A Simple Way To Dress Up Your Jeans For The Holidays


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Whew — yep, holiday. I know we creep up the timeline every year, and while I’m a huge fan of not skipping over Halloween, it is a good time to be perusing the shelves (or internet pages) for what we’ll be wearing later in the year.

I honestly find that I just need a pretty, simple, comfy jeans look most of the time for holiday events — gift exchanges, casual days, brunches, shopping, etc.

And my formula for that?

A fave pair of jeans + a pretty cashmere sweater + great accessories + festive shoes. These pieces I’m featuring here with my pretty, shiny gold jewelry (more deets on that soon but links below) are easily wearable the rest of the fall and winter too.

Red + Gold: How To Dress Up Jeans For The Holidays

I kept this outfit holiday-ish but not obviously holiday. We’ve got a lovely red sweater that’s almost a rust tone; shiny gold bling for the arm but nothing too on the nose; and fun faux-fur-lined loafer mules but no jingle bells, friends.

Just a wearable look that feels appropriate for the whole season.

This 360 Cashmere crewneck sweater is light, soft & gorgeous in person. Perfect for my holiday outfits.
The 360 Cashmere crewneck sweater fits true to size & would make a lovely holiday gift.

This crewneck cashmere sweater is light, soft, gorgeous in person and goes great with jeans. Highly recommend, and it comes in quite a few colors. It fits true to size and would make a lovely gift.

And let’s not forget a little shoutout to the rad Karl Lagerfield Paris lightning-bolt necklace…so me, and I love it. If a chunky chain and cute lock charm are more your style, this layered necklace was another top pick.

The warmth of the tan Clare V. clutch goes beautifully w/ black & blue jeans + pairs w/ the red cashmere sweater so well.

ring | evil-eye bracelet | similar chain | beaded bracelet | watchband | clutch | sweater (S) | jeans

As for the rest of the outfit? I’ve had these cropped Levi’s 501 jeans for years now and was so excited to see them at Nordstrom Rack! I’ve also had the faux-fur, leather loafer mules from Steve Madden since last year, and they are just easy, comfy, and fun to throw on with everything. They add a little bit of fun plus a little bit of chic, and I love them.

This Clare V. clutch is one you’ve seen before. The warmth of the tan color goes beautifully with everything from black to blue denim and, of course, pairs with the red cashmere so well.

Shop A Few More Easy Holiday Outfits With Jeans

Because this outfit formula is so useful for the upcoming season, I thought I would pull together a few more jeans + sweater + cute shoes combos available from Nordstrom Rack right now.

I mixed up the color choices a bit too if red isn’t your thing, or if you want something fun but you’re more of a blue gal (and that first sweater below also comes in a gorgeous ivory!). Nordstrom Rock has a great selection of cashmere for the holiday season…along with really fun shoes and accessories too!

Just add your shiny bracelet stack and fave gold pieces, and you have a sparkly, easy look to take you through the holidays!

Thank you so much to Nordstrom Rack and ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring this article. I love being able to find even specific things I need in your lovely offerings. Your options made my holiday outfit fun and easy to put together! As usual, all ideas, opinions and choices are my own. Readers, thanks a bunch for your continued support of us here at The Mom Edit.


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Lovely photos by Posy Quarterman Photography.

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    • I’m definitely seeing light wash denim year-round these days! I do love an off black, too, though and that would be cute here!

  1. What is your nose ring? I love it! So subtle. I got mine pierced last December and it’s finally healed up so that I can consider switching out the jewelry.

  2. My mustard yellow (okay, technically they call it amber but I actually love the term mustard yellow as a very descriptive throwback color) version of this same sweater arrived today and it’s RIDICULOUS how soft and flattering it is. I am 5’4″, small chested, in the 130-140# weight range and the small is a fantastic fit on me. 10/10 will go with jeans and sweats and joggers, can’t wait to wear!

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