2 Outfits From Frank & Eileen That I’ll Be Living In Until Further Notice


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Welcome to that time of year where I’m excited about what to wear as it starts to cool down, but then realize I have zero motivation to switch to full-on Fall Outfit Mode in this in-between time.

Enter, Frank & Eileen’s gorgeous clothing that comes together seamlessly. It doesn’t matter if you opt for one of its beautiful triple-fleece sets — which make getting dressed seriously easy — or if you just grab a gorg oversized button-up, throw it on with some comfy but chic joggers, and call it a day.

I recently tried both outfits, and it’s no stretch when I say I’ll be wearing these on repeat. In fact, I already am!

Beautifully Easy: 2 Comfy Frank & Eileen Outfits I’m Wearing On Repeat All Fall

I'm calling these Frank & Eileen travel sets, joggers & button-up "beautifully easy."

Shirt (S) | Joggers (M)

I’m calling these Frank & Eileen pieces beautifully easy. There’s a reason Shana, Linzi and I have all been a little extra when talking about this clothing…it’s gorgeously made and feels special.

My hair is between haircuts (always an awkward phase!), I’ve changed sizes recently (a lot), and I’m having trouble loving what I’m wearing in general right now…but NOT when it comes to Frank & Eileen. I’m loving these pieces, and that’s not an overstatement. I feel chic and put-together.

Comfy But Still Put-Together: Carmel Triple-Fleece Collared Travel Set

Frank & Eileen’s gorgeous triple-fleece sets are perfection for everyday or travel outfits. You’ve seen the Malibu set and Montecito set from Shana and Linzi, and both of them say they hold up beautifully.

Frank & Eileen's gorgeous triple-fleece sets are perfection for everyday or travel outfits.
I got drawn in by this lovely Frank & Eileen Carmel set w/ the collared Patrick top + cropped Catherine sweatpants, & it's so my vibe.

Carmel Travel Set (M)

I got drawn in by this lovely Carmel set with the collared Patrick top + cropped Catherine sweatpants, and it’s so my vibe. I love it. It’s perfect for casual everyday wear, and I can totally see why it would be lovely to pack for a trip too.

The fleece is just the right weight (not too heavy, not too light), and the pieces are great (read: easy) together or mixed and matched with the rest of your wardrobe. And honestly, these sets allow for zero thinking when it comes to getting dressed.

Just add whatever your fave shoe-of-the-moment is and go. There’s no fussing with anything. I don’t know about y’all, but during this time of year especially, my brain cells need that ease, LOL.

This Frank & Eileen travel set is perfect for casual everyday wear, & I can see why it would be lovely to pack for a trip too.
The fit on this Frank & Eileen matching set is very true to size & comfy.

Carmel Travel Set (M)

Fit + Construction: The fit on this matching set is very true to size and comfy. It has enough structure in its construction to feel stylish, but the cotton fleece is legit comfortable. I’m a true medium these days, and both the pants and top fit great.

Frank & Eileen really hits the balance of wearable loungewear that still feels totally put-together and fashionable. I can’t wait to test this set out on an upcoming trip to LA next month!

Loungewear But Make It Preppy: Shirley Oxford Button-Up + Eamon Joggers

The Shirley Oxford Button-Up and Eamon Jogger Sweatpants are part of Frank & Eileen’s September collection, and I just want to live in this outfit. The oversized shirt is a nice nod to summer breeziness, but it’s still structured enough in traditional Oxford cloth to wear right on through fall and winter. I can’t wait to wash and wear and repeat.

The Shirley Oxford Button-Up & Eamon Jogger Sweatpants are part of Frank & Eileen's September collection, & I just want to live in this outfit.
The oversized button-up shirt from Frank & Eileen is breezy, but it's structured enough in traditional Oxford cloth to wear in fall + winter.

Shirley Oxford (S) | Eamon Joggers (M)

The Eamon joggers are in the same triple fleece as the set above, with that perfect balance between not-too-thin and not-too-thick cotton-fleece material. The waistband has a drawstring and doesn’t dig, and the rest of the pants is the perfect sweatpants vibe without looking schlumpy. Wearing in the gorgeous color Atlantic.

TheFrank & Eileen joggers are triple fleece, w/ that perfect balance between not-too-thin & not-too-thick cotton-fleece material.
The Frank & Eileen Oversized Button-Up would be great over a swimsuit, but I'll layer w/ coats, jackets & oversized sweaters this fall.

Shirley Oxford (S) | Eamon Joggers (M)

Fit + Construction: The Shirley Oxford Button-Up is a beautifully oversized fit that would be great over a swimsuit too, but I’ll layer with coats, jackets and oversized sweaters this fall. I perhaps could’ve even gone with an XS in this, but I like the style it brings…being loose and breezy.

The fit of the Eamon joggers is a mid-rise cut with a comfy, flat waistband and a slim but not-too-slim cut through the rest of the leg. Runs true to size. I often have trouble getting a waistband to be comfy enough and have the pants fit in the booty and thighs, but these are perfect.

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I hope seeing even more of Frank & Eileen’s clothing on another team member here helps. I can’t wait to throw on some of my many pairs of sneakers with these looks too, to add that sportiness I love. I look forward to styling up these items for you in a variety of ways too! If there’s anything specific you’d like to see, let me know!



Thank you so much to Frank & Eileen for sponsoring this post. I’m new to your lovely line of clothing, and I’m a total convert now. The construction is phenomenal, and the pieces are comfy but very chic. I feel so put-together but in the easiest way. Thank you, dear TME readers, for your continued support of what we do here!

Photos by Posy Quarterman Photography

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  1. Laura, thank you so much for sharing your frustrations. I’m about to turn 50 and have been struggling with my clothes all summer. I love denim so much but I can’t figure out sizing these days and it’s been such a bummer! You look great, though 🙂

  2. I have been dying to know about this set- thank you! Random- are the sleeves narrow toward the forearm/wrist? I can’t stand when I can’t push them up. Love your hair!

    • So glad it’s helpful! It’s SUCH a great set. The sleeves are slightly narrow but not so much I can’t push them up and I typically have that issue. They give just enough to push up and stay!

  3. I love these pieces so much too. I have the Catherine pants also in the very dark blue black color (I think they call it British Royal Navy) and paired it with the Patrick top in the thinner jersey rather than the thicker fleece as I’m often too warm. Wore this on a trip overseas and felt VERY pulled together. I find these pieces so comfortable and versatile. You look fabulous in the black – making me want to try it in other colors too. 🙂

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