When Nothing Else Works: 3 Transitional Pieces To Wear Now & Forever


I’ve been in a little bit of a fashion…slump? Rut? Neither of those words look exciting to write down, but that’s what I’ve been in. When that happens, I try to focus on just a few things in my closet that make me happy and work well as transitional pieces in-between seasons….

Cute Outfit Inspo: 3 Go-To Pieces To Transform A Style Rut

…And right now as it turns out, those things are classic striped tees, sweatshirts with cute details, and my forever favs retro white sneakers.

SO, here’s a little rundown of how I’m wearing my each of these three pieces for this so-called “shoulder season,” heh. I put a few cute outfit ideas together for inspo in case you need a little fashion boost, too.

1. Springy Striped Tees

There’s just something classic and fresh about a navy and white striped tee for spring. Stripes have that graphic pop I love and this combo just oozes spring to me. I wore this tee just yesterday, and it’s forever my French girl vibes fav. I wrote about how perfect Breton stripes are for spring here.

To climb out of this style rut, we're looking at classic striped tees, statement sweatshirts & our forever favs: white sneakers retro vibes.

Tee | Jeans**

**Indicates meets our requirements for sustainability.

Any classic striped tee is good, but this fav from Comme des Garçons is just extra special…that little heart, that French brand, that classic cut. They do run a little small though. Wearing a small above but exchanged for a Medium (below).

Spring Outfit Ideas With Striped Tees

L: Tee | Raincoat** | Similar Jeans | Similar Sneakers
R: Tee | Jacket | Jeans** | Loafers

The J.Crew tee (above right) is on sale right now and is a more relaxed, drop-shoulder cut. Let’s be honest, I’m still having to sport jackets this time of year, so I’ve pulled in a couple of outfits featuring two favs…followed by a little roundup of the cute striped tees here below.

Shop Cute Striped Tees

2. Cute Sweatshirts

I lived in sweatshirts all winter…the oversized ones, some solid color cozies…that I’m kinda tired of at this point…but give me a sweatshirt with some fab details right now and YES. My mood is lightened. This tie-dye number from Generation Love is on sale at Saks right now. It also comes in olive and black (even more marked down). It has just the right amount of puff on the sleeves without reading ‘football pads.’ Heh. Where my fellow strong shoulders at? I thought I couldn’t wear a puff sleeve sweatshirt…until this one.

To climb out of this style rut, we're looking at classic striped tees, statement sweatshirts & our forever favs: white sneakers retro vibes.

Hoodie (on sale!) | Similar Jeans | Similar Sneakers

Spring Outfit Ideas With Cute Sweatshirts

And speaking of sweatshirts with cute details…I just picked this sleeveless ruffle cutie up the other day at Anthropologie (on the left below). It runs a little big, so I went with an XS. I ordered it in ivory, too! It comes in an adorable gray with tiny lightning bolts that uh. I may also neeeed. Adorbs. Would it be worth a try to layer it over a fitted tee? Maybe I’ll try that and let ya know.

L: Sweatshirt | Similar Jeans | Similar Sneakers | Mask (Favs!)
R: Sweatshirt | Jeans | Similar Sneakers

And OK so maybe this isn’t a cute detail, per se, but you can never go wrong with a rad graphic sweatshirt. And by rad I typically mean fierce. This Anine Bing tiger on the right has been my favorite for YEARS. Pair it with any jeans (you still rock your black skinnies if you want to, mama) and white sneaks.

Shop Sweatshirts With Great Details

3. White Leather Sneakers With A Retro Vibe

Sporty white sneakers with a retro style will forever be my go-tos. They make darker items feel fresh for spring and summer, they make girlie dresses feel more sporty and rad, and they are comfy to boot. I don’t remember a time I didn’t love a sporty sneaker and the more high-end or classically sporty, the better.

To climb out of this style rut, we're looking at classic striped tees, statement sweatshirts & our forever favs: white sneakers retro vibes.

Dress | Kiddo Dress | Similar Sneakers

Give me those green heels, those red and blue accents, those perforated toes…I fell in love with my Isabel Marant sneakers above a while back and can’t get enough. They are the comfiest sneakers I’ve ever put on my feet (and I’ve tried on a ton…sadly, they’re sold out). But you can achieve that same rad look at a more reasonable price point, too. I’ve linked to more options below.

Outfit Ideas With Retro White Sneakers

L: Tee | Jeans** | Sneakers**

R: Similar Dress | Sneakers

Shop White Leather Sneakers With A Retro Vibe

What helps you get out of a fashion slump? We all go through them! These transitional times of year are always tough. We’ve had a few warm days here and there in Portland, but we really don’t get to full-on summer until July.

I find myself hitting this point most years, but it helps to take solace in some real go-to pieces whenever I feel uninspired…pieces that reflect my sporty classic self…pieces I feel really comfortable in. That’s what it’s all about, right?



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  1. Does Camper’s presence in that sneaker pic make eventing cuter? The answer is not no. Does my doggo do the same silly sit? The answer is every morning, yes.

  2. The link to the jeans in the raincoat photo says “similar jeans” however I must know what are those exact jeans? I love them and will search for them on Poshmark or something. Also, swooning over that French striped top – something for the wish list! thanks!

    • Ugh yes they are Flying Monkey and sold out almost immediately after I got them. So frustrating! The wash is “dance floor” 🙂

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