My End-of-Spring Sweater Edit: Colorful, Fresh, & FUN


A couple of weeks ago, I had wandered into a local boutique (Archery Close, in Stowe, VT), and came out with this deliciously cozy – and very bright – striped sweater by Stine Goya. After a winter of wearing mostly just blacks and gray, this sweater felt like breath of fresh air.  And while I’m not normally one for color, Julieta’s recent color analysis has me pushing those boundaries.

As it turns out, a bright, springy sweater doesn’t overwhelm my sartorial sensibilities when worn with neutral accessories: a white sneaker, for example, or tan boots. 

sweater (s) – also at Nordstrom | bootcut jeans (27) 

In fact, whenever I need to get dressed for, uh, “real” these days, I find myself grabbing this sweater. It looks intentional, but adds an element of surprise to my outfit. And it didn’t hurt that it perfectly matched the vibe at Snooze, my fave breakfast spot in Denver. (We had a fun little visit last week.)


Because I’m boring, I’ve literally been wearing this sweater with the same two pieces over & over:

If you’d like to see the whole outfit in action, I did publish a quick reel on IG

Fresh, New Sweaters For Spring (Think: Bright, Pretty and…FUN)

But the star of the show, of course, is the bright & cozy spring sweater. Once I realized how much use I’m getting out of this piece, I started looking around for a few different options.  I wanted to round up some affordable alternatives, as well as sweaters with that same feeling of fresh-air, but with a slightly different vibe or color palette.  

Sherbet Stripes (My Exact Sweater & Some Fun Alternatives)

My exact Stine Goya sweater is being carried at Saks, Shopbop & Nordstrom. At the time of writing, both Saks and Shopbop are currently having sales events that include this sweater. I was able, however, to find additional options at all price points, and a few options that have the same vibe, but a slightly cooler color palette.

Rainbow Stripes

Similar to the above, but with less sherbet, more true rainbow. It’s hard not to think happy thoughts when dressed like a rainbow.

Fresh Stripes For Spring

These are all twists on the classic stripe. Some of the updates are color, some are variation in the stripe itself, but all are sweaters I’d happily wear for years.

Black & White Spring Sweaters

These sweaters are, fundamentally, black sweaters, but the vibe here is very spring. And they all feel fresh and exciting.

Marled Knits

A good marl is the unsung hero of knits. You can quote me on that. But seriously – the color and texture in these sweaters is freaking great.

While I am exited for summer, a few cheery knits are getting me through the wet & dreary spring days.