Printfresh X The Mom Edit PJs For “Woke-Up-Like-This” Vibes


I feel like I wear pajamas more than most (but hopefully, I’m wrong). If I’m at home, I’m in PJs or loungewear all the way. I don’t get dressed in “real clothes” until I’m actually leaving the house, and have been known to spend an entire day in PJs or a robe. Comfort is key for me, but having a set that looks cute and put-together takes me from Crazy Cat Lady vibes to I-Woke-Up-Like-This vibes. This is why I love this Love & Kisses pajama set from Printfresh.

I’m In Love With This 100% Cotton Pajama Set (Hello, Valentine’s Day!)

Printfresh is a small business based in Philly that makes the most ridiculously awesome prints. In fact, their Bagheera robe (in hot pink!) was one of the few things I packed for the hospital when I had my brain surgery back in 2021 — comfort and fashion, people 😂. And aside from me totally fangirling over the fact that my sister helped design the Love & Kisses Collection, Printfresh is one of my favorite places to shop for PJs because of the way the fabric feels. Made from 100% organic cotton (no overheating or sweating at night) these menswear-inspired PJs are cool and crisp and even a little sexy (especially when layered over some lace).

Made from 100% organic cotton, this cute pajama set is comfy (+ even sexy layered over some lace.)

Printfresh X The Mom Edit collection, Love & Kisses (I’m wearing a S; they run slightly big)

These pajama sets would also make a great Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Birthday gift. I plan on getting my mom a set so we can match. (And if you know me, you know I’m not 100% not kidding — matching PJs are the BEST.)

The best pajamas for women make a great valentines day gift.

Printfresh X The Mom Edit collection, Love & Kisses (small)

And now here are some gratuitous pics of my cat, just in time for Valentine’s Day…

Cute cat + the best pajamas for women. What more do you want?

We found him tucked into the engine compartment of our truck on our drive home from North Carolina last year. (Thankfully we heard his little cries before driving away with him in there.) He was a tiny little kitten then, and we planned on bringing him to the animal shelter when we got home, but…

Having a cotton pajama set that is comfy + cute takes me from Crazy Cat Lady vibes to I-Woke-Up-Like-This vibes. This is why I love this Love & Kisses Set from Printfresh.

…those snuggles got me.

These cute PJs are made my a small business in Philly. Almost as cute as my cat.

But you know he’s also a little crazy…it’s in those eyes.

I look cute AF in these ladies PJs even if I feel like a crazy cat lady. A lady with a crazy cat.

Shop the entire Printfresh X The Mom Edit Collection here!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Enjoy some snuggles…even if it’s just with your cat!



Photo Credit: Daniele Carol Photography

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