Freshen Up Your Loungewear Look


Sweatpants, cozy clothes, matching sets, anything and everything we could lounge around at home in and not go crazy. THESE are the things we have probably spent the most money on in the last twelve months. You might be ready to throw all these clothes out the window and find some sparkly dresses, or you might have a newfound love of being comfortable and wondered why you ever bought anything else.

Cute Matching Sets To Level-Up Your Loungewear Look

I, personally, land somewhere in the middle. I’ve never been a fancy person, but I have been staring at my closet looking for fresh inspiration hidden between all those cozy clothes.

I pulled my most loved and worn loungewear sets from my closet (all of which are Free People, they make the best sets hands down) and decided to find new ways to wear them. Most of the combinations, unsurprisingly, are made with dreams of warm weather days; trips to the park with my baby, hanging on the back deck, or maybe — just maybe — a vacation.

Free People Malibu Surf Set

I pulled my most-loved + worn loungewear sets from my closet (all Free People, the best sets hands down) & decided to find new ways to wear 'em.

Malibu Surf Set (color: seascape / size m)

This is the perfect set for warmer weather — and is under $100!! The shorts have a forgiving high rise that can be adjusted to wear how you feel most comfortable. When I wear them in the set, I keep the shorts a bit lower on my hips, but when I paired them with a bathing suit below I hiked them up nice and high. This is a regular set that they restock often, so if you don’t see your size or preferred color just check back soon — or they make the same set in a heavier patterned material, a textured knit version, as well as a striped version, too!

Shorts (TTS, 28) | Sneakers (went 1/2 size down, 9) | Bathing Suit (TTS) | Hat (similar)

It’s easy to take this set and split it up just about any which way you want. The top is light enough to be the perfect pairing with denim on a cloudy day, and the shorts work wonders thrown over a swimsuit! Hello beach, here I come!

Free People Intimately Wake Up Shirt & Flowy Pants

I pulled my most-loved + worn loungewear sets from my closet (all Free People, the best sets hands down) & decided to find new ways to wear 'em.

Wake Up Shirt (runs big, wearing S) | Wake Up Pant (M) | Crop Top (M/L)

Do you have anything in your closet that just makes you so happy? This set is one of those for me — I have worn the shirt endless ways, even all through pregnancy. It’s beautifully flowy, can be tied up, tucked up, buttoned up, or just left open. The pants always make me feel 10x cooler than I actually am — they are high rise, stretchy (with a stretch panel in the back) and have the cutest tie in front. This top and bottom are sold separately in the event you just want one of them!

Crop Tank Bra (L) | Jeans & here (sized up, 29) | Slides (similar) | Flip Flops | Hat

The pants are so good with a crop tank! If you’re on the fence about crop tops, I make a strong case in this other post for why I think everyone can rock one of these. This particular crop top has a built-in bra and is reaaaaally soft. I have it pulled up when paired with the jeans, but it can easily be worn full length, which would just meet the top of my jeans. The pants in this set are flowy just like the top — they are a tad see-through when the sun hits you, but the strong pattern and extra fabric up top keeps your underwear perfectly hidden. This set would be lovely for vacation; you can make so many outfit combinations with it because it’s the perfect way to spice up your basic everyday pieces.

Free People Hailee Sweater Set

I pulled my most-loved + worn loungewear sets from my closet (all Free People, the best sets hands down) & decided to find new ways to wear 'em.

Sweater Set (color: golf cocoa / size m) | Similar set here & here

I have had this set the longest. In fact, I think it was my first loungewear purchase when we entered lockdown a year ago. I had a feeling I’d be spending a lot of time at home because, well, I was also newly pregnant. This set saw me through my entire pregnancy and still lives on (reviews all said to size down but I stayed TTS to wear while pregnant. You can definitely order a size down if not preggo). I have washed and dried it multiple times and the fabric is very forgiving. The pants have a rise that you can wear almost at any point on your body, which is why this probably has nearly 3 hundred reviews giving it a 4.5 overall score; it can fit just about any body type or leg length. If ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ had actually been based on a lounge set, it would be this one. Don’t fret — it does sell out a LOT, but they have faithfully restocked it over and over and over. People have said this other set wears very similar but with a lighter material, and FP just released a summer romper version that is already gaining amazing reviews!

Leggings (TTS, M) | Sneakers (went down 1/2 size, 9)| T-shirt (M)

The top works as the perfect sweater with leggings. It has a longer back to cover the bum if you like it that way, and the front is easily tucked up into my crop tank (this crop is extra amazing, I just recently purchased + been wearing nonstop). These leggings that I paired with the top have the cutest little drawstring feature that makes them great for peeking out under the top. The pants in this sweater set have a fantastic flare to them, with a rise that can be worn extra high, or lower at your hips for a loose and casual look (I have them sitting somewhere in between). They would be perfect for rolling up to the park on a cooler day.

Free People Goddess Lounge Pant & Shirt

I pulled my most-loved + worn loungewear sets from my closet (all Free People, the best sets hands down) & decided to find new ways to wear 'em.

Shirt (M) | Pant (S)

Okay, okay, I’m drowning a little in this — my sizes are all over the place, but now you can learn from my mistakes; I actually ordered a small in the pants by complete accident, though when it arrived it fit great due to the elastic waistband! There’s even a drawstring, so I imagine you can get away with a few sizes and just use the drawstring to tighten as needed. I could have (should have) sized down in the top, but it was all so comfortable I just started wearing them immediately and didn’t really think twice about it (were any of us really concerned about our looks in the wake of this pandemic?). These are sold separately, so you can grab just one or the other for yourself if wanting!

Bodysuit (L) | Sneakers (9) | Bike Shorts (M)

I find myself pairing a lot of different tops with these pants. Bodysuits work great (the ones from Abercrombie are so good right now, especially this ’90s seamless one, which is perfectly body contouring), or I wear with this long sleeve on cooler days and tie up the front! The top of this set is so fun for bike shorts; it elevates them beyond an athleisure look, but still keeps things breezy and casual.

As you can see, I clearly I have a thing for FP sets, but I’m telling you — they are the best. The comfort level is top-notch, a lot of them are maternity friendly, and you don’t just want to wear them in the daytime, you’ll want to sleep in all of these, too. But if you’re just looking at your currently owned sets, I have found keeping things fresh is best by keeping it simple. Pair those cozy tops with denim shorts, mix loud prints with your basics, and don’t underestimate the power of a crop tank (or a bodysuit) — simple pieces that can really change up a look. When in doubt, most loungewear pieces make for great swimsuit coverups! I hope this post brings you a little inspo to pull out your own favorite sets and try them in new ways, too!


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