3 Wide-Leg Jeans Worth Having In Your Closet


For the past year or so, I’ve been reacquainting myself with the wide-leg-jeans trend — a trend I’m not convinced worked for me the first time around in the early 2000s.

Thankfully, the selection of wide-leg jeans now is so much better and so much more flattering than they were when I was a teenager. My love for wide-leg denim was reignited when I fell in love with a pair of wide-leg Veronica Beard jeans during last year’s Nordstrom sale, and since then I’ve been determined to add a variety of flattering wide-leg jeans to my forever wardrobe. 

The Hunt For The Best Wide-Leg Jeans: A Mini Try-On Sesh

It’s no surprise really that while on my hunt for the perfect wide-leg jeans, I ended up with two pairs of MOTHER jeans and one by rag & bone (my two favorite denim brands). Here are my winning categories:

Let’s get into the three faves I’ll be keeping in my rotation…

1. The Best Distressed Wide-Leg Jeans: rag & bone Logan

jeans (28, TTS) | top (M, runs small) | boots (TTS) | bag

Rag & bone’s Logan distressed jeans are the most perfect destroyed wide-legs ever. According to rag & bone, they’re “mid-rise,” but, boy, people did NOT agree with that description when I first posted these jeans on our Facebook page. I get it, but I think the way these jeans fit has more to do with my body type than anything.

I’ve always been most curvy around the hips, so naturally, my jeans tend to fit better above the bellybutton situated above my hips. That’s just how I prefer to wear my jeans and is the most comfortable for me. But if you check the retailer photo, you’ll notice that they sit much lower on the hips of the model than they do on me. P.S. This Faherty cashmere henley is an instant wardrobe classic.

2. The Best Classic (& Super-Chic) Wide-Leg Jeans: MOTHER The Maven Heel

jeans (28, run long & small) | similar top (M, TTS) | boots (TTS)

Super-chic and super-flattering, these MOTHER The Maven wide-leg jeans are the perfect denim for dressing up. Heads-up: These jeans have a fairly long inseam — 34 inches to be exact. So, I found them to work best on me with some heels, or they could be tailored/hacked (I’m 5’7″ for reference). But they are beyond flattering and super-stylish. I’ll be wearing these for my BFF’s birthday weekend downtown.

3. The Best Vintage-Inspired Wide-Leg Jeans: MOTHER Spinner Skimp

jeans (28, run large) | bodysuit (M, TTS) | beanie | similar coat | shoes (TTS)

MOTHER’s Spinner Skimp wide-leg jeans are some of the most comfortable, loose-fitting jeans I’ve tried. They’re perfect for creating a casual, laid-back look. To me, these jeans have a vintage Levi’s-meets-trousers vibe. I love pairing them with my plaid wool coat, my favorite beanie by Sh*t That I Knit, and my beloved Palladium platform sneakers. For me, the result is the perfect, updated-preppy OOTD.

More Wide-Leg Jeans To Try

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Hope this was helpful on your journey for the perfect pair of wide-leg jeans!

XO, Jess (Instagram | My Closet)

Hey there, Pinners! We made this just for you.

In my hunt for the best wide-leg jeans, it's no surprise I chose pairs from MOTHER + rag & bone (my fave denim brands). Here are my winning categories.


  1. Hi- has anyone tried AYR Special Sauce jeans? I had a chance to try them in store- super soft and flattering to this shortie. Now just waiting for them to go on sale! Wondering how they compare to some of these…

  2. Omg, so interesting you mentioned AYR, bc they are next up on my list to try! I’ll definitely have to make sure to try the Special Sauce pair, and let you know.

  3. Jess, your previous blog about wide leg trousers inspired me! (I ended up going with the black version from COS, and I adore them). For denim, I am a huge fan of the Levi’s Flood Jeans (I have them in all three washes). They are cool, flattering and a bargain! https://www.levi.com/US/en_US/sale/womens-sale/xl-flood-womens-jeans/p/A40200002?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=&camp=PLA*EC*US*EN*18061662142*PMAX*goog*&gclid=Cj0KCQiAw8OeBhCeARIsAGxWtUwmQ_9dbgvZkuvuPWK48fAvZsr4Bx1N07ihzQC78H7ofHZKdF_O7nUaAq58EALw_wcB

  4. Yes Francine! I’m so happy to hear that. Also, I almost ordered those Levi’s last week, so I might have to do it now that you’ve got them. xo

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