That Time Shana & I Wore The Exact Same Outfit


Every so often, a few members of our team will share an obsession with the same piece of clothing. It happens time and time again between Scotti and me, Julieta and Shana both love Levi’s ribcage jeans, and there’s quite a fangirl following for Free People’s Hailee sweater set among a number of our TME contributors.

And while having a similar interest in a piece or two is common, it’s hella rare that two of us will wear the exact same outfit. And, my friends, the unthinkable has happened. Shana and I are in love with the exact same outfit. I’m talking exact same leggings, shoes and jacket.

When I saw her recent post, “My New Rules for Leggings as Pants,” my jaw actually dropped. Not only were we wearing the same thing, I’d just finished shooting the exact same outfit: Athleta’s leggings and gorgeous sherpa jacket paired with GANNI’s platform Chelsea boots.

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The Winter Outfit We’re Wearing On Repeat: Sherpa That Can’t Be Beat

I wouldn’t say that Shana and I have the same style by any means, but we do tend to overlap on pieces that are more on the trendier side. For the past few seasons, she and I have both had a serious obsession with all things sherpa, and last year, we both landed on the same pair of sherpa sneakers from rag & bone… So it’s no surprise that we would both be in love with the same luxuriously soft sherpa jacket.

Our shared love for chunky boots, leggings and, of course, sherpa are certainly commonalities, but overall, we tend to be quite different in our approach to fashion.

My sherpa jacket needs to be ultra-soft & cozy, & ideally, I'd like to feel like I'm wrapped in a blanket. Enter: Athleta's sherpa jacket.

Sherpa Season Done Right: My Criteria For Winter Outfits

When it comes to Sherpa Season, aka winter, there are two things I need: First, whatever piece I’m wearing has to feel like a warm hug. It needs to be ultra-soft and cozy, and ideally, I’d like to feel like I’m wrapped in a blanket.

Second, it needs to actually keep me warm. And this cozy and warm Athleta jacket that’s technically not a jacket meets my requirements! It’s oh-so-warm and perfect for Colorado cold. It comes in two other colors and is available in sizes XS to 3X.

Oh, and P.S. It’s on sale right now, so you should probably run — not walk — for this cozy goodness!

For sizing reference, I’m wearing a 2X, and I’m 5’2″ and ultra-curvy.

Athleta's sherpa jacket is oh-so-warm & perfect for Colorado cold. It also comes in 2 other colors + is available in sizes XS to 3X.
For sizing reference, I'm wearing a 2X in Athleta's sherpa jacket, & I'm 5'2" + ultra-curvy.
This Athleta sherpa jacket meets my requirements for winter outfits: It's cozy + ultra-soft & warm enough for Colorado cold.

jacket | leggings | boots

More Sherpa Jackets To Wear This Winter

Are you sherpa-obsessed like me? If so, here are a few more wintery, cozy sherpa jackets to wear this season.

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I love that Shana and I accidentally ended up loving the exact same winter outfit. Dare I say, this outfit might be the TME winter uniform?!

Ta-ta for now! 

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The new winter uniform?! This amazingly warm sherpa jacket paired w/ Athleta leggings + Ganni platform Chelsea boots = the coziest outfit.
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