Your Guide to AGOLDE Dee Denim Shorts


I recently did a full Agolde denim shorts try-on and fell in love with the Dee style. In fact, it was the one pair I kept and have been wearing on repeat ever since. I have to admit though, that it’s one of the only two pairs that fit right now.

This year after getting rid of my now-too-small shorts, I decided to invest in two-to-three great pairs of shorts that I could wear this summer. I had been eyeing Agolde for a while, but the price point wasn’t too attractive to me. However, today after a long month of wearing these and an old pair of Levi’s, I’m so happy I took the plunge.

A Complete Guide To AGOLDE Dee Shorts

These shorts have hundreds of reviews, like: “The ONLY shorts that fit the waist and are short but your butt doesn’t fall out of the back. 10/10 would recommend. – Alli ”

I recently did a full Agolde denim shorts try-on & fell for the Dee cutoffs. In fact, it was the one pair I kept & have been wearing on repeat ever since.

AGOLDE Dee Shorts (left to right): Exhibit Wash | Chimes Wash | Riccochet Wash | Paper Wash

In my case, that’s 100% true. I often struggle with jeans and denim shorts being too wide at the waist. On top of that, as a mom with little ones, I feel more comfortable when my shorts are not too short, and the length of these is just enough to feel comfortable in without being too long.

Pro tip: I like to fold the front part a bit to shorten them and make my short legs look longer, while still covering my bum.

Agolde Dee Denim Shorts: Rise, Inseam & Opening

These are the three characteristics you need to know to see if these shorts can work for you. Unfortunately, retailers don’t share the leg opening as often, so I’ll do it here for you if you, like me, need a little more room in the thigh.

I recently did a full Agolde denim shorts try-on & fell for the Dee cutoffs. In fact, it was the one pair I kept & have been wearing on repeat ever since.

If you have super-thick thighs, these can get tricky. Keep scrolling to see a side by side with the Agolde Parker long style which has a wider leg opening.

Agolde Dee Sizing: Agolde’s shorts are made in 100% cotton, and there’s something you need to know about that: 100% cotton will always give 1-2 inches with wear. I usually size up in shorts because I don’t want my shorts as snug as my jeans. However, I’ve found that sometimes they can get too big after some wear. So knowing how sizing can vary from wash to wash, I took on the task of ordering all washes available in the Dee style and tried them on all for you.

Hasn’t it happened to you that two different washes in the same size can fit completely differently? Not to worry, keep reading.

AGOLDE Dee vs. AGODLE Parker

Let’s get this out of the way first. If you love Agolde, I’m sure you either own or have heard of the Parker vintage cutoffs. Here’s a side by side with Parker short and long shorts.

I recently did a full Agolde denim shorts try-on & fell for the Dee cutoffs. In fact, it was the one pair I kept & have been wearing on repeat ever since.

Left: Parker Vintage l Center: Dee l Right: Parker Long

I’m working on a full AGOLDE Parker cutoffs guide, but for now, you should know the Parker has a wider waist and a lower rise, and the long version is a wide thigh. I highly recommend the Parker Long if you have thick thighs and want more length. But if you don’t need a lot of space in the waist, consider sizing down. I’m wearing a size smaller than my usual, and they were still loose.

AGOLDE Dee Short Washes, Compared

How does the denim feel? Which pair is the softest? Which one will fit your body in your true size, and which one you need to go up two sizes? All here.

More Distressed & Rigid: AGOLDE Dee Short in Riccochet Wash

This is the winner wash for me and my closet. The distressing is just right, and the medium wash is not too light or dark. Not great if you’re not into rigid denim because this is the wash that’s more rigid at first. However, it does soften with every wear.

shorts (size 28) l top

Sizing: This and the next pair are the washes that run smaller. I went two sizes up, fearing they wouldn’t give as much in the thighs. Well, two months later, I need to say, I could have kept a smaller size. I’m still in love with them, though, and may try to shrink them in the dryer at some point, or maybe just dip the waist in hot water? hmm, I want to try that.

One size up is just enough; even if, like me, you need a little more space in the thighs. But you can go two sizes up for more room in legs or waist or an even more relaxed feel.

The Shortest: AGOLDE Dee In Digit Wash

If the 4″ inseam of most Agolde Dees is too long for you (especially if you’re petite) the 3″ inseam of this specific wash was amazing. Also, look at that uneven hem with the inner leg shorter than the rest. Wow.

shorts (size 28) l top

Sizing: I’m wearing two sizes up, but if you’re slimmer in the bum and legs, one size up, even your true size could be enough.

The Least Distressed: AGOLDE Dee Short In Precision Wash

This is my second favorite wash, and even though it’s also 100%, it feels a lot softer and more relaxed on the first try. This style keeps selling out everywhere, so keep your eyes out for restocks. If you love the wash and inseam, these Agolde Reese are very similar.

shorts (size 27) l top

Sizing: There is no need to size up if you don’t need extra room in the hips or waist. I was more than ok with one size up only, if it weren’t for my thighs, I would consider my true size.

Softest & Widest At The Thigh: AGOLDE Dee Short in Chimes Wash

The Agolde Dee in Chimes is perfect wash if you like lighter denim or have thicker thighs. See the pic below:

shorts (size 27) l top

Sizing: This specific wash seemed to have a wider leg (I forgot to take measurement), but you can definitely see in the pic on the right that there’s more room than with the other washes. This is a size up for me, but I could have gone with my true size, which means if you have slimmer legs and hips, you can size down. Reviews seem to say the same.

The Ones That Don’t Require A Size Up: AGOLDE Dee Short In Exhibit Wash

Finally, some shorts you don’t need to size up in. The denim is soft and slightly thinner than the others.

shorts (size 26)

Sizing: I’m wearing one size up and they were big. In the case of this black wash, you can go a size down, or go with your regular size for a more relaxed feel. The photo doesn’t show how big they really felt, but you can watch this video to get a better idea.

The Perfect Off-White Shorts? AGOLDE Dee in Paper Wash.

shorts (size 26) l top

Sizing: I’m wearing my true size and they felt a little snug. The size up is on its way to me so I can decide. I’m keeping in mind how much they stretch after a few wears, but they seem to have the same sizing as most, TTS, but size up if you need/want a more relaxed fit.

I recently did a full Agolde denim shorts try-on & fell for the Dee cutoffs. In fact, it was the one pair I kept & have been wearing on repeat ever since.

shorts (size 28) | top

Eso fué todo! This was all. Did this post give you a better idea about the different Dee washes and sizing? Which was your favorite wash?

Besos, Julieta

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