10 Cute Vote Tees (That Also Give Back)


We recently received a comment on S’ Levi’s Vote Collection post from one of our readers, Melanie, suggesting that we include products that financially support voter engagement and education (AND she gave us some specific organizations to check out. Thank you, Melanie!) So with that, we rounded up our top 10 favorite vote tees — specifically ones that help make a difference in voter education and voter turnout.

VOTE: 10 Cute Graphic Tees That Support Voter Turnout

As Melanie put it perfectly, “It’s bigger than just a tee.” We couldn’t agree more…especially in the midst of recent events. This is more important than ever.

Got 'em! From Etsy to Clare V & Madewell, our top 10 vote graphic tees that help make a difference in voter turnout, engagement & education.

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1. Phenomenal Woman Vote Tee — A simple vote tee (some may call boring, but I call chic) that supports Monumental Women — a non-profit that honors women in history (AND they just unveiled their first statue of women’s rights pioneers in Central Park.) There are only a few sizes left in this tee, but Phenomenal Woman has some of the best social justice & voting tees/hoodies I’ve seen. Anything you buy from this site supports Phenomenal Woman’s action campaign that was inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem, “Phenomenal Woman.” They bring awareness to social causes and support multiple non-profits.

2. Clare V. X When We All Vote Tee — I love everything about this tee — the French words that say “I Vote, You Vote, She Votes, We Vote, They Vote” in the pretty red lettering, the loose fit, AND that 10% of proceeds are donated to When We All Vote. Clare V. strikes again.

3. Tory Burch Vote T-Shirt — I love that it almost looks like someone hand-painted this tee. 100% of the proceeds go to I am a voter to help increase voter participation.

4. Michael Stars Long-Sleeve Vote Tee — I know this one doesn’t scream “VOTE!!!” but the embroidery is the face of Gloria Steinem (a feminist icon & activist.) It’s part of #TheTeeInVote collection that supports three grassroots organizations to help get people to the polls. Michael Stars also has this cute short-sleeve vote tee that’s a little bolder.

5. Lingua Franca Vote Short Sleeve — Technically not a tee, but has the same idea (except it’s cashmere.) Lingua Franca has a whole section of cozy vote tops & sweaters. 10% of the proceeds from this collection are donated to Higher Heights Leadership Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to strengthening Black women’s leadership capacity and civic participation.

6. Etsy Vote Like Your Ancestors Died For It Tee — There are a few great things to note about this tee. It supports a small Etsy business, is sustainable (eco-friendly facility and biodegradable water-based ink is used), sizes go up to a unisex 4x AND this Etsy shop donates a portion of all of their profits to a different charity on a monthly basis. Claps all around.

7. Jungmaven’s Vote Baja Tee — This tee comes in unisex sizing and lots of colors (some are sold out, but there are still multiple colors in stock!) They’re donating 50% of the total sales to the ACLU to support their efforts of ending voter suppression. $50,000 of sales will help grassroots organizations that are led by women of color who are working to increase voter registration and make all voices heard.

8. Madewell Unisex Vote Tee — 100% of the proceeds of this tee are donated to the American Civil Liberties Union to help its mission of maintaining and advancing civil liberties (including the protection of the right to vote.) Madewell is donating a minimum of $750,000 to ACLU.

9. ModCloth I Am A Voter Tee — Ringer tees will always be in style. So…..retro. Sorry had to say it. (50% of the proceeds are donated to I am a voter.)

10. The Great I Am A Voter Crew — The type of tee I’d wear any time of the year. It’s just a cool tee. But even better…$50 is donated to I am a voter for every tee sold. (I am a voter is a non-partisan campaign that promotes civic engagement by encouraging voter participation, and lives by the truth that “our democracy works best when we all participate.”) Amen.

Let us know if there are any other organizations/brands that donate proceeds to support the election. And go vote!

– Danielle

PS…this one’s for the pinners…

Got 'em! From Etsy to Clare V & Madewell, our top 10 vote graphic tees that help make a difference in voter turnout, engagement & education.
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  1. I LOVE all of these! Tempted by the Jungmaven one (so many colors!) and The Great one, because I love that brand already and they are donating $50 from each shirt!

  2. Why are “vote” tees meant to target only those who vote for Democrats? Do you want everyone to vote, or just those who will vote your way? Also, does anyone see the latent pandering inherent in t-shirts like this? Since you don’t know any better, we, who are far more enlightened, will tell you what to do…Sigh. “The soft bigotry of low expectations…”

    • That quotation from George W. Bush was in reference to the great achievement gap between “rich and poor, white and minority” during a speech he made to the NAACP regarding learning disparities in schools. In the speech he said, “whatever the causes, the effect is discrimination.” Issues like those are the EXACT reason why it’s essential to encourage EVERYONE to vote. Using it in reference to our sharing of “vote” tees seems silly at best.

  3. RE: the comments above about ‘easy activism’ – while certainly there is more that an individual can do besides wearing a t-shirt to promote voting, we as a society do need to encourage people – especially young people – to be more civically engaged! This is not just about Democrats or Republicans; too many people have apathy towards voting because they feel it doesn’t matter or won’t change anything. That’s so far from true! Voting, especially in non-presidential election years, especially in down-ballot races, can have a huge impact. We need to encourage civic engagement at ALL levels and in ALL elections. Making voting a part of the national conversation in all ways – on social media, with in-person conversations about how and when people you know plan to vote, and yes, even by wearing a promotional t-shirt – helps to encourage participation in democracy. Participation is the only way it continues to function. Also… this is at heart a fashion website. Coming to a fashion website to criticize promoting fashion along with civic engagement feels like a fundamental misunderstanding of what is going on here. Keep up the good work, TME!

  4. Two have proceeds which go to the ACLU, and another bears the face of Gloria Steinem. Ask TME if they would advertise a similar shirt whose proceeds went to a crisis pregnancy center and I can bet the answer would be “no.”

  5. So? If you want to support a crisis pregnancy center, do so. If you don’t think abortion is ok, don’t have one. If you want all the media you consume to reflect your worldview… stay off the internet?

  6. Meghan’s comment summed up my thoughts, so just wanted to say bravo to TME for continuing to use your platform to discuss and shed light on important topics through a universal language – fashion. Really digging #5. I think I’ll surprise my wife with this one!

  7. I’m a social scientist and am familiar with research showing that social pressure (ie knowing that your friends are voting or that others will know if you’re voting) leads to an increase in voter turnout. The effect is small, but it is there. This is the theory being things like Postcards to Swing States. This t short should in theory work the same way, though I don’t know of research looking at t-shirts specifically. That is, if others see you wearing a t-shirt like this, it contributes to the idea that voting is a social norm.

  8. Imagine thinking encouraging people to vote is “for Democrats.” I guess we’re just out here saying the quiet part loud now.

  9. Honestly, I am soooo nervous to post this comment. Politics, and politically educated/minded people make me nervous. I worry I will sound stupid, like I don’t care. Which is the furthest thing from the truth. I absolutely care, I care about all beings having equal rights, equal representation, a happy and healthy existence. I just haven’t been proactive in educating myself when it comes to voting. My family was neutrally driven when growing up, and so I just continued that path. Sadly I didn’t even vote for the first time until I was 34yrs old.

    Here is where I struggle. I LOVE fashion, this post made me want to buy all of these shirts and put them on my two daughters. Because I do care, I do want my daughters to feel empowered. I then see the comments, and I feel embarrassed. I’m embarrassed that I liked the shirts, I’m embarrassed that I don’t understand why some commenters are upset.

    If nothing else, this post prompted people like me to want to consider their stance, educate themselves, and promote the process that we are all able to participate in.

  10. Wow, I’m surprised you labeled my comments “silly.” I thought liberals prided themselves on being open minded… love is love, kindness matters, etc…, that whole routine.
    So you are encouraging republicans to vote as much as democrats? Apologies if I misunderstood.
    There is indeed a great achievement gap, Scotti. The question is how to fix it. Perhaps we can engage in a civilized dialogue without naming-calling or angry and pandering rhetoric. Or perhaps we can just lovingly disagree on the answer.

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