J.Crew Dressing Room Selfies: 5 Outfits On Sale Right Now


J.Crew is one of my favorite places to shop in-store. I love being able to feel the fabrics and get the sizing exactly right. This time, I brought my friend Amanda with me (I’ve mentioned her before — and she’s the creator of this outfit!) to help put together some festive holiday outfits.

We had a ton of fun (as longtime BFFs do), and we found a bunch of great stuff — faux-leather pants in the prettiest hue, super-soft cashmere sweaters, pretty silky skirts, and even a pair of boots that pretty much go with all the things.

The best part is that almost everything in this post is now on sale — hello, early Black Friday sales!

 For more holiday outfit inspo, run (don’t walk, sellout risk is real) to our holiday style page.

5 Festive Holiday Outfits You Don’t Want To Miss: A J.Crew Try-On

I love the color of J.Crew's Villa coat & the way it just kind of adds a festive flair to anything you wear it with — I could wear it over sweatpants or plaid pajamas & feel dressed up.

coat (2, I sized down from the one I tried in this J.Crew coat try-on video!)

My Top Pick: J.Crew’s Villa wool coat is hands-down my top pick of everything, especially in Holiday Red. 🤗 I LOVE the color and the way it just kind of adds a festive flair to pretty much anything you wear it with — I could literally wear it over sweatpants or plaid pajamas and feel dressed up.

I already tried on the green version in this video, so I knew I wanted to size down, which also helped with the overwhelmingness of the collar. (And you can wear it fully open, partially closed or zipped all the way up.)

1. A Cashmere Cardigan & A Silky Slip Skirt

Normally I'd shy away from the silhouette of J.Crew's silk slip skirt, but it felt really good on — the waistband doesn't pinch & the fabric doesn't cling.

sweater (XS) | skirt (XS, runs slightly big) | boots

This slip midi skirt is such a surprise! Normally I’d shy away from this silhouette, but this one felt really good on — the waistband doesn’t pinch and the fabric doesn’t cling. It’s a pull-on style, so I had to wiggle a bit to get it over my butt, but it works! And the sweater…OMG, the softness. 😍

2. A Faux-Leather Skirt & A Cropped Cable-Knit Turtleneck

I'm impressed by this J.Crew faux-leather miniskirt — it doesn't ride up as I walk, & the material is soft + comfy.

sweater (S) | skirt (6) | boots

Another surprising skirt find! I’m seriously impressed by this faux-leather miniskirt — it doesn’t ride up as I walk, and the faux leather is soft and comfy. And I agree with the reviewer who said, “I can do French chic by paring it with a nice silk blouse and heels, rockstar with a T-shirt and boots, or casual with a button-up shirt or simple cashmere sweater.” It’s incredibly versatile. I personally love it with the length of this cropped turtleneck sweater — also in that insanely soft cashmere!

3. Faux-Leather Pants & A Wool Blazer-Jacket

This wool blazer-jacket from J.Crew is a great layering piece, but I wouldn't pair it w/ a cami — the wool is a bit too itchy against bare skin.

pants (4, runs large) | cami | blazer (2, also runs large) | boots

Um, these faux-leather pants are amazing. I love the fit (although they do run about one size big), the color, the fabric — these are awesome. They also come in black, but this Luxury Camel is kind of fun. Plus, this wool blazer-jacket is a great layering piece (LOVE the collar and the two-tone lining), but I wouldn’t pair it with a cami like I did here — the wool is a bit too itchy against bare skin.

4. A Cashmere Crewneck Sweater & A Pleated Midi Skirt

The pleated midi skirt from J.Crew runs big, but it's super-fun to wear, & the fabric is nice + substantial.

sweater (S) | skirt (XS, runs large) | boots

You can’t go wrong with a classic J.Crew cashmere crewneck sweater. This year’s fit is a bit more relaxed than past versions, and the color selection is on-point as always (there are a ton to choose from). This picture doesn’t quite capture the right shades of green, either; the Light Sage sweater with the pleated midi skirt in Old Forest looks even better in person. The skirt runs big, but it’s super-fun to wear, and the fabric is nice and substantial. (And it also comes in a shorter version if you’re not into the midi length!)

5. Head-to-Toe Holiday Red Outfit

These stretchy straight-leg pants from J.Crew come in a ton of fun colors, but...that red, though!

pants (6) | shirt (4)

I mean, when in doubt, just wear red from head to toe this holiday season! These stretchy straight-leg pants come in a ton of fun colors, but…that red, though! 😍 And I’m seriously loving the lace on this button-up top — it’s sooo chic. (And obviously this outfit would look much better with shoes…🤦🏼‍♀️)

Top it all off with my number one pick, the Villa coat, and you’re ready for holiday parties, celebrations — anything, really!

Top this red J.Crew outfit off with my No. 1 pick, the Villa coat, and you're ready for holiday parties, celebrations — anything, really!

pants (6) | shirt (4) | coat (2)

Shop All The Holiday-Ready Outfits From My J.Crew Try-On

What are you wearing to the holiday festivities? Let me know in the comments!


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