Party Like It’s 1986: Nordic Sweaters + Cropped Puffers


Gang, I’ve gotta warn you: I’m wearing a sweater that looks like J.Jill circa 1986…and I’m not mad about it.

This retro sweater is a playful winter party outfit hero.

sweater (xs) | jeans (27) | boots | bag

It’s J.Crew’s “Fair Isle Snowflake Crewneck Sweater” and it’s one part precious, but also very sporty and ski sweater-y and, happily, unapologetically vintage (runs big, though, FYI).

There’s something about an on-theme, festive sweater at this time of year. It’s cute with cozy layers, sure, but it also dresses up rather nicely. Even if the “dressing up” part just means a fancy bag and walkable heels.

And if you agree that, yes, a cropped white puffer jacket (with a slight shimmer), IS, in fact, a suitable alternative to a faux-fur, then you get me, you ski bunny, you.

Vintage-Inspired Fair Aisle Sweater + Cropped Puffer Jacket

This ream cropped puffer jacket from Athleta has a subtle shine to it.

sweater (xs) | jeans (27) | puffer (s) | boots | bag

I ordered Athleta’s Summit Down Shine Jacket because I was looking for a puffer that hit at my natural waist. I’ve found that those hip-length puffer jackets don’t look great with the looser, straight-leg jeans I’ve been favoring lately, but long coats (past my knees) or an almost-cropped one (to show off my waist) feels right.

Despite the name, I didn’t realize Athleta’s puffer jacket had any sort of shimmer until it arrived. The shimmer, however, is barely-there, and just serves to make the jacket look…pretty.

The length of Athleta's cropped puffer pairs well with straight-leg jeans.
A feather bag? Yes, I'm serious. I've had my black feather bag for ten years!

sweater (xs) | jeans (27) | puffer (s) | boots | bag

Also, don’t sleep on this feather bag. It also comes in black and has that pouchy shape that holds a surprising amount of stuff. These feather bags feel a little frivolous, I know, but I’ve been wearing my old black one for…10 years now? It’s almost as old as Pax.

A feather bag is a flirty accessory for this retro winter party outfit.
This cropped puffer + feather purse combo makes a festive & easy going outfit.
This vintage inspired J Crew knit sweater is part precious, part sporty.
The easy pastels of my winter party outfit pair well with walkable tan boots,

sweater (xs) | jeans (27) | puffer (s) | boots | bag

Shop More Retro Sweaters & Cropped Puffer Jackets

I’ve rounded up several vintage-inspired knit sweaters and cropped puffers. For fun, I’ve tried to pair them up — see the widget below for the sweater/puffer pairings that would be a fun, festive (yet easygoing) way to dress up.


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