10 Cute Sweaters At Nordstrom Right Now


Get ready, friends. This is a little post where Laura steps out of her usual sporty vibes and neutral hues and hops into some really fun, colorful sweaters at Nordstrom right now. I know. I must have needed a little pick-me-up for the shortest week of the year with these colorful sweaters! I had a lot of fun styling these up and even included a couple of looks for the office. Even though it’s holiday time, most of us are still clocking into that 9-to-5.

I Tried On 10 Pretty Sweaters From Nordstrom

A fab sweater can be a true outfit-maker. Not only does it keep you cozy this time of year but it makes a statement…whether that statement is chic and refined or maybe, I wanted to be in a Christina Aguilera video back in the day. You do you, friends. And here, I did me. AND I may have channeled the fun side of me that loves to dress up in costume. Haha. Jk jk. These sweaters aren’t that wild…but now you want to see them, don’t you?!

But with all this talk about crazy, colorful sweaters, have no fear, fellow neutral-color lovers…I have included some classic options for us, too, like this sweater from Reformation. GAH. Love. Let’s get to it!

And if you want to skip right to the sweaters first, here’s a little shopping widget of the pieces I tried. Reminder for this try-on: I’m 5’4″ and a S/M, 28/29 in jeans, and 34D/DD bust these days.

1. The One I Never Want To Take Off: Reformation Cashmere Cardigan

Hi, I will be living in this sweater from now on. I love how it’s not only the soft softest sustainable cashmere (we love you Reformation!) but it’s beautifully oversized and comfy for lounging. It also looks so cute with jeans and heels to dress it up a bit. Boyfriend cardigan vibes all day.

A cream colored cardigan great for work our just as a lounge sweater.

This is a size S so you can see that it is a very long fit (tall friends, rejoice.) If you missed it, I did a whole try-on of some other Reformation sweaters a few weeks back, too. I think I just need to own all of them. Highly impressed.

Beautiful cable-knitting on this long cardigan.

Sweater (s) | Jeans (29) | Shoes | Lipstick (shade ‘When I’m Alone’)

2. The Fun One: Striped Topshop Sweater

Ok, so this is the sweater I was referring to when I said fun, colorful, and not typically me. But I freaking love this thing. I think pairing it with my favorite jeans and the cinnamon-color boots makes it me! I’ve been needing a little update recently to feel good about getting dressed again and sometimes mixing it up and trying new pieces does just that. I’ll also be pairing this with my sweatpants and high-top sneakers, of course!

I love this funk striped Topshop sweater.

This Topshop sweater is boxy, and fun and has a bit of a mohair feel. The fabric is all acrylic and poly if you don’t wear animal fibers, and though it has a bit of a wooly feel it’s still super soft. Not cashmere soft, but really good for synthetics!

TTS for an oversized, off-the-shoulder fit. OH, but what I love, too, is that the neckline isn’t super huge, so you can wear it on the shoulders, too.

The neckline on this Topshop sweater is cute off the shoulder.

Sweater (S) | Jeans (29) (diff wash) | Boots (or these)

3. The Cute Not-Too-Cropped One: Reformation Dark Brown Cardigan

I adore this sweater, but you’ll want to wear a cami underneath (we all love this one) because it’s definitely not the softest of the bunch. As someone who has knit for years and loves wool, I’m not that particular about softness, but this one definitely requires a little undergarment. The cut and textures/knit of this sweater are perfection though and the sleeves didn’t bother me.

The Reformation Cardigan is not too cropped.

Sweater (S) | Jeans (29) (diff wash) | Sneakers

4. The Great Work Option: Nordstrom Cashmere V-Neck

Nordstrom cashmere sweaters have been a team favorite for years now. I’m a fan of the v-neck when it comes to a more fitted classic cut and this one is soft and great for layering. For under $100 and some even less than $80 you can’t beat this for a true wardrobe staple!

They run slightly small. I’m wearing an M here and generally hover between S/M, especially for fitted pieces.

Nordstrom cashmere sweaters are a team favorite.

Sweater (M) | Pants (8) | Shoes | Necklace (similar)

5. Can You Believe It? Another Off-The-Shoulder: ASTR The Label Turtleneck Sweater

Oh hi, cute date night sweater! This is another that’s slightly out of my comfort zone and while I don’t think this will be living in my closet, I am so glad I tried it. I’m actually wearing it backward here because my tattoos are on my right shoulder, but it’s totally reversible besides the inner tag. Super soft & I love the texture.

This chunky turtleneck style has a cute shoulder cut out.

The blend on this one is 39% polyester, 30% nylon, 25% acrylic, and 6% wool, but feels very soft and easy to wear. If you are into cut-out sweaters, this is a great one! TTS.

This turtleneck sweater is a cotton wool blend.

Sweater (S) | Jeans (29) (or diff wash) | Boots (or these)

6. The Pink Wrap Cardigan: Adele Fuzzy Sweater

I have forever loved the idea of a pretty wrap sweater so I keep trying them. This one by Splendid is right on par with the rest of their lovely clothing. I think this one would be best on someone with a longer, upper torso. It just didn’t fit me well. However, it’s not short on details. I love the fun tie at the back (see below).

This pink wrap cardigan is a fun fuzzy sweater.

This Adele sweater comes in a few other shades and is one of the fuzzier options here (not mohair or eyelash, just that soft-spun yarn texture) The makeup is 33% viscose, 23% nylon, 20% cotton, 20% wool, 4% cashmere. It’s warm but not too hot with the wrap style and very lovely.

The Adele sweater has a cute wrap detail at the back.

Sweater (s) | Pants (8) | Shoes | Necklace (similar)

7. The Under-$60 Black Sweater: Nordstrom Funnel-Neck

Nordstrom’s in-house brand Caslon always has such great sweaters each year. This funnel neck is a comfy go-to at a reasonable price and some other colors are even on sale right now. (There are lots to choose from, FYI!) I found this to be TTS with long enough sleeves. Plus, it has a cute notch at the back neck that was impossible to take a selfie of so you’ll just have to trust me, haha. Instead, I snapped one picture half-tucked and another untucked to show the length.

The Nordstrom funnel-neck is under $60.

The makeup of this baby is 55% organic cotton, 26% polyester, 11% nylon, 5% merino wool, and 3% spandex. It feels so nice on. Definitely recommend it if you need a basic option with a great neckline!

This cotton-wool blend is a great sweater for work.

Sweater (S) | Jeans (29) | Boots (or these)

8. The Half-Zip I Adore: Open Edit Cotton-Blend Sweater

I’ve been a fan of half-zip sweaters for a while now and this one from Open Edit is fab. It’s under $70 and soft and not too hot despite its looks. (That collar moment may fool you…see below.) The fiber content here is 57% cotton, 25% nylon, and 18% polyester.

This green half-zip is my favorite sweater this season.

I love it zipped and unzipped and can’t say that for other half-zip options I’ve had. The color is also so good. Fellow green-eyed friends: you need this.

The stand up collar on this half zip sweater is super chic & cozy.

Sweater (S) | Jeans (29) (or diff wash) | Boots (or these)

9. The Free People One With The Prettiest Details: Blue Cropped Sweater

This is such a great sweater, friends. I love the cut and the gorgeous stitched detail. It’s slightly cropped but not too much so, especially with high-rise jeans. It comes in a bunch of colors. I’m eyeing the chocolate color but it’s almost sold out.

The blend here is 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. It’s very comfy and soft.

This Free People sweater is so cute with the stitching and bright blue color.

Sweater (M) | Jeans (29) (or diff wash) | Sneakers

10. The Square Neck One That’s Not Really Me, But Super Cute: Coziest Yarn Madewell Sweater

I picked up this lilac Madewell sweater to try because of the neckline. SO freaking cute! I think it’s just the sleeves that I don’t love for my personal style, but this “coziest yarn” from Madewell is just that. SO SOFT. If you ARE down with a bit of a balloon sleeve and square neckline don’t miss this cutie! TTS.

The Madewell sweater isn't for me but it's the most lovely yarn.

Sweater (s) | Jeans (29) (or diff wash) | Sneakers

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What’s your fave, friends? What’s your sweater personality? It was so fun to play around with options I might not have tried if I had been shopping for a single sweater at a time. Let me know if there are any Nordstrom sweater faves or sweaters in general that you love that I missed! Until next time…



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I tried on 10 cute knit sweaters at Nordstrom.
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    • They do break in with wear, but on my body they definitely still fit tightly. If you want them to stay super fitted I do get sizing down. That doesn’t work for me tho!

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