Easy + Chic: How I’m Wearing Eileen Fisher’s Wide-Leg Ponte Pants This Fall


My everyday style as a mom who works from home and is also the main caregiver is something that looks put-together but also ready for mom life. We’re talking comfy, casual and easy, but also put-together, chic and beautiful. Even if it’s sweatpants, they need to help me feel good and ready for anything.

Lately, my go-to pants have been Eileen Fisher’s High-Waist Wide-Leg Ponte Pants (plus-size here), and they’ve quickly become my faves for travel and everyday life in general.

Mom-Approved Fall Outfit Ft. Eileen Fisher Wide-Leg Ponte Pants

While I’m more of a “full-length, wide-leg pants” person, the moment I tried on these black ponte pants, I knew they’d be very useful in my closet. The length works perfectly with sneakers and other flat shoes, while also being perfect for pumps, sandals or high-shaft ankle boots. They have a ton of potential to dress down or up and style them for different temperatures.

The moment I tried on Eileen Fishers' wide-leg ponte pants, I knew they've be useful in my closet.

pants (XS, size down) l top l shoes l bag

When I first got them in the summer, I managed to wear them on not-so-hot days with a top and sandals, but now, because the material is a medium-weight ponte fabric, they’re perfect with button-ups, tees, sweaters and more.

These Eileen Fisher wide-leg ponte pants are perfect w/ button-ups, tees, sweaters & more.

Length and sizing info: I’m wearing an older version, which was shorter. However, this version is 2 inches longer with an ankle-length, 27-inch inseam for a little bit more coverage during the colder seasons. As per sizing, I suggest going down a size — I’m wearing an XS.

What To Wear With The Eileen Fisher Wide-Leg Ponte Pants

These are some ways I’ve been wearing Eileen Fisher’s black wide-leg pants, so you can see they look equally amazing with boots and a button-up for a dressier outfit, or sneakers and a comfy top for a more casual look.

These wide-leg ponte pants from Eileen Fisher look equally amazing w/ boots & a button-up for a dressier outfit or w/ sneakers & a tee.

1. A Transitional Button-Up Shirt By Maeve

This button-up top from Anthropologie works as a swimsuit cover-up and a shirt I can tie at the waist or wear tucked or untucked. It’s perfect for transitional weather.

This button-up shirt from Anthropologie is perfect for transitional weather.

pants (XS, size down) l top l shoes l bag

I’ve been tying it at the waist for the most part because I’m so short and don’t like to go too long with tops, but it looks gorgeous at full length — just take a look at the model. It comes in white, red and the gorgeous green I’m wearing.

2. The Most Versatile AllSaints Tote Bag

The only bag I’ve gotten in a while. One of the things I love the most about this leather AllSaints tote is the double straps, which give you some room to wear as a shoulder or handbag. The design is super-fun!

1 of the things I love the most about this leather AllSaints tote is the double straps.

pants (XS, size down) l shoes l bag

Then, of course, you have plenty of space, an inner pouch for your wallet and small necessities, and a snap to keep it closed. My exact shade is gone, but you can find it in black (so chic), a gorgeous red (on sale) and a straw version.

This AllSaints tote bag has plenty of space, an inner pouch for your wallet + small necessities, & a snap to keep it closed.

3. P448 Platform Sneakers (Or Something Similar)

I usually reach for my platform P448 sneakers or lace-up, heeled booties to pair with the Eileen Fisher pants, depending on the day. Either shoe works really well.

I usually reach for my platform P448 sneakers to pair w/ the Eileen Fisher wide-leg ponte pants.

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And that’s all!

I recently came back from Colombia after five weeks, and it always takes me a few weeks to settle back into regular life here, so all I want is easy, pretty outfits.

Besos, Julieta

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