Found: The Best Bra for “Tired Boobs”


Yep. “Tired boobs” was an actual comment I got after posting a photo of me in a T-shirt dress to The Mom Edit’s Facebook page in 2020 (of all years). Heh. I know. Wtf. I mean, they WERE PROBABLY TIRED. It was 2020. EVERYTHING was tired.

Regardless, troll or otherwise, it has, uh…it’s become a joke around the office now. What else are you gonna do with that kind of comment except laugh? LORDY.

And since you probably don’t have the pleasure of people calling your boobs tired and fueling a fire inside you to find a well-fitting, really supportive bra for perkiness, I thought perhaps others can benefit from my rage-search for the best bra for “tired boobs.”

Tired Boobs, Meet Natori Feathers: The Best Bra For Lift + Support

Thanks to that wild ride, I recently rediscovered my favorite supportive T-shirt bra. Trust me, these boobs are WAY MORE tired now in 2023, but I’m happy to reclaim that comment and use it for my own benefit…and yours too! If you’re searching for a bra that lifts the babes up a bit and makes you feel good in your clothes, may I suggest the Natori Feathers Underwire Contour bra.

Where To Buy The Natori Feathers Bra: at Nordstrom | at Amazon | at Zappos | at Natori

The Backstory Of My Search For The Best Bra

I’ll admit, I was wearing ZERO underwire bras in 2020. Who cared? Even as someone who still got dressed for photos for my job that year, I really didn’t think it was all that important to have a perky chest. Also, I know you’re going to want to see the photo that garnered that comment so, here it is:

"Tired boobs" was an actual comment I cue my rage-search for the best T-shirt bra w/ lift + support. Enter: the Natori Feathers bra.

dress (S) | sandals

OMG, looking back I’m really thinking what ridiculousness that was. But alas, it’s fun to laugh at now when I actually do need a bra with some lift.

I’ve gone up a size or two over the last few years, in bra sizes and pant sizes, and I just wanted something more supportive for this part of me that has fed a child, expanded during pregnancy + nursing, AND shrunk back down a little and just changed and morphed. It’s ALL VERY NORMAL.

(Side note: I had a SHITE time breastfeeding and only managed seven months of combined nursing and bottle feeding, so I just want to say to all mamas out there…FED is best, and you’re doing great. xoxo)

The Reveal: Natori Feathers Underwire Contour Bra

I wanted something that looked great under tees and blouses since I tend to wear those a lot, and I just wanted to feel good.

Am I wearing this Natori Feathers bra every day? Nope. But I am when I want to feel pulled together and supported. Love you, comfort bras + wireless bras, but you don’t quite fulfill my every need. (Another side note: This one is still my favorite supportive-ish, wire-free bra.)

The Natori Feathers bra is the most comfortable of all underwire bras I've worn.

Natori Feathers Underwire Contour Bra (34D) | pants (M)

I recently went up to a 34D (almost but not quite a DD), and I cannot tell you how happy I am to have repurchased this baby in the correct size. I had it years ago and thankfully impulse-purchased it in the larger size recently when I was in Nordstrom. I got it in the Cinnamon color, and I love it. I should’ve gotten the matching undies, I love it so much (I’m not organized enough to be a matching-set person most of the time).

Quick Notes:

  • Is it comfortable? The Natori Feathers bra is the most comfortable of all underwire bras I’ve worn. If you’ve solidly been in wire-free or yoga bras like I’d been for a couple of years — barring when I need a strapless option… Spoiler alert: It’s this same bra without straps; perhaps that should’ve clued me in sooner — there’ll be a bit of an adjustment period to wearing a wire again, but gah. It’s worth it, and now I pop this on anytime I’m at all dressed outside of athleisure wear.
  • Nordstrom’s site says the cups run small and while I haven’t tried the 34DD (which would be essentially a cup size up for me) I’ve been happy with the D, which is the size I own in a couple of bras right now. If you’re in between sizes, you might try the cup size up.

And here’s how the lovely Feathers bra looks under a white tee. I perhaps should’ve shown a V-neck tee too because that’s a bonus of this particular bra. It’s a plunge cut, so it accommodates lower necklines. Love that.

The Natori Feathers Underwire Contour Bra is a plunge cut, so it accommodates lower necklines.

similar tee | bra | pants | similar necklace

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Whether your boobs are tired or well rested, I hope this proves to be a helpful find for you! Thanks for the support here, friends. (Pun intended.)



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"Tired boobs" was an actual comment I cue my rage-search for the best T-shirt bra w/ lift + support. Enter: the Natori Feathers bra.