Did Someone Say Mid-Rise Jeans? These.


You may have heard me say this before but…I’m SO over high-rise jeans.

Do they hold you in? Yes. Do they sometimes give the illusion of longer legs? Yes. Do they squash my insides when I’m sitting like a kitchen trash compactor from the ’80s? YES.

I don’t know whether it’s perimenopause, my short torso, the pandemic years in sweatpants or a combination of all that (most likely), but I’m done. This short torso’d 45-year-old is reaching for mid-rise jeans and not looking back!

Why I Love These Madewell Mid-Rise Jeans + How I’m Styling Them

I gave the high-rise thing a real go for many years, and there are definitely benefits, but as I age or as I just get even more focused on comfort — or honestly get more comfortable with giving zero you-know-whats — mid-rise jeans are where I’m settling again. And I’m so happy.

Where To Buy My Exact Pair (Starkey Wash, Regular Length): Madewell | Nordstrom The Rest Of The Outfit: vest (M) | heels

Also Offered: Curvy | Plus-Size | Tall | Petite | Maternity | Blue | White | Raw Hem

Madewell Kick Out Crop Mid-Rise Jeans: The Details

Madewell has always offered a variety of rises in jeans, even during the high-rise trend.

I recently popped into Madewell with my friend to try on some mid-rise jeans after having a discussion about the above struggles over lunch one day. She asked if I knew a brand that carried options in more of a mid-rise height, and yes. Yes, I do. It’s Madewell. I love that it has always offered a variety of rises, even throughout the high-rise trending times.

This particular pair had to grow on me a bit, but once I got the right size and kept putting them on I was sold. I wasn’t sure I needed another black, cropped, mini-bootcut style (I adore my FRAME Jetset pants), but Madewell’s Kick Out Crop Jeans have all those details I love in a pair of jeans versus pants (i.e., pockets). And now, they’ve become my absolute favorite.

Order 1 size smaller in Madewell's Kick Out Crop Jeans than your normal size; they have stretch & run a little big.

jeans (27 R) | vest (M)

  • 9 1/2″ mid rise, 16 1/2″ leg opening, 27 1/2″ inseam (check these measurements on the various other sizes because they may increase slightly, especially in the curvy and tall fits).
  • Premium 95% cotton/3% polyester/2% elastane high-stretch ISKO denim

Fit Details: The Madewell Kick Out Crop mid-rise jeans have stretch and run a little big, so order one size smaller than your normal size. They fit perfectly this way! I tried on the size 28 in-store, and they suggested sizing down, and I’m happy I did. They don’t slide down and have given just a tiny bit with wear now.

My Details: I’m 5’4″, typically a size 6/8 and 27/28 in stretch denim, and a 29 in rigid denim. I have a shorter torso and straighter midsection with an athletic frame.

The Shoes I’m Wearing With My Madewell Mid-Rise Jeans

Sometimes a pair of cropped jeans can prove a little tricky for styling with certain shoes…but good news: These Madewell jeans, since they’re a slim bootcut, seems to go with a ton of shoes easily! And I love that the crop shows off your cute shoes!

1. Low Sneakers: Adidas Superstars

Madewell's Kick Out Crop mid-rise jeans are a great dupe for my fave FRAME Jetset Mini Boot pants.

I’m forever sold on this pant style, especially in black, and though I love my full-length jeans, the Kick Out Crop Jeans are such a great pair to have, beyond the mid-rise waist that I love. They’re a great dupe for my favorite FRAME Jetset Mini Boot pants too, like I mentioned above, but they come in at a lower price point, which I also love!

I love wearing a slightly cropped, boxy top with these Madewell mid-rise jeans for a comfy outfit that shows the waist & gives the illusion of longer legs.

top (S) | jeans | sneakers (size down 1/2 size)

I had to try them with my favorite versatile sneakers, for sure. And yay! I LOVE it. Adidas Superstar Shoes and these mid-rise jeans will be perfect for travel! I also love wearing a slightly cropped, boxy top with the mid-rise jeans for a comfy outfit that shows the waist and gives the illusion of longer legs since the pants are cropped.

2. Lug-Sole Loafers: Vagabond

I have trouble styling black shoes, but paired with Madewell's black mid-rise jeans, these Vagabond loafers work so well!

top (S) | jeans | loafers

I also had to try these jeans with the Vagabond lug-sole loafers I love, and they totes work too. I have trouble styling black shoes in general (sounds weird, but I think it’s because of my height and the strong visual that black shoes give), but paired with black jeans, the black loafers work so well!

3. Kitten Heels: Sam Edelman

I'm forever in love with nude heels that match your skin tone for a dainty, seamless date night look!

I would venture to say most jeans styles work with heels, but I had to give it a go here too. I’m forever in love with nude heels that match your skin tone for a dainty, seamless date night look!

These nude Sam Edelman kitten heels work so well with Madewell's mid-rise jeans.

vest (M) | jeans | heels

4. High-Top Sneakers: Nike Blazers

My Nike Blazer high-top sneakers are some of my most-worn shoes right now, & I'm stoked to see they work beautifully w/ the Madewell jeans.

My Nike Blazer high-top sneakers are some of my most-worn shoes right now, and I’m so stoked to see they work beautifully with the Madewell jeans. With the high-tops, I preferred a tee that hits right at the waistline.

With the Nike Blazer high-tops, I preferred a tee that hits right at the waistline.

tee (M) | jeans | high-top sneakers | similar necklace

5. Moto Boots: Frye Harness

The cut of these mid-rise jeans from Madewell works great with wider, chunky moto boots.

tee (M) | jeans | similar boots

No idea if moto boots are in or out of style, but I’ll always adore mine. They’re just badass and make me feel awesome. The cut of these mid-rise jeans works great with wider, chunky boots and shows off the fun details so well!

How about y’all? I know many of you never even tried to venture into high-rise jeans (you’ve definitely let us know, haha). If you have favorite mid-rise jeans that are available right now, let me know for sure!

I’ll always be a black denim gal first and foremost, but I would love to find a pair in other washes and leg cuts. Sadly, the lower-slung, slouchy Gap jeans that some of the other team members here love don’t work on my body (butt and thighs did not like, heh). But I do also love rag & bone’s Harlow and Rosa fits. Both are SO comfy.

Hooray for finding more jeans that I can actually wear all day! As a denim-loving gal, this makes me so happy. Until next time…



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Hey, Pinners…

I'm reaching for mid-rise jeans & not looking back! The deets of Madewell's Kick Out Crops & 5 shoes I'm pairing w/ them (loafers, sneakers, heels & more), inside.


  1. I’ve liked the J.Crew version of this Madewell jean, I think, but been bummed that they seem to always come with a raw hem; I’m not opposed to that for weekends or summer, but it means they can’t dress up with a blazer or top for work, so these look like an excellent option! Thanks.

  2. I can always count on Laura for understanding the short torso situation!!! I finally accepted that anything above 11.5 inches just doesn’t look good on me. Legs and butt looked great, but at the expense of super small torso. 9.5″ rise cuts right below my belly pooch, but I’m liking the new “low rise” (but really it’s mid-rise) options. Going to try Levi’s 501 90’s jeans next. Do you like those?

  3. 100, no, 1000 (maybe 10,000) percent yes! I’ve got a shelf full of high rise on which I have spent an embarrassing amount trying to find a pair that “work” that all need to go because they all look horrible and frumpy on me! (Who, and I mean WHO) wants their butt to look flat and their stomach to
    Look pooched? I’m with you! OUT with the high rise (from my closet anyway!!!) Frame Le Garcin for my forever win…

  4. Mid-rise for me! I have long legs and am short-waisted — high-waist jeans go up to my ribs. No thanks. Not a great look (or feel). Didn’t look that great on me in the 80s either! I have found that the current Levi’s 501s (501® Original Fit Women’s Jeans) fit really well. Not too high, not too tight.

    • Totally agree with you! I just got a new pair and feel great in them! Besides Madewell, they’ve been my favs for years.

  5. Mark my word that in less than a year, people will be chopping off the top 4 inches of their denim (above the top of the zipper), i.e., Mariah Carey 2002.

  6. Yes, thank you!! Hate the high rise jeans. They are so uncomfortable and look terrible on me. Mid rise is so much better and I dare say, look better on most people than high rise.

  7. I LOVE my Madewell midrise jeans, they are my most comfortable pair (Perfect Vintage crop in black). I will wear high-rise every now and then bc they look cute, but I usually end up feeling like a stuffed sausage and desperate to tear them off (short torso here too). Hooray for Madewell!

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