Our NSale Misses (Can’t Win ‘Em All)


Now that we’ve had time to really live with our Nordstrom Anniversary Sale choices, do any necessary exchanging for proper sizes, examine the pieces we may have missed, evaluate which integrate seamlessly into our existing wardrobes…we have some THOUGHTS.

We’re a highly opinionated group on a good day, so let’s just say…today is a good day.

Also, we’d love to hear from you guys: was there some exciting piece from the NSale that you didn’t like once it arrived? I know my La Ligne zip-front sweater seems to be hotly debated (you either seem to love it or hate it), but I’m also v. interested in hearing about uncomfortable shoes. Before I go off and order anything else over this final weekend, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Pieces We’re Gonna Live Without

These are the NSale pieces that didn’t work for us, for one picky reason or another. Admittedly, the pieces below are a mixed bag. Some should serve as cautionary tales: the shoes with the bending heel, something smelly, the jacket that only fits if you are over 6 ft tall…while others focus more on aesthetics (hobbit feet, or no?). Some of the pieces that missed the mark could be re-framed as a Is This Worth The Cost discussion, and a few other pieces? Well, we’re still debating.

Shana | Linzi | Laura | Kat | Julieta | Amy | Meredith

Shana’s NSale Misses

FRAME Top | Jenni Kayne Mules | Zella Sweatpants

The NSale Misses: This FRAME Satin Blouse, Jenni Kayne Mules & Zella One For All Pocket Joggers

Why These Were a Miss For Me: First of all, the Jenni Kayne mules broke my heart. They are undeniably gorgeous — total outfit-makers. That said…after many (many) tries, I just couldn’t walk in them. I was hoping they’d break in quickly, but they were too slippery and, ultimately, too stiff to be worth the cost. The final straw? When I slipped on my old Madewell mules (long gone, but in this print), with their padded, not slippery footbed and thought, ahhhh.

Second, this FRAME blouse is another gorgeous piece that induced some rage. FRAME tops are typically 100% silk (I own a few), and yet, for the Nordstrom sale this one is…100% polyester? For $398 regular price, and $265.90 on sale? No. No, no, no, no, NO.

Lastly, I’ve put on (and taken off) these Zella sweatpants a dozen times by now. I want to like them. And in this photo…I do. But they’re rather thick around the waist (almost lumpy), and while the legs are soft-and-cozy on the inside, the pockets are made from some shiny, cold fabric, which rests on your thighs. So you get both the warm, cozy feeling, WITH a spot of cold. Maybe that’s good for summer? IDK. They went back.

Linzi’s NSale Miss

blouse (0) | black denim (6) | black boots | white bag

The NSale Miss: The AllSaints Lara Dot Print Shirt

Why This Was A Miss For Me: It’s a fancy top that is so darn cute, but just not quite right for me fit-wise. I wanted to be able to tuck it in, but it was just too much material (even the size 0). And getting it on and off with the separate snap-in cami and dealing with the tie thing around the neck was MUCH more complicated than I wanted. More of my “misses” at the VERY bottom of my original selfie post. Including these jeans that are almost sold out, but who cares??? because I had to size up 3 and they were still snug! Boo! 

Laura’s NSale Miss

shoes | rainbow dress

The NSale Miss: TEVA Hurrican Genuine Sandal

Why This Was A Miss For Me: Because I’m not going for that hobbit/sasquatch feet lewk. Y’all. I’m so down for a sporty sandal…and for sherpa/shearling on just about anything…except these Tevas. Hahaha. They seemed worth a try but lawdy…no. NOT flattering on. Maybe with socks? Then that gets you into a whole new look and vibe. So Back. They. Go. Imma stick with my shearling-lined Birks and UGGs. Kthx. Even that rainbow linen dress couldn’t save them.

Em’s NSale Miss

coat | tee | jeans | boots

The NSale Miss: Bernardo Reversible Coat

Why This Was A Miss For Me: Ok, full transparency, I’m not 100% sure this reversible Bernardo coat is a miss — yet. I think it just needs to meet a few more items from my closet (versus being hurriedly thrown on with whatever was nearby at the moment). I love the weight of it, and it truly has kind of a cool factor about it. Unstuffy, a little artsy in its shapelessness. So maybe I just need more time with it? Or a lighter wash denim? Or both? More to come on this one…

Kat’s NSale Miss

top | jeans | sandals

The NSale Miss: Cult Gaia Meta Sandals

Why These Were A Miss For Me: I absolutely loved the Cult Gaia Meta sandals when I saw them online, and thought they were just as gorgeous in person, too! Unfortunately, they aren’t structured well enough for me to feel comfortable walking in them, and in fact the entire heel bends when I walk. I also ordered these for Maria who is a very petite 5’3” and 120, and they bend for her too. I think there must be something wrong with the manufacturing because they shouldn’t bend at all! I absolutely loved these, and am seriously so bummed that I can’t keep them. 

Julieta’s NSale Miss

puffer jacket

The NSale Miss: Chevelle Crop Puffer Jacket

Why This Was A Miss For Me: Truth be told, I’ve already returned all my misses, except for this metallic puffer jacket that looks amazing — that color – Wow! But the smell wasn’t fun, at first. Right before sitting to write this I checked it again, and the smell was gone…that is after a week hanging in my closet rack. So now I’m not sure. It seems warm, and according to the description it would work with temperatures down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Maybe not a huge miss; I may in fact consider keeping it. What do you say? It also comes in a beautiful light gold. The true color is in between the retailer photo and my selfie.

Amy’s NSale Miss

wool jacket

The NSale Miss: Treasure & Bond Wool Jacket

Why This Was A Miss For Me: I usually order a size large in coats to have enough room for bulky sweaters underneath (sometimes a medium), but I was swimming in this size large wool jacket from Treasure and Bond — it fit more like an XL or even XXL! So much so that I would easily need a small…which never happens, and also has me wondering how anyone shorter than me (5’9”) could rock this. But other than the sizing, *sigh*, this is just dreamy. Warmer and sturdier than your average shirt jacket and still available in the most gorgeous vintage blue.

Meredith’s NSale Miss

faux leather joggers | booties | sweater

The NSale Misses: Spanx Faux Leather Joggers & Square Toe Booties by Louise et Cie

Why This Was A Miss For Me: If you ever wondered what you would sound like as a walking shower squeegee, boy do I have the pants for you. I was so excited for these Spanx Faux Leather Joggers. Tres chic on the model, MC Hammer-esq on me. Also, in theory I should have known “noir” means they’re gonna be “black” but to me they looked chocolatey brown online, so that was also disappointing. This is actually two misses in one.

These Square Toe Booties by Louise et Cie are so cute and so dang uncomfortable. Well at least the French Connection sweater wasn’t a bust, right?




  1. Biggest miss for me were the Vagabond Cosmo 2.0 lug sole boots. The version included in the sale were just… weird. They were so heavy and uncomfortable and itchy – and even though I’m tall-ish (5’7) they ended up making my legs look like the Hobbit in Lord of the Rings (very cute on the hobbits, not too cute on moi) Promptly returned and got the dreamy Tory Burch Chelsea lug soles instead. You win some, you lose some, I guess.

  2. I really love the honesty of this post. It can be so easy to let things languish in your closet hoping some day you’ll make them work, but it’s better just to send them back! I didn’t buy too many clothing items for myself from the sale, and a bunch of the orders I did make got canceled when things went out of stock after the fact. My biggest miss was sizing up in the Levi’s Ribcage ankle jeans (I actually bought them in three sizes and now need to return the biggest 2). While the bigger size is definitely more comfortable at the waist it’s way too baggy in the rear, hips and thighs. And putting on pants that give you a droopy/flat looking butt is just never the way to start a day!

  3. Both Frame sweaters in the sale were a miss for me. I so want to be the girl who wears a cool, puff-sleeve, cropped cashmere sweater, but I’m just…not. And the prices for slightly scratchy recycled cashmere? Nah.

  4. How timely, as I am doing my returns (of what has arrived so far) today. The only clothes I am keeping so far are the True & Co triangle convertible bra (I already have a few of these it was just time for a new beige one) and the Open Edit long sleeve knit top, which in truth fits a little loose around the shoulders but I think it will be good for layering under sweaters. The Hanky Panky Retro High Waist Thong was an EPIC FAIL. Whoever thought One Size fits all underwear was a good idea must have been a man with a tiny ass. Since I don’t think that *can* be returned, it’s going into the fabric recycling bag. Being Returned today are:
    Caslon sweater hoodie–too big, too boxy, too orange.
    Caslon Rounded V Neck tee–cute but too big and the color didn’t do it for me.
    Blank NYC Faux Leather Bomber with hoodie–too cropped, and a little too sporty spice for me.
    Avec Les Filles Faux Leather trench– I had high hopes but it didn’t quite do it for me, plus the way the pockets were stitched made them look puffy and definitely faux. And the belt is weirdly high and skinny.
    Avec Les Filles Oversize Water Resistant (well I should hope so) Raincoat– Like wearing a giant brown paper bag.
    Levis Faux Leather moto–I need to stop buying moto jackets and especially faux leather moto jackets. It was fine but not Love.
    Frye Sacha western booties–ooooh, these were so pretty. But a little too snug across the ball of my foot and my 51 year old feet are not at all interested in shoes that need breaking in. Also, when I pulled them on for the 2nd or 3rd time as I tried to convince myself to keep them, the heel tab ripped, which should NOT happen on a pair of $300 shoes.
    Vince Collin Knee High Lug Boots–felt great, super practical, but not special enough for the price tag for sure.

    Still waiting on the Open Edit belted long cardigan and ribbed scoop neck sweater, as well as the Timberland Courmeyer Valley Chelsea boots and the Sofft Britton Zip High Top sneakers.

  5. My miss: the Club Monaco Textured Balloon Sleeve Top – it was SO SHORT and tight at the neck. The idea is there but the execution lacked. I might have kept it despite the length but the neck was VERY tight and unpleasant at best. Also a miss: BP High Waist Button Fly Mom jeans (for my teen) – she went up two sizes and the waist was still too tight. The GibsonLook Off the shoulder top – arms TOO SHORT (yes I know I’m 5’9” but come on people make the sleeves another 1”longer. And my most heartbroken miss – not getting the Bernardo fleecy moto jacket that Laura loves . . .hoping for a return.

  6. Those Vince lug boots were the thing I was most excited about but I agree – for the price tag they weren’t worth it. Plus I felt the calf ran unusually large. I may be tempted to try again if the price goes down further later on.

  7. I hear that. If they had been $200 I might have opted to keep themut , bthe fact is I wanted them to work both over skinnies and under straights/bootcuts, and yes, the calf was too wide for that, but also the foot shape didn’t look right under jeans. I had this great pair of riding boots by Aerosoles in the late 90s that I wore into the ground that had an ankle buckle and a very squared off foot, and they fit under my straight leg jeans perfectly. Damn I miss those boots.

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