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Graphic sweatshirts (AKA the graphic tee of winter) are my go-to this time of year. Honestly, most days, it’s a graphic tee under a graphic sweatshirt and then I’m covered…I have a cool graphic element to my outfit whether it’s chilly or warm out.

I love being able to make a statement with what I’m wearing while still being cozy…both seem especially important right now.

Styling A Graphic Sweatshirt

I will admit that while warmer, the graphic sweatshirt is gonna give you a little less versatility in styling than the t-shirt. The sweatshirt is just all-around more sporty casj and more cozy cool than that add-a-pop-of-interest factor I raved about in my graphic tees post. The graphic sweatshirt tends to be trickier to style with anything other than joggers, jeans, and activewear/athleisure (barring the occasional plaid pants, see below.) Every once in a while I see a sweatshirt styled with a bias cut skirt and combat boots, and I think “omg I love that,” but it hasn’t quite worked for me so far.

So, while I gave my favorite styling tips for graphic tees in the last post, these are more straightforward…just wear them with your favorite casual pants.

Graphic sweatshirts (AKA the graphic tee of winter) are a go-to for being comfy. We found 9 that are cute & fun -- from tie-dye to Vote hoodies.

top left: sweatshirt | pants (similar) | sneakers (same brand) // top right: sweatshirt (s) | jeans (similar)

bottom left: sweatshirt (s) | jeans (similar) | sneakers (40% off!) // bottom right: sweatshirt (similar) | pants (ps) | slides (similar)

Cute & Fun: 9 Rad Graphic Sweatshirts To Get Comfy In Right Now

I’ll admit right off the bat that I own three (almost four) of the graphic sweatshirts here, so if you’re looking for some well-tested recs, well, I’m the gal for the job on this one. (I also have a similar lighting bolt sweatshirt, and it’s my new fav!) You might say I’m slightly addicted to graphic sweatshirts. Someone commented on my Instagram recently that I must have like 100 pairs of jeans, and that is far from the case. I try on a TON of jeans, but I am definitely an actual collector of graphic tees and sweatshirts. It may be getting a little out of control. And right now I’m really partial to #1 and #3. #VOTE #BEKIND

Graphic sweatshirts (AKA the graphic tee of winter) are a go-to for being comfy. We found 9 that are cute & fun -- from tie-dye to Vote hoodies.

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08

01 | be kind sweatshirt: What if everyone wore this on their shirts? Would it help? For real y’all, can we just take a beat to stop the complaining and tearing down of each other? PLEASE and THANK YOU. If you need a reminder, might I suggest getting this shirt.

02 | anine bing tiger: I’ve had this one for a couple of years now, and it’s my favorite for fierceness. It’s a good reminder that I’m stronger than I think and pretty badass, too. Highly recommend fierce tiger tops as self-care! Prefer leopards at a bit lower price? This one from Target is rad!

03 | Levi’s vote sweatshirt** at Nordstrom: (on sale both places! has more sizes) I have and adore this one. It’s slightly oversized, comfy and perfect. Levi’s hoodies are by far my favorites. They soften with a few washes and become my most worn. This tie dye option at Etsy is also great!

04 | Old Navy striped: I recently got this one from Old Navy, and it’s so so French-Girl-cute. In fact, it reminds me a lot of my much pricier Commes de garçon tee. This one is super-soft and cute with distressed denim.

05 | Vintage Havana tie dye: Love the gorg blue and fun tie dye of this one. It’s from mom-owned Social Threads, too! Vintage Havana pieces are always soft and awesome.

06 | Mom Mode: 2020 puts this in a new light…always on mom mode these days. Anyone else need a nap? Yeah. Thank you, teachers, get ready for like all the teacher gift upgrades next year. For real though.

07 | Levi’s sweatshirt **available in plus size**: I have this same sweatshirt in black, and it’s one of those go-tos I talked about. Soft, fits well, is made well, and it’s classic. Levi’s is one of the few logos I feel 100% good about sporting around. Love.

08 | Lightning Bolt: Lightning bolts are my thing. Like the tiger tops, they make me feel badass and rad. I’ve got a bolt tattoo up on the list next. This find from Etsy is great! I love love the pops of color on the gray.

**Meets our requirements for sustainability.

Shop The Best Graphic Sweatshirts

I’ve rounded up a few more choices for you below that are cool, cozy and/or both. Again, I try to steer clear of cheesy graphics and stick to rock bands, positive messages and fierceness. Honestly, that is probably my criteria for everything I choose in general, but it works for sweatshirts, too.

Next roundup? All ‘Be Kind’ sweatshirts…stay cool out there, and let’s support each other right now, friends. It’s the least we can do in this mind-boggling year.



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This one’s for the pinners…

Graphic sweatshirts (AKA the graphic tee of winter) are a go-to for being comfy. We found 9 that are cute & fun -- from tie-dye to Vote hoodies.

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