The Pants I’m Living In After Having A Baby


I read all of the pregnancy books (okay okay, I just downloaded all the apps), I asked all of the questions of my mom friends (did you poop on the delivery table? how did you adjust to breastfeeding? will my boobs always be this big?), and I felt realistically prepared for the fact that everything was about to change — forever.

As first-time moms, I think most of us can agree that we try our best to prepare in every which way, only to come to terms with the fact that NOTHING can actually prepare us for the changes ahead. But I’m discovering there are a few tiny things that can lift the spirits and keep me going: multiple cups of good coffee, a good pillow, the right bra, and the perfect pair of pants — specifically, faux leather leggings (yep, you read that right).

These faux leather leggings are wonderfully comfortable & look dang amazing, too. 'Postpartum Party Pants', I named 'em as I checked out my butt for the 3rd time.

Vegan Leather Zip-Ankle Legging | Vegan Leather Legging (similar, no zipper)

Entering motherhood is met with a steep learning curve. And even though I’m doing my best to ride the roller coaster with my hands up in the air to fully soak up every twist and fall, what I didn’t see coming is how truly intense my healing journey and beginning weeks of new motherhood would be. In those first days home from the hospital, all I wanted to wear were thick sweatpants and soft button up shirts.

These Vegan Leather Leggings Make Me Feel Less Postpartum & More Cool Mom

Once the need for mesh underwear and thick pads finally began to diminish, I desperately wanted to wear something, anything, else. Granted, I was still very sore and healing from all sorts of fun things, so it felt like nearly everything cute was out of the question (my long awaited dream of wearing jeans still hung in the distance). So imagine my surprise when these vegan leather leggings that I purchased on a whim became the answer!

Leggings | Button Up Top | Slides

I originally thought these would be a fun item to look forward to once I started to feel a little more like myself (like, six months to a year from now), so when they arrived in the mail and I pulled them on just to see, I stood in the mirror with so much delight to find that not only were these wonderfully comfortable, they looked pretty dang amazing, too. Postpartum Party Pants, I named them in my head as I checked out my butt for the third time.

Even though life currently includes rocking spit up as an accessory, I suddenly felt like I could attend a fabulous party (over zoom, of course) or do just about anything in these. They actually made me feel — dare I say it — a little sexy. And isn’t that exactly what every mom deserves to feel (even when we feel the furthest from it)?? I think YES.

Leggings | Sweatshirt | Socks | Slippers

What makes these leggings so magical is that they aren’t a true legging fit, but more like a pair of pants. I ordered my normal go-to size (medium), which in every other legging I own is a second-skin type of fit. These are different in that they have room around the booty and leg areas that make them feel comfortable for any type of underwear, but still include a perfect pooch-hugging waistband and are form fitting on the ankles. With my long legs they fit as a cropped style, making them a great pair for my winter socks while still showing off the zipper feature (or here’s the legging without the zipper if that’s more your style!).

These faux leather leggings are wonderfully comfortable & look dang amazing, too. 'Postpartum Party Pants', I named 'em as I checked out my butt for the 3rd time.

Leggings | Graphic Tee | Boots | Jacket (similar)

I’ve been throwing these on with just about any outfit, often with an oversized button-up or my current favorite Nike crewneck and slippers for lounging around at home with the baby, but these work great with a graphic tee and boots for running errands, too!

I recently just had family photos taken, and I wore these pants with this plaid shirt jacket pictured, winter boots, and a hat. I’m not going to lie, having the rock-and-roll vibe of the faux leather unassumingly peek out from under my long jacket made me feel like a cool mom. I’m not afraid to admit that.

These faux leather leggings are wonderfully comfortable & look dang amazing, too. 'Postpartum Party Pants', I named 'em as I checked out my butt for the 3rd time.

My Postpartum Party Pants have taught me to ditch the pressure of fitting into my “normal” pre-baby jeans or dreaming of “someday.” #Momlife is such a beautiful and intense sacrifice already, let’s make sure we remember that the investment in taking care of ourselves today is worth it. If we’re lucky, we can maybe even feel — dare I say it — a little sexy.


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