Hate Chunky Lug-Sole Boots? I Found 5 That Aren’t So Clownish


I have been on the search for lug-sole boots for…waaaay too long now.

It may have started when Shana first posted about these chunky, high-shaft boots a few years ago (spoiler alert: I feature the same Vagabond pair in the video below), and my hunt continued thanks to Laura’s “5 Shoes I Can’t Wait To Wear This Fall” video post.

Lug-Sole Boots Not Your Type? Try These (Steve Madden, Marc Fisher & More)

I’ve ordered and returned countless pairs of lug-sole boots — different shaft and heel heights, different colors, different platforms — and I think I’ve come to the realization that I just don’t like them. LOVE them on other people, but they look like clown shoes on me. (And it only took me two years of searching to realize that.)

So, in my latest YouTube video, I decided to share some of the recent lug-sole-boot alternatives I’ve tried — the good, the bad and the truly ugly, as well as the ones I’m keeping.

Quick disclaimer: Many of these boots are *technically* lug-sole, but I’m on the search for the least “clownish” pair of them all. Here’s what I came up with…

Shop The Boots In The Video

1. Steven Madden Tero Boots (more sizes here) – In theory, these are perfect. I loved the taller shaft and the platform height (without the intense angle of a heel), but when I put them on, I literally laughed out loud. Maybe these boots remind me too much of the ’90s Delia’s catalogs that came to my house?? In any case, I just can’t. 

2. Marc Fisher Fredy Boots – I like the color of these boots. The white seems fresher and less utilitarian than black, but…these shoes are HEAVY. Plus, I have a pair of white Doc Martens that are too similar to justify keeping these. On to the next.

3. Circus by Sam Edelman Ana Boots (more sizes here) – So, these are…cute? Ugly? I can’t decide. They’re not as heavy as the Marc Fisher boots, and I do like the height they give me… And they’re not expensive, so these might be good for occasional wear.

4. Vagabond Shoemakers Cosmo 2.0 Chelsea Boots (more sizes here) – These are the best of the lug-sole boots — I daresay I might even like them. But…I like other styles of boots on me better. So, while I like them…they’re probably going back.

5. Vince Mandy Platform Boots (more sizes here) – OK, so these aren’t exactly “lug-sole boots,” but they’re BUTTERY soft and insanely comfortable. In fact, my mom said, “Oh, my God, I have to get these,” the second she tried them on. They’re that good.

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Hey, Pinners…

Lug-sole boots look like clown shoes on me, so I'm looking for alternatives (think: Chelsea, platform, heeled...) w/ help from Steve Madden, Marc Fisher & more.
Lug-sole boots look like clown shoes on me, so I'm looking for alternatives (think: Chelsea, platform, heeled...) w/ help from Steve Madden, Marc Fisher & more.

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