NSale 2021: Meredith’s Wish List (A Fall Capsule That’s Comfortable, Eclectic & Chic)


I haven’t lived in a state with seasons for almost a decade (well unless you count that week in February where Texas experienced an unprecedented true winter) I left my cable-knit sweaters and half of my Jersey accent behind when I moved to Florida in 2011 and subsequently Texas. But now that I am officially a Coloradoan, mama needs a four-season wardrobe — especially a fall capsule wardrobe.

Building A Fall Capsule Wardrobe From Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

So, from this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I want statement cashmere sweaters, dreamy denim, and all the coats (I’m talking raincoats, trench coats, puffers, you name it).

Remember those colorforms you had as a kid? You could dress them up in shirts, pants, coats, a little umbrella, etc.,? That’s sort of how I approach building a new seasonal wardrobe: work from the inside out. And, since Mother Nature is known to pull a fast one on you (those 20-degree mornings that suddenly become 60 by school pick-up), layers are essential.

I am a li’l unregulated furnace (much like the Texas power grid — thanks, autoimmune disease!) so I can get overheated very quickly, and it’s basically my least favorite thing ever. Layers are key to my survival.

From Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021, I want statement cashmere sweaters, dreamy denim + all the coats (I'm talking raincoats, trench coats, puffers, you name it).

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1. Veles Sheer Mesh Top

Image Credit: Nordstrom

As I get older, I understand the practicality of a turtleneck. Luckily they’ve gotten a LOT cuter since the chunky cotton ones I was rocking with my Dorothy Hamill haircut as a kid in the ’90s. This Veles Sheer Mesh Top will keep my neck warm AND my arms ventilated. It’s kind of perfect, tbh.

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2. MOTHER Fray Hem Bootcut Jeans

Image Credit: Nordstrom

Denim is essential to any fall capsule wardrobe. After wondering (and finding out) what the hype was about MOTHER Denim through their Weekender and Tomcat jeans, I’m ready for another style. Mothers are always the jeans I reach for first and am ready to add another pair to my rotation. I LOVE the look of these bootcut jeans — perfect if you’re ready to graduate from skinnies, but not ready to commit to flares.

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3. Veronica Beard Beacon Wool Blend Dickey Jacket

Image Credit: Nordstrom

I love graphic t-shirts, but a lightweight t-shirt is not going to cut it in October in Colorado. I’ve been hunting for something other than a basic black blazer, and this Veronica Beard Blazer is doing it for me. The scrunched sleeves give it a casual look; perfect to pair with jeans, leggings, etc.

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4. Karl Lagerfield Paris Pola Studded Chelsea Bootie

Image Credit: Nordstrom

I’m trying to remember I only have two feet because there are SO MANY boots I have on my wish list. What drew me to these Karl Lagerfield Paris Booties are the pearl details. A little punk, a little glam, a lil sumthin’ sumthin’. Perfect for fall. I am LOVING all the lug platform soles, chunky heels, and general combat boot styles we are seeing in this sale.

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5. Halogen Tie Neck Shirt

Image Credit: Nordstrom

A button-down with a twist. It’s all in the details when it comes to this white button-down from Halogen. Would look great on its own or under the Veronica Beard blazer.

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6. Clare V. Simple Tote

Image Credit: Nordstrom

Fall means more stuff: hats, light scarfs, gloves, etc., I need a bag that can hold #allthethings and this Clare V. Simple Tote is the bag for the job. I love this olive green, almost military-looking, color scheme. Perfect for fall/winter. Simple? Perhaps. Stylish? Most definitely.

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7. Faherty Surf Stripe Cotton & Cashmere Sweater Joggers

Image Credit: Nordstrom

I am officially a convert to cashmere…an expensive habit (thanks, Shana). I can just envision sipping an espresso (in my dream I have an espresso machine) in these Cotton & Cashmere Sweater Joggers in a heavenly winter white by a roaring fire with a good book, the leaves turning their vibrant oranges and fiery reds outside my window (there’s also obviously an au pair in this fantasyland, as well). Up the comfy with the matching sweater to go with it.

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8. Avec Les Filles Double Breasted Faux Leather Trench Coat

Image Credit: Nordstrom

A camel-colored trench coat will never go out of style, but what elevates this Avec Les Filles Double Breasted Faux Leather Trench Coat is the absolutely gorgeous print on the lining. It’s giving me all those retro vibes. I lurvveeee it.

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9. BB Dakota x Steve Madden Camden Long Sleeve Hoodie Dress

Image Credit: Nordstrom

A dress I can also nap in is pretty much my life goal, and this BB Dakota x Steve Madden Camden Long Sleeve Hoodie Dress fits the bill. Throw on some sneaks and maybe some tights/leggings depending on how cold it is, and you’re ready to roll.

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10. P448 John Low Top Sneaker

Image Credit: Nordstrom

You can’t work for TME and not be a tad curious about the P448 sneakers nearly everyone who owns them raves about. At this price, I can get behind them too. I like the details of this pair; there’s a little detail on the tongue, but it’s not so much that they couldn’t be your go-to sneaker for just about any outfit.

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11. Rails Women’s Perci Cotton & Cashmere Sweater

What is a fall capsule wardrobe without cozy sweaters? They had me at “jungle cat sweater.” This is the cutest thing I have ever seen (it also comes in a black and white star pattern if you prefer). As I have said many times, my fashion is really duvet-chic (comfy at all times) and this fits the bill with a fashionable twist.

Image Credit: Nordstrom

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12. rag & bone Wide Brim Felted Hat

Image Credit: Nordstrom

Now that I have a pixie cut, I can’t hide bad hair days in a ponytail. Bring in the reinforcements ie. hats. A hat like this rag & bone Wide Brim Felted Hat can really make an outfit whilst hiding that mop on your head.

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For more #NSale inspo, be sure to check out our hub, the ultimate guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale — everything to know about the sale is there. EVERYTHING.

I’m probably one of the few people that can’t wait for summer to hurry up and be gone so I can experience my first true fall in a decade. Check back with me in March 2022 to see how I feel about this whole “seasons” thang, but if the promise of fall foliage and hot apple cider weren’t enough to excite me, the fashion most certainly is.

x, Meredith


  1. Not sure of what part of Colorado you live in BUUUUT fall in my neck of the foothills is usually a second summer. We definitely are more seasonal than Florida or Texas but not truly a four season state. WELCOME!

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