Team Try-On: J.Crew’s Mid-Rise Vintage Straight Jeans


I think it’s safe to say we’re jean connoisseurs at this point. Perhaps self-proclaimed, but I think the evidence speaks for itself.

We’ve tried hundreds over the years — different washes, inseams, lengths, cuts, styles…everything. When we can find a pair that we all love and fit on different body shapes, that’s denim gold.

Do We All Love J.Crew’s Mid-Rise Vintage Straight Jeans? A Team Try-On

So, today we’re talking J.Crew’s mid-rise Vintage Straight Jeans and seeing how they fit three different body types — shorter torso, petite and curvy. Laura, Scotti and Julieta all have different criteria, but we can all agree on always looking for everyday jeans…ya know the ones that aren’t too stiff, have some room for running around, and come in a gorgeous blue wash.

Let’s get into it.

Shop The Outfit In This Video:

J.Crew 9″ Vintage Straight Jeans

James Perse Deep V-Neck

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