When You Want Fancy Sweaters But Are Allergic To Cashmere…Jenni Kayne To The Rescue


Every year when colder seasons arrive, I hear so many people rave about how much they love cashmere. How incredibly soft it is, what their favorite brands are for the best cashmere, and their overall adoration for the beloved cashmere sweater. And while I so wish I were one of those girls, I am decidedly NOT! 

After years of not understanding the hype around cashmere, I finally understood why I don’t like it… I’m allergic to all things wool, alpaca and, of course, cashmere. Which is why when I put anything on that has even 5% wool in it, I immediately start to itch, and my skin becomes irritated and red.

As a babe who is hella allergic to basically everything, I’ve been on the hunt for a “fancy” alternative to cashmere sweaters for a very, very long time. 

Thus, 100 percent cotton sweaters have entered the chat. 

The Tea On Jenni Kayne Cotton Sweaters: An Alternative To Cashmere?

The search for a truly soft sweater that is 100% cotton can be a bit of a challenge because they come in a variety of different textures and softness variants. After taking a deep dive on the internets and giving it a good Google, I discovered that Jenni Kayne has an amazing selection of 100% cotton sweaters.

Jenni Kayne is known for its lush cashmere sweaters, but the price point is quite high. So when I took the plunge and ordered two cotton sweaters that cost more than my monthly car payment, I knew I needed that “can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series” kind of love when it came to these sweaters. 

I ordered two pieces from Jenni Kayne: the bestselling 100% Cotton Fisherman Sweater and another sweater that felt the most like me. These two sweaters are quite different in style, color offerings and softness. Here’s the tea on what makes these sweaters so special.

Timeless, Luxe Comfort: Jenni Kayne Cotton Fisherman Sweater

The Jenni Kayne Cotton Fisherman Sweater is one of the most popular sweaters from this season’s collection, and I totally get why most people love it. The sweater is incredibly soft, has a slight weighted feel to it, and the fisherman knit is timeless and beautiful. It has an effortless drape to it and truly feels like luxe comfort.

That being said, it isn’t the sweater for me. While I loved how easy it was to style, it felt a little too safe for my style that’s more on the sexy side. It paired so well with everything in my closet, but the look of the sweater on my body didn’t give me butterflies.

The Jenni Kayne Cotton Fisherman Sweater is incredibly soft, has a slight weighted feel to it, & the knit is timeless + beautiful. But it doesn't match my sexier style.

fisherman sweater

A Lightweight Layer: Jenni Kayne Cropped Cotton Cabin Sweater

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for anything cropped, and that holds true when it comes to my Jenni Kayne sweater selections. Not only does this Cropped Cotton Cabin Sweater feel much more like my vibe, I also love the V-neckline, which I find to be more flattering for my not-so-defined neck. Plus, the color, Ink, is beyond pretty.

The cons? It’s a much lighter sweater than the cotton fisherman, and because it’s made from 30% recycled materials rather than 100% cotton, it isn’t quite as luxuriously soft as the fisherman. It is, however, perfect for those of you who live in warmer climates, and for anyone like me who tends to like light, cool layers.

The Jenni Kayne Cropped Cotton Cabin Sweater is much lighter than the fisherman, & because it's made from 30% recycled materials rather than 100% cotton, it isn't quite as soft.

cropped sweater

Styling Jenni Kayne Sweaters: Do They Make Sense In My Wardrobe?

After trying on both sweaters, I’m having such a difficult time deciding whether I should keep just one or both. In order for me to decide which sweater makes the most sense for my wardrobe, I feel that styling each sweater with some of my most-worn pieces in my closet — my favorite jeans, faux-leather joggers and skirts — would help me make a final decision.

1. With Faux-Leather Joggers & UGG Tasmans

My absolute favorite kind of faux-leather bottoms are of the jogger variety. I’ve owned these Avec Les Filles faux-leather joggers for two seasons now, and they’re such great quality! Since I wear these so often, I want to see how they work with the two sweaters, and for me the clear winner is the cropped sweater in Ink. I’m pairing this outfit with my most-worn UGG Tasmans, which also happen to be some of the most iconic shoes of the season.

cropped sweater | fisherman sweater | faux-leather joggers | Tasmans

2. With My Fave Nike Sweatpants & A Prada Bag

Truth be told, I’ve spent more days in these coconut-cream Nike sweatpants than I can count. I wear these so much that I actually own several pairs. It’s safe to say they’re at the top of my most-worn list of pieces in my closet. These fleece sweats make for an incredible monochromatic look, and they also style so easily with most things in my closet. I also added my most recent designer purchase this year, my triangle Prada bag.

I’m having a really hard time deciding which of the two sweaters I like better with this outfit, and have to say it was such a close tie between the two — both sweaters really look great with the sweats. Gahhh, I loved how both sweaters looked with this outfit!

fisherman sweater | cropped sweater | sweats | sneakers | bag

3. With High-Rise Jeans & The Coolest Heels Ever

What’s more quintessential fall than jeans and a great sweater?! I’ve been loving my Abercrombie high-rise jeans, and I’m a fan of the Curve Love line. These jeans are specifically designed to accommodate a significant difference in waist-to-hip ratio — no waist gap!

I love my high-rise jeans from Abercrombie! The Curve Love line was specifically designed to accommodate a significant difference in waist-to-hip ratio — no waist gap!

I paired the Abercrombie jeans and Jenni Kayne sweaters with the coolest heels ever that I bought for New York Fashion Week and have still been rocking in the “real world.” These platform heels are from Cult Gaia and are surprisingly comfortable. I just love the negative-space look within the wooden heel.

cropped sweater | fisherman sweater | jeans | heels

4. With Western Boots & A Maxi Skirt With Sea Vibes

I have a serious obsession with anything that reminds me of the ocean, and this Princess Polly maxi skirt totally evokes beachy sea vibes. Pair it with Western boots, and it’s giving total Beach Girl Goes Out West. Personally, I loved the cropped Jenni Kayne sweater the most when it came to this outfit.

cropped sweater | fisherman sweater | skirt | boots

TBH, I actually love both sweaters but ultimately decided to keep only the cropped sweater. However, if you’re looking for the most lusciously soft cotton sweater, then the fisherman sweater is for you!

Stay warm, y’all!

XX – Kat

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I'm allergic to cashmere, so I'm on the hunt for a luxe alternative. *Jenni Kayne cotton sweaters have entered the chat.* Fisherman or cropped? Here's the tea.
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