Buy: Amazon | QVC | Zappos

Linzi had me at “wildly comfortable.” ‘Nuff said.

Linzi’s Note: My feet, my legs, my back…pretty much my whole body LOOOOOOOVES Dansko boots. I’ve worn them happily for years, and they are always on my shortlist for go-to’s if I’m truly going to be walking ALL day long. And these boots are so cute!

11. Farm Rio Floral Lug Boot

Farm Rio strikes again with these floral lug sole boots.

Where to Buy: Nordstrom | Farm Rio

Oh, Farm Rio. You’ve done the dang thing again! I LOVE these boots. I think it’s the cream sole and base color that’s drawing me in even more. I’d let the shoes do alll the talking and keep the rest of my outfit simple.

Shana’s Note: I’d 100% wear leggings for these. Farm Rio has been getting into the shoe game, yes, but how the heck did I miss these boots???? They’re both more feminine AND more rugged than Moonboots (confusing, but I stand by that description) and are just jaw-droppingly GORGEOUS. Oh geez – they’re also on sale at Farm Rio’s website with more sizes stocked, too. (I suspect Nordstrom will price match, if you call.)

12. Port And Polish Pill Organizer

Well...who doesn't need a stylish pill organizer?

Where to Buy: Nordstrom

Cracking up that this was in the Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her section. Thanks, Linzi for pointing that out. But really, don’t we all need things like this stylish pill organizer? Make it less boring at least! If you’re not a pink fan, do not fret because it comes in minimal black and white, gray and mint.

Linzi’s Note: Yes, this is an essential part of my daily life now that I’m over 45, but listed in the Valentine’s Day Gift For Her section?  Hmmmmm…I don’t know.

13. ASOS Gingham Puff-Sleeve Dress

This ASOS Maxi dress is gorgeous, as is the model and styling!

Where to Buy: Nordstrom | ASOS (more sizes available)

I decided on my journey to figure out my summer outfits, I might have to be a dress person. I’m not a big fan of shorts, (no riding up allowed around here) and pants don’t always cut it in the heat. I would absolutely style it the way they did below with black sunnies, a little black bag and high-top sneakers to make it less “picnic chic.” However, I love that vibe too.

Shana’s Note: Cuuuuute. This dress is great, but it was the plus-size model & styling that realllllly got me.

14. Sweaty Betty Crop Fleece Sweatshirt

Where to Buy: Nordstrom

This is the type of sweatshirt that looks like a cute top. Who wouldn’t love that? Comfort reigns supreme over here.

Julieta’s Note: I’m all over put-together sets right now, and this one met all my expectations. After letting it on for a few minutes to see how it felt, I had to keep it. The luxe fleece feels delicious. I wore it with a long brown coat for my allergist appointment right after, and luxe, I felt. I chose the 30′ inseam, and it’s great for my short height.

15. Clare V. Checkered Belt Bag

This Clare V. Checkered Belt Bag is both designer but also punk.

Where to Buy: Nordstrom | Anthropologie | Clare V.

I love a good checked print (hence my giant checked carpet in my living room). So, of course, I fell in love with this Clare V. bag. It’s the perfect bag for running around the city. Just clip it on and go! No fuss. Prints like this are the best way to be a neutral-lover and keep the interest, too.

16. Kut From The Kloth Sienna High-Waist Jeans

Kut From The Kloth had me at High-Waist + wide leg. Gorgeous jeans.

Where to Buy: Nordstrom

Reviews say these run a little long, so they might be the type of jeans you’d wear heels with. You could also hack off the bottoms like Shana does and Voilà! OR do what I’d do and let them drag on the ground. It looks cool, I swear.

17. Zella Cozy Wrap Jacket

Where to Buy: Nordstrom

The perfect example of lounge/activewear styles that keep the comfort, but still look cute. Just has a little more interest than the average zip-up. This has been a reader favorite forever.

Scotti’s Note: This is such a cozy layering piece. I love the asymmetrical zip, the collar, and the fact that it has POCKETS!

18. MOTHER The Ditcher Jeans

These Mother The Ditcher Patchwork jeans are a fun alternative to a normal light-wash look.

Where to Buy: MOTHER | Saks Fifth Avenue

An interesting pair of denim jeans? I’m in. Sometimes it gets boring to wear a plain pair of jeans, and other times the distressed ones just aren’t right for an outfit. So I give you: Patchwork Jeans.

Shana’s Note: I’m eyeing up these unique (patched?) MOTHER Ditchers (Ditchers are the most comfortable jeans I own right now).

19. Vagabond Cosmo Boot

We slept on The Vagabond Cosmo boot + we were wrong. This shoe is amazingly comfortable & stylish.

Where to Buy: Nordstrom

These were the boots that finally made me invest in a pair of good chunky Chelsea boots. And, I honestly don’t know how I got through fall and winter without them. They’re classics I’ll keep in my forever closet. (Shout out to Linzi’s comfort shoe review for convincing me.)

Linzi’s Note: My go-to outfit-making boots. They just make EVERYTHING look better. I didn’t wear these Vagabond Cosmo boots very much when I first got them (last year…maybe the year before?) because they aren’t from one of my typical comfort-shoe brands, and I just assumed they wouldn’t be comfortable enough for my daily urban walking routine. BUT I was WRONG! So glad I decided to give them a try (from the back of my closet) this winter as a pair of everyday city boots — I couldn’t be happier. More details in the video, but these guys are GOOD! I’m usually a 7.5 in boots, but I wear a 37 in these, and they fit fine.”

20. MOTHER The Hustler Jeans

MOTHER The Hustler jeans are bringing boot-cut (& sexy) back.

Shopbop | Bloomingdale’s | MOTHER | Saks Fifth Avenue

MOTHER denim carries some of our fave jean styles, and The Hustler is no exception. I’m loving that boot-cut styles are back in. I find them to be much more flattering on my short legs than some of the other wider-leg styles out there.

Linzi’s Note: Considering getting another pair, so I can have a sneaker-length (and sandal-length for summer) and still keep one regular-length for heels. They’re THAT good.

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What are you guys eyeing for your spring/summer wardrobes?


Hey Pinners…

February faves were jeans (duh), the Hanro Allure bra camisole, Nike sweats, Birkenstock clogs (in stock!), the Vagabond Cosmo boots &.. a pill organizer?!

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