The Greatest Underwear I’ve Ever Worn…Ever


Have you ever slipped into something so incredibly comfortable that you walked around your house saying “I never want to take this off” over and over and over? You fill your coffee cup and ponder in the morning light if you’ve known anything else so soft. Surely you’ve said “oooh this is amazing!” about countless other clothing items before, but nothing specific immediately comes to mind.

Okay, maaaaybe the buttery Lululemon Align leggings, and yes those trusty ol’ Vuori joggers come close, but…no. Those definitely are not as incredible as what you’re experiencing right now hugging your body.

That’s been me ever since I tried on Negative Underwear…and over a year later, I’m still loving it. So we’ve just updated this post for 2022.

Negative: The Greatest Underwear I’ve Ever Worn

It’s not to say that other clothing isn’t comfortable, but I never understood the power of quality underwear and how that can change…everything. I first noticed Negative Underwear on Instagram (of course, that’s how I find all the things nowadays) and the ads for their “whipped” collection caused me to stop my scroll. That’s some good marketing right there.

I wandered over to their website and scrolled some more. It was the price tag that initially caused me to pause and move on. But as time went by, and my postpartum frustration with underwear mounted, I kept coming back to the word “whipped.” Okay — what was the hurt in trying? Besides, they have a great return policy!

As my postpartum frustration w/ underwear mounted, I kept returning to the word "whipped." Yep, that's how this underwear feels. Like a delicious freaking bowl of whipped cream.

I decided to try pretty much as many pieces from the Whipped Collection that were available in my size in the color “moon”: high-rise undies and a boxer cut pair, a long sleeve layer and the triangle bra. (If you’re interested, check out my review of the best-selling Sieve Bra by Negative here.)

Upon pulling each piece out of the package, I was delighted at how they felt in my hands — “good start” I thought. I tried on each of the items quickly, having my own full coverage underwear on (and being lotion-perfume-tanning-oil free) but honestly? It was love at first sight feel.

Bra | Long sleeve | Boxer

I was still hesitant because of the price tag, but imagined each piece of Negative Underwear might pay for itself…knowing I would sleep + lounge +… live in these. That’s when my husband chimed in with the price of his own sweat-wicking-high-performance-yada-yada underwear. OHHH. These suddenly weren’t so bad. Especially because Negative Underwear’s website has a “buy more, save more” option where you can purchase packs!

If we’re being honest here, I’m in my thirties and nearly all of my underwear purchases are pretty dang cheap. I don’t know underwear that doesn’t unravel in the wash soon after purchasing (or ones that I wish would). I just thought that was how underwear worked. Despite my husband — who has always appreciated quality and having a small closet with top-of-the-line materials — urging me to update my underwear for, uhm, years, I have never understood the point.

I DO NOW. I get it, and after trying on something that is arguably life-changing, I’m ready for a massive overhaul in the underwear section.

As my postpartum frustration w/ underwear mounted, I kept returning to the word "whipped." Yep, that's how this underwear feels. Like a delicious freaking bowl of whipped cream.

Wearing them for the first time, I was all at once overjoyed to find that the fabric perfectly blended with my own squishy soft new mom belly, as if to almost complement it. There were no awkward muffin tops in view, and I could bend and fold my body in any which direction and the underwear moved seamlessly with me. The bra — unlike every other bra I’ve tried in my life — needed no adjustments when I put it on. It sat exactly as I would have hoped, no digging or poking or awkward gaps.

I found everything perfectly true to size — wearing mediums in the bottoms, a large in the long sleeve, and from their own sizing calculations (you take a little test), a 3 in the bra.

As my postpartum frustration w/ underwear mounted, I kept returning to the word "whipped." Yep, that's how this underwear feels. Like a delicious freaking bowl of whipped cream.

Bra | Underwear | Lounge Top

But that word whipped? Oh my god. There has never been a more flawless description of a piece of clothing. Move over “buttery” — I now want anything and everything that touches my body to be whipped. Are you imagining a bowl full of luxurious, soft, sweet, yet creamy topping of which to savor with your favorite dessert? Yep, that’s how this underwear feels. Like a delicious freaking bowl of whipped cream.

Whip it real good,
Xx – Amy

PS: If you’re curious, like I am, about their #1 best-selling bra, it goes to this Sieve non-wire bra that comes in super-good colors (my review of the Sieve bra is here) — and there’s underwear to match (might need the thong, too, for the days I wear leggings as pants). They actually have a handful of other collections I’m now curious about, but I’m honestly not sure I have time for anything that’s not “whipped.”

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  1. The whipped fabric looks like it might stretch out and/or bunch easily — does it? I own the non-wire sieve bra and the non-wire essaouira/eyelet bra (which I’m dying for them to make in white). I took the quiz multiple times to account for the slight variety in my bra sizes, and it always told me 3. I ordered the sieve bra in a 3 and hated it — too much coverage, not enough support. I exchanged for a 2, and now I’m happy!

    • I haven’t experienced stretching or bunching with the undies! Bunching could totally be happening with movements but I wouldn’t have any idea, because the material is sooo light I don’t feel a thing, it’s literally like being naked…but better. The long sleeve top is very long so that naturally bunches up but in the most comfortable way. I initially bought all high rise undies to wear under my high rise jeans and they’ve been amazing. I wash with a laundry bag and everything is as new so far. Also – good to know about that sieve bra, I just ordered it in a 3! Along with a few other styles of the undies!

  2. This is why I love you girls. I hate shopping and I usually just buy what you tell me to, because it’s always SO good. There are a million kinds of underwear out there, so how’s a girl to know? TME, that’s how. Thanks!

  3. Thanks! I understand the softness making it hard to tell if they bunch. I have some AE “real me” (?) undies that I believe Scotti recommended a few years ago, and they are so thin and stretchy that I barely notice my wedgies.

    I hope the bra works! I learned afterward that a 2 correlates to a medium and a 3 to a large, and since I often am either a medium or large in bralettes (depending on style/brand), it made sense that they both “fit” me, but I preferred the medium/2.

  4. I am obsessed with this brand. OBSESSED I TELL YOU. I’ve been on their email list for years but never pulled the trigger until a few months ago, and I now own three bras, a few panties, and the long underwear. I never want to wear anything else. The sieve fabric is more supportive (even in the non-wire) but the whipped is just unreal soft.

    • Haha – loved this. After seeing this comment, I was like, okFINE and hit ‘submit’ on the order that had been sitting in my cart. 🙂

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