Two Boring Outfits I Can’t Stop Wearing (Hint: Athleta)


I first bought Athleta’s Trekkie Parachute Pants in orange. And they’re great!

In fact, they’re better than great — the fit is bananas flattering (that paperbag waist is nothing short of amazing), the wide leg is fresh & modern, and the fact that they come in regular, tall and petite sizing means that I can easily get a perfect fit. And the orange is gorgeous — fresh and punchy and so good for summer.


Long Live Boring Outfits: The Black Pants & Shorts I’m Wearing On Repeat

Athleta's Trekkie Parachute Pants are bananas flattering & have a fresh wide-leg style.

tank (XS) | pants (4P) | bag | slides | bracelet | sunglasses

I am, at my core, a fairly boring dresser. I like outfit formulas that I can repeat — heck, I like to simply repeat the same exact outfit over & over & over. And while I like the idea of color, my wardrobe consists of mostly black, black, black, white, white and navy. (And tan! Let’s not forget: I do love a tan sandal.)

So, I returned the orange for….drumroll please…the black.


[no one is surprised]

Calling All Boring-Outfit Lovers: Athleta’s Trekkie Parachute Pants Are Freaking Amazing

You could create so many outfits w/ these black pants from Athleta.

tank (XS) | pants (4P) | bag | slides | bracelet

I’m sure that one could, in fact, create a zillion different outfits with these parachute pants. I mean, they’re just a pair of lightweight black pants, ya know? But every time I try to branch out I’m just like…nah.

So, I’ve been wearing these things exclusively with a little black tank top, tan slides, a woven bag. Done.

I've been wearing these Athleta parachute pants exclusively w/ a little black tank, tan slides, a woven bag. Done.

tank (XS) | pants (4P) | bag | slides | bracelet | sunglasses

As long as the tank top is *somewhat* fitted, it tucks nicely into the paperbag waist of the pants. But the genius part of this paperbag style is that it doesn’t squeeze my soft middle, so these are one of the few pairs of pants I’m comfortable wearing with a slightly cropped top.

The paperbag waist of these black parachute pants from Athleta doesn't squeeze my middle, so I'm more comfortable wearing a crop top.

tank (XS) | pants (4P) | bag | slides | bracelet | sunglasses

I also appreciate that the fabric on these Athleta pants is fairly light, but not scratchy or uncomfortable. It’s not parachute fabric, either — it does have enough heft to drape nicely, rather than float around as I walk, getting caught up in, erhm, crevices (like other parachute pants I’ve tried).

I also tried these pants in two sizes: a 2 petite (my usual Athleta size) and the 4 petite. In this case, I ended up liking the larger size better (but both worked).

I appreciate that the fabric on these Athleta pants is fairly light, but not scratchy or uncomfortable.

tank (xs) | pants (4p) | bag | slides | bracelet | sunglasses

The top I’m wearing here is Reformation’s Eli Ribbed Sweater Tank, but I’ve also been wearing these pants with handful of other little black tanks. They all work great. Here’s a list of black tank tops I can currently recommend:

Little Black Tanks I’m Wearing With Parachute Pants

Too Hot For Pants? Same Boring Outfit, But With Athleta’s Trekkie North Shorts

I am, at my core, a boring dresser. While I like the *idea* of color, these black pants & shorts from Athleta just get me. Add a li'l tank top & tan slides for an easy everyday outfit.

tank (M) | shorts (4) | bag | slides | bracelet | sunglasses

This is the exact same idea: little black tank, tan slides, woven bag…but with Athleta’s Trekkie North Shorts. They’re the exact same fabric as Athleta’s Parachute Pants, but with a wide, stretchy waistband instead of the paperbag waist, and they’re available in plus sizes too.

This waistband is really comfortable and designed to lay flat. Once again, I sized up one size for a squeeze-free, comfortable fit.

I sized up 1 size in the Athleta shorts for a squeeze-free, comfortable fit.

tank (M) | shorts (4) | bag | slides | bracelet | sunglasses

These shorts are also longer than pictured here — I have the bottom hem folded up once. That gives them an almost vintage hot-pant vibe I’m definitely into.

These Athleta shorts are longer than pictured here — I have the bottom hem folded up once.

tank (M) | shorts (4) | bag | slides | bracelet | sunglasses

The little black tank I’m wearing here is Athleta’s Aurora Ribbed Racerback Tank. It’s a little longer than the Ref sweater tank I photographed with the pants, so I still get the look of a cropped tank without showing too much skin.

Athleta's racerback tank top is a little longer crop, so I still get the look of a crop top w/o showing too much skin.

tank (M) | shorts (4) | bag | slides | bracelet | sunglasses

These Athleta bottoms are simple but good. Truly the kind of pieces I’ll wear alllllllll the time. And if you have any questions about the rest of it, let me know. The bags are longtime favorites (here’s an old “Worth It” argument for that round little bag), and these leather slides have a freaking molded memory-foam footbed. You can see the entire Beek line here. My new fave brand.

Long live boring outfits.




  1. Oh hey, I just bought these exact pants (orange) and shorts (black) too. The summer of the persimmon pants is about to begin!

  2. Shana your “boring outfits” are my love language. I used your “new rules for leggings as pants” formula and that got me through the winter (with a long camel duster coat).

    You had me at boring outfit but really sealed the deal with black pants! Questions for you. I have to limit sun exposure, so tanks are a no go for me (as are shorts). I am guessing a more fitted short sleeved tee will be okay with proportions? Next question- that first bag is one that made my heart beat fast. Love it. However, how does it hold up walking around the city- both in terms of staying clean and also having a way to keep your wallet safe?

    Thanks for providing the outfit I will wear more days than not. xo

    • hahahaha – you get me. 🙂

      Any fitted tee would work great. OR…you can find a boxy cropped tee that hits right above the waist and that would also work.

      So far, the bag has stayed (relatively) clean. But I have a black one, too, that I’ve traveled with, and it probably is the way to go if you are worried about keeping things clean. In terms of safety, I’v never had an issue with things falling out. I do have a tendency to throw loose credit cards into my purses, and with the net bags I do try to throw them in a pouch first. If I’m being fancy, those foldover clutches fit great in this bag (but any old pouch – especially those that come free with makeup, haha) is my usual choice.

  3. Love 🙂 Quick question on the slides, do they stay on your feet when walking of do you have to do that grippy toes thing…(I dislike that so much)

    • Well…not totally ‘grippy toes’ but they’re still slide (if that makes sense). Better than most. But can’t take my usual big strides.

  4. I always love your Athleta rec’s and have purchased several of them. I already have the shorts and they are terrific! I need the Aurora tank, tho. I’m assuming it runs a little small since you took a size Medium? Thanks, Shana!

  5. You’ve totally sold me, but the black ones are almost completely sold out in petite sizes (and 4P has been sold out since your sneak peek a few weeks back, actually). Keeping my fingers crossed for a restock!

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