Found: A Swoon-Worthy Dark Floral Dress For Fall


In case you were wondering, I found the key to unlocking an intense, internal personal joy when wearing a floral dress. What is it, you ask? Finding the absolutely perfect floral print. A print you find stunning, that makes your heart beat faster, or as Shana sometimes puts it…a print that “makes you swoon”.

I can’t come up with a better way to describe the feeling… it’s… swoon-worthy. Yep, that’s it. Wait — not the kind of swoon that makes you pass out and fall to the ground from extreme emotion. That just sounds dangerous and worrysome…no dress is worth that! I’m talking about the swoon that involves very strong positive emotions where you’re still able to retain consciousness.

Once you find a floral print that calls to you — that screams ‘YES!’ when you look at it — that you’re WILD about…that’s completely “swoon-worthy” in your eyes, you know that you’ve found your very special dress.  

This stunning ALC dress is JUST that. 

The dark floral print, sweetheart neck + tiered ruffle hem of this long fall dress, makes for a charming going-out outfit.
Fall date night outfit or casual lunch date outfit, this cotton dress can do it all.

ALC Lilah Dress (4) | Heels | Bag
At Saks | At InterMix | At ALC | At Bergdorf

Scroll down for more dark floral print dresses for a range of budgets 

A Bold Floral Dress For More Than Just Special Occasions

As soon as I saw this A.L.C. Lilah Printed Fit-&-Flare dress, I knew I would try it in person. As soon as I tried it in person, I knew I would wear it to an upcoming special event. And as soon as I wore it to that special event, I knew I would find ways to wear it on repeat anywhere, for anything, anyway I could.

While the print is bold and playful, the sweetheart neckline and tiered ruffle hem — perfect for spinning — keep it charming. The combination of bold and sweet with elements of playfulness and elegance is definitely the perfect swoon-worthy combination for me.

Need a fun fall wedding guest dress? This dress is made of breathable cotton & the ruffled hem is perfect for spinning.

ALC Lilah Dress (4) | Heels | Bag
At Saks | At InterMix | At ALC | At Bergdorf

Even though this is definitely a very special dress, I am NOT going to save this A.L.C. dress just for special occasions…no, no, no. I really will be wearing it any chance I get. The hubs and I are escaping for a quick warm-weather getaway, and this dress will absolutely be joining me to be worn with my Birkenstocks and straw bag for a casual lunch outfit and with my wedges for a fancier date. And then back in Philly, I’ll likely be wearing it with clogs or boots and a denim or corduroy jacket when I want to go beyond my usual jeans and sweater uniform for a casual-ish dinner outfit.

Dark Floral Prints Work Perfectly For Fall

Dark floral prints are perfect for fall.

ALC Lilah Dress (4) | Heels | Bag
At Saks | At InterMix | At ALC | At Bergdorf

The other aspect of this dress that I adore? The colors. Because the weather fluctuates wildly here in Philadelphia, dark floral prints are perfect for fall. The first time I wore this dress it was officially autumn on the calendar, but it was hot and swampy outside. I was quite pleased to be wearing a colorful fall print made of breathable cotton (also amazing if you’re wearing it to a special event and dancing HARD on the dance floor — this would be such a fun fall wedding guest dress!). The second time I wore it… the weather was cooler and it was perfect with a scarf thrown over my shoulders. Third time…cold and a bit rainy, so I wore a coat over top. 

The deep colors of a dark floral dress balance the physical and visual weight of scarves, wraps, and fall jackets. Most fall floral dresses are also easy to wear with tights and boots and turtleneck layers underneath (if that’s your thing). Added bonus: the dark colors also lend themselves well to pairings with dark-colored wool and faux-fur coats as it gets even colder and colder in the season. 

Fall Floral Dresses: Find Your Perfect Print

Any other floral prints you’re finding thrilling these days? I gravitate to Saks, Anthro and Boden for my florals, but I’m eager to be introduced to others! Feel free to add in the comments.


Hey, hey, Pinners. Wanna see something cool?

The dark floral print of this charming cotton dress works for both casual summer style & fall date night outfits. A sweetheart neck and ruffle hem? Swoon!
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