My Top Pick For Budget-Friendly Denim: Gap Flares


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When readers ask me about the best jeans under $100, these classic flare jeans from Gap are always my top pick.

And more recently, Gap’s pocket flares and patched flares have made my not-to-be-missed list of budget-friendly jeans too. Gap flares, in general, are super-soft, stretch nicely to my curves, have no weird gapping at the back of my waist, come in multiple lengths, and are FAR (let’s emphasize this again…FAR!) more affordable than most of the other jeans I wear. 

Not Your Typical Flare Jeans: Gap Brings Patchwork + Major ’70s Vibes

And what’s better than really good budget-friendly jeans? Really good budget-friendly jeans on sale. Gap’s current Friends & Family Promotion (40% off EVERYTHING with code FRIEND) includes my new High-Rise Patched ’70s Flare Jeans (shown below), the classic lightweight cardigan I’m wearing with them, and a ton of other spring essentials. These patched flares are now UNDER $50 as part of this promotion. This sale is a fantastic way to shop a huge variety of put-together looks for spring!

Gap flares are the budget-friendly jeans I can consistently rely on.

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I’m very picky about my denim, so the challenge of finding GOOD, affordable jeans that meet all my demanding requirements often ends in defeat. Gap flares, however, are the budget-friendly jeans I can consistently rely on.

For spring, I love a good full-length flare with pretty tops, so I look forward to checking out Gap’s spring lineup each year for the newest washes of my under-$100, never-fail, go-to flares.

I'm picky about my denim, so finding GOOD, affordable jeans that meet my requirements often ends in defeat. Gap flares, however, are the budget-friendly jeans I can consistently rely on.

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I’m delighted to continue recommending Gap’s classic line of flare jeans, but this year I’m especially intrigued by how many interesting “not-your-typical-jeans” options there are in Gap’s spring denim lineup. 

The playful but classy, vintage-inspired patch design that I’m wearing; a super-on-trend pair with cargo-esque detailing; one of my favorite styles of flares with front pockets…and that’s just Gap’s flares selection! In the “trendy low-rise, baggy jeans” section, Shana has been eyeing these super-cool patchwork jeans.

Gap's patched '70s flare jeans are playful but classy & vintage-inspired.
I love good full-length flare jeans with pretty spring tops. Enter: Gap.

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Reinventing Classics: Why I Love Gap’s High-Rise Patched ’70s Flare Jeans

Gap always does such a good job of reinventing classics. Adding in details, new washes or slightly new silhouettes that are interesting and feel fresh, but stay within the category of classic styles. Does that resonate with anyone else?

These Gap flare jeans are easy to wear with pretty much anything you'd wear with your usual flares.

jeans | cardigan

These patchwork flare jeans (as well as the pocket-front flares I’ve been showing off this month), for example, strike that exact balance. Just the right amount of on-trend interest in this classic shape I’ve worn for years — effortlessly adding welcomed energy to one of my favorite go-to spring combinations. And can we talk about how fun this patchwork is?! Vintage-inspired, trendy vibe without being over-the-top…easy to wear with pretty much anything you’d wear with your usual flares.

These Gap flare jeans are stretchy, soft & feel great, with no weird gapping in the back of the waist.

jeans | cardigan

Fit Notes: So many things I love about this particular pair of flare jeans. Most important, they’re comfortable. Stretchy, soft and feel great on. Second, they fit really well. No weird gapping in the back of the waist, and several lengths to choose from.

I’m wearing a 29 short here. The length is perfect on me for medium-height wedges, but for wearing with sneakers, I would’ve gone with the petite length. The 29 is comfortable, but they ARE very stretchy, and I actually think I could’ve gone with a 28. I have the patch-pocket flares in a 28, and I like the snugger fit a bit better. For reference, I’m 5’2 and 138 pounds.

A Note On Gap Inseams: One of my favorite things about GAP jeans in general (other than the price) is that many styles come in a range of lengths. Here’s the breakdown for the inseams on these flares: Petite = 29″, Short = 30″, Regular = 31.5″, Long = 33.5″, and Tall = 35.5″.

Try This Easy Spring Outfit: Interesting Flare Jeans + A Classic Lightweight Cardigan

I love the way these patched flare jeans from Gap look with a closet staple like this white, lightweight linen-blend cardigan.

jeans | cardigan

I love the way these patched flare jeans look with a spring closet staple like this white, lightweight linen-blend cardigan. For someone who usually tends to stick to classic silhouettes and styles, when branching out to something new (like patched jeans), I love pairing a trusted spring favorite with a current trend for a balance of style. And what’s a trustier favorite for me than a cardigan!

I’m being “bolder than usual” by not wearing a layering cami underneath my cardigan… Some of you know how EXTRA wild this felt to me, but this cardigan in particular is cut JUST low enough for me to feel bold (and a bit sexy) while still feeling comfortable. And if you want to throw on a layering cami underneath instead, this is a good one to throw in your cart.

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So, who’s hopping on the patched-flare-jeans trend with me?!


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Thank you so much to Gap and Collective Voice for sponsoring this post. In spring, especially, I ADORE Gap’s budget-friendly selection of classics that I wear on repeat (black linen-blend dress post coming soon). And I’m so happy to be able to continue recommending Gap’s flare jeans as my top recommendation for affordable denim…now in addition to some of the newer flares with interesting details. Well done, Gap, on another fantastic spring lineup, and thank you again for inviting me to share some of my favorites. Thank you also to all our TME readers…your time and support are SO appreciated.

Hey, Pinners…

For the best denim under $100, Gap flares jeans are my top pick, & this patchwork pair is no exception. Add a light cardigan for an easy spring look.


  1. Yes! Thank you, Linzi! I love the Gap for affordable denim, especially as a tall person (6’0″) who has no use for most premium brands due to the too-short lengths. Love the patched flare! I just bought the High Rise Split-Hem ’70s Flare and can’t wait to wear them with clog sandals when the snow finally melts up here in Minnesota.

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