These Quince Sweaters Are So Good…I Bought 3


I’m typically not one to buy multiples of something. As an Aquarius, this gal needs variety. I’m talking…I even get bored getting ready the same way every morning.

You should also know that after trying on so. many. things. over the years “the perfect sweater” (or “perfect” anything) is not a term I throw around lightly. But when I tried the Quince fisherman sweaters in cotton and cashmere

I found my perfect sweater.

That was over a year ago, and well, I broke my own personal rule. Now I have three.

Stylish, Well-Made & Under $100: These Fisherman Sweaters Are Actually Perfect

I love being able to speak to clothing that I’ve worn again and again — and these Quince sweaters are just that! They are good.

Cashmere Sweater (M) in Oatmeal | Cotton Sweater (M) in Blue

And while I can’t say that about every Quince piece I’ve owned (skip the silk PJs), these sweaters are really well-made and worth it, especially for under $100 for cashmere (or under $40 for the cotton). There is more information on the factories they work with here, too.

The Fisherman Stitch

At various times in my life I’ve been very into hand-knitting, as a hobby and even as a career at one point. I used to design a few patterns and taught some knitting classes when I lived in Nashville. I’m a sucker for a great stitch pattern in a sweater and have always been a fan of the gorgeous fisherman ribbing stitch in these sweaters.

Here below are all the styles that Quince offers in the lovely fisherman stitch.

It has so much beautiful texture and to me is way more interesting on than your basic stockinette stitch, which is what you see in seventy-five percent of sweaters on the market. This gorgeous ribbing is also seriously cozy. It adds loftiness to the garment and a bit of structure, too.

The Cashmere Fisherman Crewneck Sweater

I mean, obviously let’s start with the cashmere. I freaking love this sweater and the quality that Quince delivers is legit. Even after a whole season of wear it looks great with only minimal piling under the arms.

I freaking love this cashmere sweater --the quality is legit. Worn it all year with only minimal piling.

 Cashmere Sweater (M) | Similar Jeans | Similar Shoes

This stitch pattern helps minimize piling and holds the fibers together better, another reason I go for a fisherman sweater. Ooh and they now have a turtleneck version in this same gorgeous stitch.

The Details: The fit is true to size for just a bit of an oversized fit. I’m thinking I’ll add this in navy this year. Quince has a bunch of lovely color options.

The Cotton Fisherman Crewneck Sweater

Slightly heavier in weight than the cashmere, the cotton fisherman sweaters from Quince are still a perfect weight for these transitional months. It’s cool enough now I can wear these in the mornings again here in Portland and I’m stoked.

The cotton fisherman sweaters from Quince are still a perfect weight.
This cotton crewneck sweater is soft without being too drapey &  I love how it has kept it shape, no stretching out.

Cotton Sweater (M) | Jeans (29) | Sneakers | Bag

The Details: I love that the neck comes up high enough on both of the sweaters I’m chatting about here to layer a basic crewneck tee underneath without it showing too much. (These are my fave tees if you’re wondering.)

This cotton sweater is so soft without being too drapey and I love how it has held up without stretching out.

The crewneck on this sweater comes up high enough so I can layer a basic tee underneath without it showing too much.

Cotton Sweater (M) in Camel | Similar Jeans | Sandals

Sweater Care: Since I wear tees under my sweaters I find I typically spot clean them more than having to fully launder them all the time. But these cotton sweaters wash nicely on a cold gentle cycle and I lay them flat to dry.

For the cashmere I either spot clean and use a refresh spray (or this) or dry clean when I have multiple items to take (this is not very often admittedly.) Shana washes her cashmere and I will occasionally too but I don’t love how it fluffs up the fibers.

If you’re looking for some great sweaters that won’t break the bank, I hope this helps in your search! Until next time…



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Professional pics by Posy Quarterman.

These fisherman sweaters from Quince are so well-made, stylishly cut & very durable. Their ethically-made cotton & cashmere options are super-affordable.


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