5 Cute Athleisure Looks For Expecting & Postpartum Mamas


Whether you’re a new mama or currently expecting, we all wanna look cute for workouts and bopping around. (I mean, ok maybe not SO much bopping at those phases of motherhood, but you know what I mean.) Who doesn’t want to feel comfy and look great?!

When I came across this matching blue maternity top & leggings by Ingrid & Isabel, I was inspired to find even more athleisure and workout-to-streetwear that works for our pregnant and postpartum mamas out there. I had so much fun pulling together a bunch of sporty-yet-comfy looks and I’ve narrowed it all down to five outfit ideas.

The Best Maternity Outfits For Sporty & Comfy Pregnancy Style

Whether you’re pregnant, postpartum OR your kiddo(s) are older like mine, these looks work for many stages of life. While these outfits are all geared towards pregnancy and postpartum, many of the pieces are non-maternity and can be easily worn for years after baby, or for an entirely different stage of life.

Before we jump in, I also wanted to quickly mention Quince’s new maternity line — their pieces start at $25! Amy hipped me to this fun release just after we finished the graphics on this post, but be sure to check them out if you want some affordable but quality athleisure. I have their soft leggings and tank and LOVE them. I’m willing to bet their fabrics are perfect for early motherhood bods, too.

Maternity Outfit #1: Out For A Walk

When I was pregnant, the majority of my movement consisted of neighborhood walks. Walks and yoga were basically all I could muster during that time of my life. I do wish I had known about my beloved barre3 back then. It’s such a fab workout to try during the pregnancy stage to help keep your body strong for childbirth. But alas, I found it afterward (which was still a great time to find it!).

If only this adorable outfit from Ingrid + Isabel had been around when I was pregnant! That might have prompted me to get into a studio somewhere, but it also looks great for a daily walk. For me, pregnancy was a time when I could show that bump proudly and sport some cropped stuff I might not wear otherwise.

I LOVE this set! Finish it off with SUPER comfy Hoka sneakers and a fun water bottle and you’re good to go.

Maternity Outfit #1:  Isabel maternity by Ingrid & Isabel + Hoka shoes.

1 | Ingrid + Isabel Adjustable Rib Maternity Top: How freaking cute is this? I love that the drawstring makes it adjustable, too.

2 | Ingrid + Isabel Rib Maternity leggings: And you gotta have the matching leggings for this outfit. They look so soft and stretchy but with a nice rib texture that would make them thicker and lay nicely.

3 | Hoka Arahi 6 sneakers: These. People love these shoes. Some of the most comfortable shoes around according to other team members here and the general public. I think pregnancy is the best time to grab a pair!

4 | CALPAK water bottle: Heck yeah you’re going places, mama. Lots of places…in addition to the bathroom all the time…but like, also, the metaphorical, fun places of the life journey you’re on.

Maternity Outfit #2: Road Trip Ready

Ok, not suggesting a long road trip here if you’re in your third trimester, BUT we did a long road trip when my daughter was 4 months old and it was awesome. We stayed a month with family in Arkansas and somehow now I think we were kinda nuts but it was really fun at the time. This outfit would have been so glorious to have worn, with the soft pants (I have these Athleta wide legs below and they are SO soft) and the layers and the cozy slip-on Birks.

I’m thinking the little water bottle bag would be so fab to carry along on walks or breaks as you stop by pretty parks, etc. on the way. Even if you’re just on a short road trip for your Babymoon or to see family, these pieces could prove to be quite useful.

Maternity Outfit #2: Athleta pants + cozy Free People poncho

1 | Free People All I Need Cozy Poncho wrap: The ultimate road-trip wrap.

2 | Pop Flex Zip Cloud hoodie: I have and adore this hoodie. It’s so comfy cozy, roomy, and looks just as good zipped or unzipped. Sizing is TTS for an oversized fit in the body and arms, but a cropped-at-the-waist length.

3 | Athleta Studio Wide Leg pants: Seriously, some of the comfiest pants I own. TTS. The waistband is stretchy and doesn’t dig at all.

4 | CALPACK Water Bottle bag: Too cute not to include. Want! Great for walks or honestly carrying your giant post-birth water bottle around the house.

5 | Lululemon Water Back to Life Sports Bottle: Speaking of water bottles, I love the sleek black color and the open spout for really chugging.

6 | Birkenstock Boston Shearling: Easy to slip on for those middle-of-the-night wakings to keep your toes cozy.

Maternity Outfit #3: Brunch With A Friend

I adore outfits that are bump-friendly but still show your regular style. I also appreciate pieces that can be worn before and after this time in life. Besides the joggers and the tank below (that I would have LIVED in while pregnant) the rest of these pieces are non-maternity.

Layered looks always feel more intentional and interesting, so layer up this puffy poncho I love from FP Movement, with the great quilted jacket, over the cutie drawstring soft tee (adjustable!)

You may have heard, but adidas Superstars are some of our faves. Love wearing mine with some fun graphic tube socks these days.

Maternity Outfit #3: Free People scarf & jacket + Hatch maternity clothes.

1 | FP Movement Packable Puffy Poncho Scarf: I have and love this. It’s so great to layer over bulky sweatshirts and sweaters! You can also snap it into a scarf shape.

2 | We The Free Dolman Sleeve Quilted Jacket: Love love this jacket and so do a few others on our team.

3 | Sh*t That I Knit Beanie: Some of the best-quality, well-fitting beanies out there.

4 | adidas Superstar Sneakers: We love these! I typically go down 1/2 size. SO versatile.

5 | Ascot + Hart Socks: I have a few Ascot + Hart socks from Target and they’re thick, comfy, and cute.

6 | Beyond Yoga Midi Maternity Jogger: I have the non-maternity version of these and love how stretchy they are and how they keep their shape. Also, they’re that buttery soft fabric we love from Beyond Yoga.

7 | Athleta Cool Down Top: This is adorable — would be great for nursing, too!

8 | Hatch Maternity Tank: A maternity tank was one of my most-worn items for pregnancy and after. Hatch is a great quality brand.

Maternity Outfit #4: Sunday At Home

All these road trips, walking, and going out is definitely making even ME want a quiet Sunday at home, so if you’re growing a human I’m thinking you want that as well. Gosh, this whole soft drapey cozy outfit — complete with a microwavable lap blanket (yep, I got one for Christmas and it’s amazing!) — would be so easy and lovely for both postpartum and early pregnancy when you feel bleck. (Here’s me sending all the good vibes out, hoping you don’t feel too bleck.)

The jumpsuit would easily pull down for nursing and the robe on top is all you’ll want to live in. I mean, I’m trying to keep y’all hydrated so the water bottles are VIP to these looks! Love this pretty terrazzo-style option.

Maternity Outfit #4: Nursing jumpsuit & heating pad.

1 | Athleta Modal Robe: Bulky robes have their place, but I think this chic drapey robe would be much more wearable year-round. Soft and easy to sit in the nursing/feeding chair with bebe.

2 | Athleta Nighttime Bliss V Neck Romper: I wouldn’t always suggest a one-piece but this one A) looks amazingly soft and easy to wear — wouldn’t dig on the sensitive tummy area and B) so easy to pull down for nursing, as I mentioned.

3 | Ugg Cozetta Curly: I think all-black is the chic way to go here, so matching slippers it is.

4 | W & P Wide Mouth Water bottle: Pretty and easy for refilling with ice or scoops of drink mix-ins, etc.

5 | Sonoma Lavender Spa Heat Wrap: This thing is so lovely for pain or just for soothing. Heat it up in the microwave or just use the weight of it as a little mini therapy. Great gift for anyone honestly! Excellent for period cramps, as well.

Maternity Outfit #5: Running Errands

After a restful Sunday, maybe by Monday you are ready to be up and at ’em again. I would wear this whole look right now as a mama of a 9-year-old, but a few of these pieces would accommodate the bump quite well, too. These Free People leggings could be swapped for a maternity pair depending on where you are in your journey, but again, these pieces are non-maternity so you’ll get more miles out of them!

On a recent flight, I saw a woman carrying a Dagne Dover mini backpack and now I’m obsessed. I’ve linked to their diaper bag below and wish I had had such a sleek option when Sienna was tiny.

Maternity Outfit #5: Maternity gym leggings + the best nursing tank.

1 | Cascade Down Vest: Have I mentioned how the length and drawstring make this the cutest puffy vest?

2 | Purana Wrap Sweatshirt: Perfect for the bump or for nursing. Or, great on its own even if you’re not pregnant!

3 | AllSaints Ribbed Beanie: I feel like really quality beanies are worth it. They hold their shape better and hold up better in general. Love this AllSaints option at Nordstrom.

4 | Dagne Dover Indi Dune Large Diaper Bag Backpack: I am SOLD on this brand. Love their style, durability and practical approach to great-looking bags.

5 | Free People 7/8 Good Karma Leggings: I had to. This color! I wore non-maternity leggings for a big part of my 1st and 2nd trimesters and just switched to maternity when the little bump got not so little.

6 | Sorel Brex Chelsea Boot: My favorite non-sneaker shoe right now. Substantial and so good with leggings, surprisingly! TTS.

7 | Beyond Yoga Maternity Tank: Definitely need some of these, mama. Wore them for months and months before and after birth.

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I hope whatever stage of pregnancy and post-pregnancy you’re in, this post helps a little bit with some outfit ideas. I love styling these types of outfits, but since it’s been a minute for me in that journey, definitely let me know what else you may be looking for styling-wise in the comments below. Happy Mama Journey, friends! Until next time…



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