The Case For Crop Tank Tops


Let’s get straight to the point — crop tops (like this near 5-star one) look good on the young and fit, but I carry my weight in my midsection and upper body in general, and drawing attention to that region is always something I have tried to avoid. But about four months ago something strange happened — I had a baby (like, I made and birthed a freaking human) and I suddenly felt so overwhelmed with gratitude for my body; what it was capable of changed my perspective on everything. I realized the focus of a body being something to flaunt or to hide felt absurd, I was just so incredibly thankful for mine — for all it had done and continues to do daily for me.

That crop tank that I kept thinking was so cute on others but wouldn’t work for me? I added one to my shopping cart. “WATCH OUT WORLD, I JUST HAD A BABY AND CAN DO/BE/WEAR ANYTHING!”

4 Ways To Rock A Crop Tank Top

Now, OKAY, I’m not necessarily going to walk around with my midsection exposed just because I found a new appreciation for my body, but I was surprised to find how insanely comfortable these tanks are, and wanted to figure out how to incorporate them into my wardrobe in more subtle ways (you may have seen me rocking one when I reviewed the Aerie Crossover Legging!).

I grabbed this version that had a built-in bra and another that was fitted but without a built in, and found them to be more comfortable than my normal go-to bras (bonus: they’re stretchy, making it easy to pull up or down if you’re nursing)! Before I knew it, I was reaching for a crop tank daily. I discovered a few different outfit formulas that are perfect for wearing them: whether you want the crop to be seen, or would rather keep your upper half well-covered, here are four tried-and-true ways to rock a crop tank top!

1. Achieve A Flawless Tuck

T-Shirt (sized up to a L for an extra oversized fit)| Crop Tank | Jeans

TUCK IT! This is the number one reason you need a crop tank in your closet. Wearing one underneath a long top is the perfect way to achieve a flawless tuck. Gone are the days where you french tuck into the top of your jeans — that always takes a bit of finesse to make it look good, anyway. With a fitted crop, you simply tuck the front edges of your shirt up into the bottom of the tank. It’s so easy, and with a super-soft and oversized tee like this, it’s amazingly comfortable. If you don’t like any of the formulas below, just try this one, I swear it’s a game changer!

2. Put A Shacket On It

Shacket (sized up) | Tank Bra | Leggings | Sneakers

PUT A SHACKET ON IT: Honestly, throwing a shirt jacket on has become the answer to most of my outfits. It’s effortless and always makes me feel like I should go grab coffee at a trendy cafe. Wear it with your leggings and you get that perfect athleisure (or should I say athflow) vibe! This crop tank bra is the perfect solution if you’ve always wanted to wear an active outfit out & about, but want minimal skin showing.

3. Wrap It In Sweats

Crop Tank | Hoodie | Sweatpants

WRAP IT IN SWEATS: My go-to outfit for kicking my feet up on the couch and turning on the TV. The last thing we need is to pair another slouchy layer with our sweats, and this is a good way to feel like you dressed with some intentional thought behind your sweatsuit. I won’t lie, though, I would wear this out and about, I’m not above that. I would switch up the tank for one with a built- in bra, however (or just throw a bra on underneath — this one’s a fave of mine and works perfectly for exactly this).

4. Throw A Cardigan Over It

Similar Cardigan + another option | Crop Tank Bra | Jeans + a second wash option | Boots

PAIR WITH A CARDIGAN AS A SHIRT: This is the perfect hack for making your favorite cardigan look and feel a little less bulky. Instead of wearing an entirely separate shirt underneath, just throw on a fitted crop tank/tank bra! You’re safe if one of those big sweater buttons has a wardrobe malfunction, and you could even purposely unbutton it if the sun suddenly makes an appearance and you get a little toasty.

Shop The Crop Tank Bra

No matter the way you wear a crop tank (or if you’re still skipping this particular item all together), let’s just all take a moment to be thankful for our bodies today — whether it gave you your sweet babies or simply just enables you to breathe. They do SO MUCH FOR US and deserve a little a whole lotta love.


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