5 Over-The-Top Holiday Looks That Are So Incredibly Fun


Not bragging, but I have five different holiday parties to attend this year. That’s right, I’m very popular. It doesn’t matter that two of those parties are work parties, one is my husband’s work party, and one is…my son’s birthday. Okay fine, it’s only four holiday parties. Still.

5 Dramatic Holiday Looks With An Edgy, Feminine Style

Oh, and I’m not that cool, chill girl who just wears jeans and sparkly shoes and is all, “I’m dressing low-key for the holidays.” No. I am ALL IN. Give me drama. Give me velvet. Give me leather and lace. And, please, above all, give me TULLE. After reviewing these outfits I am convinced that in a previous life, I was either a fashionable vampire or an evil ballerina.

Here are ALL the parties I’m attending (haha) and the outfits I’m concocting for each one. MMMmmmmWwhahhahha!

Zara Velvet Suit For My Husband’s Work Party

I want to convey: Cool, funky, chic, and…professional-ish?

The spouse’s work party is tricky. It’s like being a guest at a wedding. It’s not about you, but you need to show up. However, at a previous work party, I did wear a full-length gown, so maybe it is actually a little bit about me. In my mind, I envisioned a classic, well-fitting, black, satin suit. It would button just-so. Under the jacket, I would wear only a bra or maybe a bustier or corset. The pants would be slim and tailored, cropped to show a cool shoe. I’d have cute earrings and a messy bun. That’s what I imagined. And so, the hunt began.

First, I ordered this structured statin blazer from J.Crew during a sale. This look is all about the fit, so it had to be perfect. I thought of J.Crew because usually they do petite well.

I ordered this structured statin blazer from J.Crew during a sale.

blazer | pants

I loved the heavy, structured satin but the cut just wasn’t it. The jacket was lovely but the pants were a no. They were matronly. So the whole thing went back. I was back to square 0. Is that a thing? Square Zero? Square ONE! Right. OK, now what?

Well, I wanted to spend less money. And I figured I needed to actually try something on. So I got off my ass and went to Zara. Ugh. And then I found this blue suit. And it was exactly what I wanted. Rock and roll, but sophisticated. Tailored and swingy/swishy. The royal blue color is amazing.

This blue velvet suit from Zara is a dream come true. Perfect for a professional but fancy holiday work party

jacket (xs) | pants (s, run big) | boots | bagcorset top | earrings

Work party? CHECK.

Pink Tulle & Bondage Gear For The…Neighborhood Holiday Party?

What I want to convey: Fun, holiday, anything-goes.

In the past, this has included costumes or something absurd. Somehow my favorite outfits involve bondage and tulle. I can’t explain this. I’m not sure if this really says “neighborhood Christmas party” but luckily, my neighbors are my friends and they get me. They won’t think twice about this deranged ballerina look.

similar dress | black maxi slip to add underneath | similar blazer | similar harness | shoes | bag

A Velvet Maxi Dress For Main Character Energy At Dinner With Friends

What I want to convey: Holiday darkness…yes, I do think that’s a thing.

This outfit is for dinner with my closest friends — friends from the store where I do the window displays. These are fashion people and the best people. So naturally, I should look evil.

My brain said “I like this look” but my face in these photos tells another story. I thought I was giving holiday darkness but… it looks more like vampire realness. I may need to reevaluate.

similar dress | similar belt | similar shoes | similar blazer | gloves

I Am A Punk Princess In This New Year’s Eve Dress

What I want to convey: WARM. Yes, warm. As in temperature — ’cause we walk outside to get from place to place and it’s freezing here. But it should also be sexy, a little edgy, and…

Ok, so I’m conveying none of that.

I am just a happy princess in tulle. If I could live in corsets and tulle and leather, I would. What a world it would be. I have had this dress forever and have never worn it. It doesn’t exactly scream “Sexy New Year’s Eve” but it does say: SPECIAL EVENT! And I feel like you can just feel that I feel good in it.

dress | jacket | similar beltshoes

I Stay Ready In This Black Staud Mini-Dress

This just arrived from Staud. Thoughts? I couldn’t get a pic of the back without breaking my neck but I’ll leave the website photo below.

Hmm…are any of my holiday parties a 1960s James Bond Dress Code? No? Well, they are now.

dress (more sizes & colors at Staud) | shoes

Good, right?

A Little Commotion Please For Sparkly Holiday Shoes

Here is a closer look at all of the shoes. I’m living for heels over socks right now. It’s giving me life and warmer toes.

A Little Commotion Please For Sparkly Holiday Shoes! Also heels with socks is everything.

Clockwise from top left: similar wedges | rhinestone bow mules | sparkle boots | white boots

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Let me know what you think of my over-the-top looks. Have FUN with your looks — we only get to do this once a year and zero times during pandemics. There are more holiday-outfit ideas from the whole TME crew as well as gift guides galore over at Holiday Central.



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