The Best Wardrobe Staples To Carry You Into Next Season


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I tend to think of the new year as very refreshing. 

As much as I adore the holidays (they’ve become quite *magical* now that I have a toddler), I also love when once the decor is all packed away and the festivities come to an end, the sudden sense of calm and ease, both in my home and on the calendar.

Drapey Cardigans, Non-Distressed Denim, & Classic Tees: All My Favorite Wardrobe Staples from Gap

I like to generate that same easy feeling in my wardrobe, especially as we hunker down into the winter season. I’m drawn to my favorite staples – drapey cardigans, non-distressed denim, and classic tees — to create a similar sense of calm. 

The best part of this approach? It creates a seamless transition into spring dressing, too.

And if I need a good refresh of those most worn pieces, Gap is the brand I turn to. It doesn’t hurt that Gap’s Warehouse Sale is up to 75% off + an extra 60% off markdowns with code: SALE (or use code: THIRTY for 30% off full-price).

Non-distressed jeans are capsule wardrobe staples for my everyday mom life.

cardigan | jeans

I used to shudder at the thought of dressing in outfit formulas. 

The word alone made me want to run in the opposite direction. Rather, I’ve always loved waking up, taking a beat to decide how I’m feeling, and dressing creatively to match the mood. Fashion is fun and experimental for me, so a formula? A uniform? I’ve never even known how to approach those terms.

But alas, I recently realized I do have a formula, as subconscious as it may have formed. 

Drapey cardigans are my cozy but chic everyday clothing obsession.

cardigan | jeans

When I don’t know what to wear these days, when I’m simply too focused on my toddler or work to decide what my mood even is, I know I can reach for the same handful of pieces and put together an outfit I love that makes me feel good.

Four Clothing Essentials To Wear From Winter Into Spring

These four wardrobe items are my personal staples, and they’re as fresh to wear in the new year as they are when the air starts to warm up in spring.

1. A Classic Pair of Denim

When it comes to denim, all I want to wear right now is a classic, full-length straight-leg pair of jeans. As someone who is 5’9” that has been shockingly hard to find, because so much of the denim world currently comes in cropped inseams, or the jeans are simply catered to humans shorter than me.

Gap's cheeky straight high rise jeans in non-distressed denim are a classic look.

cardigan | jeans

But I recently figured out a trick. If I order Gap’s High Rise Cheeky Straight in the tall inseam, they fit like full-length jeans rather than as the intended ankle crop.

Even better, I found a wash that is almost 100% cotton (1% elastane), so they fit more rigidly and mold to my body in the best way over time (my personal fave type of jeans).

Gap's cheeky high rise jeans with white sneakers is always a cute look.

cardigan | jeans

Fit Notes: I find the Cheeky Straight to fit TTS, and this particular wash breaks in with wear, molding to your body juuuuust right over time.

2. A Drapey Cardigan

I slept on cardigans my whole life but fell in love with them hard last year. Now it seems like the majority of my closet is filled with cardigans, and they look so classically chic with a good pair of denim. It’s an outfit that can’t go wrong.

This drapey cardigan from Gap is GOOD.

cardigan | jeans

Gap’s Slouchy Split Hem Cardigan is good. The ribbed hemming adds the most interesting and beautiful detailing which sets it apart from the rest.

The dropped shoulders add a perfect slouch, and the body fits boxy and loose in a very cozy way.

The dropped shoulders of this drapey cardigan add a perfect slouch & the body fits boxy in a very cozy way.

cardigan | jeans

Fit Notes: I’m wearing a size large for prime slouch and comfort!

3. A Crewneck Sweater (In A Cheerful Color!)

When I don’t want a cardigan, I reach for another classic, a crewneck sweater.

Whereas cardigans typically have a lower v-cut, I like the balance that a high-neck sweater gives to my closet. And while I gravitate towards all neutral-toned cardigans, it’s with a classic crewneck that I like to spice things up with pops of color.

A crewneck seater in a cheerful color is a winter to spring outfit solution.

sweater (similar) | tee | jeans

Wearing bright colors in the winter is an absolute game-changer for my mood (hello dopamine dressing!). Pops of yellows and oranges and pinks are cheery, yet still evoke comfort for me because they remind me of a sunrise or sunset.

The bonus? These shades are perfect for spring, giving my wardrobe the longevity to last throughout multiple seasons. 

Wearing cheerful colors in winter is my version of dopamine dressing.

sweater (similar) | tee | jeans

Fit Notes: I’m wearing a size medium in Gap’s Split-Hem Crewneck and it’s generously loose, no need to size up for comfort. The sweater has a few colors (go see Surfer Orange, swoon) with different compositions, but my Havanna Yellow is 100% cotton. It’s a heavier weight which is very comforting in the winter!

4. Organic Cotton Classic Tees to Layer Underneath

While simple, this is my most important clothing essential of them all. The classic tee should not be underestimated.

A classic cotton T with a vintage cut cannot be overrated.

sweater (similar) | tee | jeans

Alone, a basic white tee is perfect with jeans, a belt, and cute sneakers, but I almost always pop one under my sweaters as well.

Gap’s 100% Organic Cotton Vintage Tees have the perfect high collar to peek out from a crewneck, giving off a preppy, chic layered style that creates a pleasing-to-the-eye ensemble. 

Gap’s 100% Organic Cotton Vintage Tees have the perfect high collar to peek out from a crewneck, giving off a preppy, chic layered style that creates a pleasing ensemble. 

sweater (similar) | tee | jeans

Fit Notes: I love Gap’s Vintage Tees in size medium for a classic fit that is still comfortable. If you’re looking to refresh your layering pieces, they even sell their 100% Cotton Tees in packs of 3 for an epic deal (truly too good to pass up).


Thank you so much to Gap for sponsoring this post! I’m one of your biggest fans, and your current selection of clothing essentials is the perfect balance of timeless + unique. And to our readers: you all are so epic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here + your support. Love you!

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I'm headed to Gap to refresh my favorite wardrobe staples: drapey cardigans, non-distressed denim & classic tees + pops of cheerful colors.

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