I Tried A Few Pieces From Everlane For The First Time (& I’m Giving My Honest Opinions)


Instagram ads, they get me every time. I was recently inundated with the same ad of a beautiful, crisp-looking, button-up shirt. It had extra-large chest pockets, a striped pattern, and a boxy cut. I thought it was SO cool.

Naturally, I clicked on it (about 10 different times over the course of a few weeks) and it led me to Everlane’s website

Ah” I sighed, “Of course.” If there is one brand that I’ve been repeatedly told by people that they think I’d love, it’s Everlane. Yet, for whatever reason I have never wandered onto the website and shopped. Until that dang Instagram ad got me.

A First-Timer’s Review of Everlane

woman wearing Everlane's boxy oxford

shirt | jeans

The Boxy Oxford was the first thing I added to my cart.

From there I wandered over to the Best Sellers section (smart of them to have) and swooned over The Way-High Jean. I found a a Barrel Pant that looked to be good for both casual and the workplace, then added a sandal and a sweatshirt to round out the mix.

Thoughts: Everlane’s Boxy Oxford

My first impression of The Boxy Oxford was that it felt a lot bigger on, with overall more fabric than I was expecting. The chest pockets were just as stellar as the photos made them to be, though, and I immediately swooned over the design of the wrist cuffs.

Everlane review - a woman wearing Everlane's boxy oxford, way-high jeans, and crossover day sandals.

shirt | jeans | sandals

The Boxy Oxford has extra fabric after the two buttons at the wrist, making it so you can flip the fabric up and have an incredibly cool, off-the-clock styling trick. I wish every button-up was required to have this design element, it’s amazing!

The shirt is structured yet very easily tucked in any sort of fashion. It’s a relaxed fit made from 100% organic cotton, and although reviewers mostly report it being true to size, I actually felt like the medium I’m wearing was a bit large (especially untucked). I rarely ever wear a small but would be interested in comparing the sizes with this one.

Everlane boxy oxford for women - close up detail of the cuffs

shirt | jeans

When pairing The Boxy Oxford with The Way-High Jean, I was almost pleased with the reflection in the mirror… except something was way off. I couldn’t get over how wrong the sandal looked. 

Thoughts: Everlane’s Day Crossover Sandals

My feet are not small. These sandals are a 9.5 and while my foot fits just fine, I couldn’t help but notice how squished and tiny my feet looked while wearing them.

Tiny baby feet – that’s all I could see. 

Outfit idea: Everlane's boxy oxford untucked with Everlane's way-high jeans and crossover day sandals

shirt | jeans | sandals

The sandals are made in Brazil with leather that feels soft and divine, but it was really hard to keep my foot in them while walking.

With a foot my size, shoes often make my feet look larger, but this did the opposite in a shockingly unflattering way. The Day Crossover Sandal was an immediate no.

Thoughts: Everlane’s Way-High Jean

A review of Everlane's way-high jeans, pictured with the boxy oxford, half-tucked.

shirt | jeans | sandals

After changing into a different pair of sandals, I could better sense how fantastic The Way-High Jean was. They are made from 98% cotton and 2% elastane, giving them a wonderful, soft feel. I find them to be incredibly similar to Agolde’s loose leg denim, but for a fraction of the cost.

Oddly enough, the one problem I have with the pair of Agolde jeans is the same one I ended up having with this pair from Everlane – they’re too big in my normal size.

The Way-High Jean is described to be Everlane’s “highest rise yet” which has you saying “goodbye to your belly button”, yet these fell just below my belly button, especially when moving about. 

My first thought to this sizing problem (for both AGOLDE and Everlane) is that it’s probably due to the fact that I don’t have a booty or much to speak for in my hips – they must be structured for a more curvy figure. Except that Everlane actually makes a curvy specific version of this denim!

A mom reviews Everlane's way-high jeans

shirt | jeans | sandals

So while I’m not entirely sure why I’m having sizing issues with this specific style of jean, it’s totally to be expected when trying a new-to-me brand. I’m wearing The Way-High Jean in a 28L, but am eager to try a size down for comparison, and even the regular inseam (which is 2 inches shorter). 

Thoughts: Everlane’s Fatigue Barrel Pant

Next up is The Fatigue Barrel Pant, and I thought they were amazing. If I worked in an office space, I would own these in both colors and wear them on rotation. 

A review of Everlane's Fatigue Barrel Pant in black

sweatshirt | pants

The Fatigue Barrel Pant is light, comfortable, and so flattering. They’re made from a mixture of 94% organic cotton and 6% linen, which makes them feel almost like a pair of jeans except way, way lighter. 

The pants have side buttons at the waist, allowing you to cinch them a bit tighter and customize them to your specific frame. Everlane seems to really nail the effortlessly cool oversized pocket, which is my favorite part of these. The pockets wrap around the side of your leg acting as both a front and back pocket, and are large enough for a big iPhone (maybe even a small iPad).

Everlane's Fatigue Barrel Pant - the side view

sweatshirt | pants

The best part of The Fatigue Barrel Pant is that they feel like a pair you wouldn’t want to change out of after a long day at work. I can see them becoming the favorite weekend pants for drinking lemonade outside in the summertime, and I would even wear them on a hike. Talk about versatility.

At a size 8, I would consider The Fatigue Barrel Pant true to size. I would maybe be tempted to try them in a 6, except that the side buttons make the sizing quite flexible! In the end, I cinched mine a little tighter so they would sit higher, and they were spot on. 

I decided to try the outfit on with The Day Crossover Sandal, you know, just to give them a second chance…

Outfit idea: woman wearing Everlane's fatigue barrel pant in black, with a black Everlane sweatshirt and slides

sweatshirt | pants | sandals

Still NO.

A review of Everlane's crossover day slides.

pants | sandals

Am I the only one who thinks these look completely off-balanced?! Especially with the wide, looser leg of the denim.

Outfit idea: Mom wearing Everlane's black barrel pants, black sweatshirt, and puffy Target sandals

sweatshirt | pants | sandals

OK. Much better.

Thoughts: Everlane’s Track Oversized Crew

While I didn’t intend to save the best for last, Everlane’s Track Oversized Crew is hands down the best thing from my try-on. It’s comfortable, easy to wear, drapes well, and the exact thing I would buy in 5 different colors for my forever closet.

Review of Everlane's sweatshirt in black

sweatshirt | jeans

I normally order crewnecks like this in a large or x-large as I like them extra oversized. I’m wearing an x-large and I love it. The crewneck is made from 100% organic cotton, and honestly, I’m shocked it’s not more expensive. 

Woman wearing Everlane's black sweatshirt with the sleeves pushed up.

sweatshirt | pants

The way the sleeves look rolled up?! The dream. This one’s a major win.

What I’m Looking To Try Next From Everlane

Ok friends – what’s your fave piece from Everlane? What else should I add to my cart next?


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