Still Loving: rag & bone’s Slade Blazer


After years of eyeing the rag & bone Slade blazer online — thinking it looked like the perfect blazer — I finally ordered the dang thing this spring. Well, looks aren’t always deceiving because it is the perfect blazer. (See my review here.)

And months later, as the weather cools down again, I’m in love all over again, friends.

Why I’m in Love (Again) With This Black Wool Blazer

What do I love about it? Mostly, I love the gorgeous Japanese wool. This soft (yes, soft!) but structured-stretch wool is one of the loveliest fabrics I have the pleasure of owning. The jacket keeps its shape but is easy and comfy to wear, more like a cardigan or hoodie than your typical lined, non-stretch blazer.

And then there are the design details. The stand collar is amazing. It’s got a shape I just really love.

The sleeves on this beauty are just the right length for me. For those of us who struggle with sleeves being too short, or who like a sleeve that goes past the wrist, this is for us. For reference, I’m not super tall and I think my arms are average in length relative to my height. (I get more into sizing notes below.) If you have shorter arms this piece is 100% worth tailoring. This is an investment piece I want to have for years.

3 Casual Blazer Outfits

Now, for styling. The rag & bone Slade blazer is really versatile. But sometimes — even with these classically beautiful pieces — we need some help coming up with outfit ideas. And that’s just what I love to do.

I’m styling my black fitted blazer…

1. With My Fave Mother Jeans + Cowboy Boots

I love pairing really classic pieces with edgier/casual/tougher pieces. This outfit is one of those combos. I paired this with a white tee, my light-washed Mother Tomcat jeans and my short cowboy boots.

I love pairing this black blazer with jeans.
I'm falling in love with rag & bone Slade blazer all over again. These fall outfits contrast this classic black blazer with my sporty & edgy shoes + jeans.

These short cowboy boots are a great way to get more wear from cropped straight-leg jeans like these from Mother denim. Don’t worry too much about the tucking…leave the hems half-in-half-out and go about your day.

Short cowboy boots are a great way to pair with cropped straight-leg jeans like these from Mother denim.

Blazer (6) | Tee | Jeans (29-same fit) | Boots (similar) | Bag

2. With Full Length Jeans + White Chelsea Boots

The mod white of the Chelsea boots with the black blazer and blue jeans is a combination I’ll always love, no matter the season. If you have gotten into the what shoes to wear with full-length jeans thing with us, I’m loving white Chelsea boots with these full-length 90s jeans from Agolde. I prefer pointed-toe boots with my full-length jeans these days.

I'm loving white Chelsea boots with these full-length 90s jeans from Agolde.

Blazer (8) | Jeans (29) | Boots (or these)

Sizing: I initially tried this blazer in a size 6 (see it in photos for outfit #1 above) and then swapped it for the size 8 that I’m wearing here and also below in outfit #3. I’m straighter through the chest, ribcage, and midsection so the 8 was a better overall fit for me! 5’4″ and a size 6/8 these days. 28/29 in jeans if that helps!

3. With Barrel Leg Pants, High Tops & A Red Scarf

So, both pairs of jeans above a leeeetle tight days on the ol’ waistline these days. So, I wanted to style the blazer with some other jeans as well as something fun for colder weather.

This is not an outfit I planned to shoot nor did I spend time perfecting it. Nope. This was a happy accident that materialized when I was getting dressed to go meet my photographer friend. I love those outfits that just come together naturally, so I thought I’d share.

This casual blazer outfit has pops of color from my red scarf & green + white Diadora high tops.

The black tee gives this a darker fall vibe as do the pants — a winter white if you will. I topped the look off with a cozy red textured scarf (similar) and my fave green & white Diadora high tops. This mix of classic and sporty is one of my very favorite combos to put together. It’s slightly unexpected but easy to wear, comfy, layered and cool.

The rag & bone Slade blazer will be with me forever.

Blazer (8) | Tee (Similar) | Pants (8) | Sneakers | Scarf (Similar)

Oh, another bonus point for the jacket is that it’s thin enough I can easily layer a heavier coat over it as it gets even colder. SCORE. So many warm pieces don’t allow for layering, so this baby has yet one more thing going for it.

I realize it’s quite the investment piece, but I can’t tell you how many black blazers I’ve tried, worn a few times, and then donated over the years. This rag & bone blazer will be with me forever. It’s a great piece to add to your holiday wishlist! How would you style this classic-but-unique blazer this fall?

OH and dang…rag & bone getting me all excited over this camel cotton pique blazer, too. Just found it when perusing their site. Has anyone tried it? It looks so chic.


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Photos by the lovely Posy Quarterman

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I'm falling in love with rag & bone Slade blazer all over again. These fall outfits contrast this classic black blazer with my sporty & edgy shoes + jeans.
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  1. I have this exact blazer in navy and never wore it. bought it during lockdown and just never took it out. you’ve inspired me to try to wear it (although it’s probably a little tight on me now 🙁

    • I bet it’ll work with the stretch! I mostly wear mine open these days with a light tee or cami underneath. The navy sounds lovely.

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