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We’re about to be talking underwear here, specifically a bra, so I’m not going to hem and haw — my ladies need some help. They’ve always needed some help, even pre-baby and nursing. After my last underwear try-on (which was a huge success), I noticed this bra was listed as the brand’s #1 best-selling. I was over the moon in love with their whipped collection, so I figured I needed to try this customer fav piece, too. 

Does Negative’s Best-Selling Wireless Bra Live Up To The Reviews?

My boobs have fluctuated so freaking much over my lifetime that I never know what size they are. I was trying to (unsuccessfully) squeeze them into D cups while pregnant, but they’re the first thing to slim down when I’m in a good workout routine. While many women have fuller chests than mine, I’ve never been considered small in that area, and I’ve never been, shall we say — perky. Not even close. Underwires have forever been a friend of mine, so when I see the words “non-wire” in a description of a bra that’s supposed to be supportive, I’m immediately skeptical. 

I know I started off with the softest undies of all time from this brand (and any brand ever) but this wasn’t in that same collection, so I wasn’t too thrown when I pulled the Sieve Bra out of its package and felt it’s… not-so-soft material. I was initially left wondering if it was going to feel rough on the skin. The bra is also thin and see-through. They don’t try to fool you on the website though, as the models are rocking this mesh-vibe bra with their nipples in full view (I spared you the visual on my own body but go check out the models for an accurate depiction!). How could this little thing equate to a supportive bra?! I was nervous but also so curious — so I threw it on, and with the matching thong I got, too.

After my last Negative Underwear try-on, I noticed this wireless bra was listed as the brand's #1 best-selling -- with rave reviews.

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First Impressions: Negative Sieve Non-Wire Bra

WOAH. I looked at myself in the mirror and kinda loved what I saw. This magical material is “Belgian power micromesh” and it’s some sort of super-strong mesh that perfectly lifted my ladies up in a very natural-looking way. It was sexy without trying to push my boobs up to my chin (and consequently causing other areas around the bra to spill over); it doesn’t feature frilly lace or extra straps or bows…. This bra is all at once your everyday t-shirt bra, but also totally what I would reach for on date night. That concept alone had me puzzled but so totally impressed.

The Deets On The Sieve Non-Wire Bra

Negative does their own sizing guide for bras, and you take a little quiz to get your match. I took it once and landed with a “3” — it was not only the perfect fit in the whipped triangle bra, but an absolute score with this sieve bra, too. While not all items on the website are size-inclusive, this best-selling one goes all the way up into DDD/G cups. At the time of my writing this article, it has close to 2,000 reviews giving it a total of 4.6 out of 5 stars. You can quickly skim through them and see that people of all sizes are in love. 

The website also mentions that due to their materials, you can get away with a few sizes — it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you like a looser band, size up. If you prefer less coverage, size down. It seems there’s some great wiggle room here to figure out that perfect fit. I think one of my most favorite quirks about the brand is how they list the color in the description. Mine is “A caramel-y sunrise desert sands affogato tone w/ contrast trim.” Uhm, yes please.

After my last Negative Underwear try-on, I noticed this wireless bra was listed as the brand's #1 best-selling -- with rave reviews.

Negative Sieve Non-Wire Bra: The Verdict

After wearing it for a few days (even to bed some nights) I can say this is absolutely a bra I would recommend. I was wildly impressed at how it kept my ladies in place with just mesh. The one thing I was most curious about was what happens when you get — uhm — COLD? I did get a sense of coolness the first few days while wearing it, which took some time getting used to. The mesh makes it feel as though you’re not wearing anything over your chest, and all that cool air is breezing in. Were my Rachel Green’s going to show through the mesh material loud and proud? But in all the various tops I wore, I never seemed to be sporting that particular ’90s trend. The mesh really is that powerful!

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After my last Negative Underwear try-on, I noticed this wireless bra was listed as the brand's #1 best-selling -- with rave reviews.


  1. Thank you for this review, Amy! I’m a small fry (A cup), but you’ve got me intrigued. I like that this bra works for all sizes!

    What lipstick or gloss are you wearing? It’s absolutely lovely!

  2. Constant rachel green issue here cold or not. So this bra is likely NOT for me… anyone have success with finding other bras that help that particular problem?? Bali concealing petals seem to work but are there any others? PLEASE help!!

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