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I’ve always wanted to put together a packing list. Well, my detail-oriented tendencies make it impossible not to for my own personal note-keeping, but I mean for you guys. For someone other than myself. I want to prove someone’s trust in my (self-awarded) above-average packing & planning capability.

One thing I do well is preparing. And then knowing how to edit to make my preparation better for the next time. Especially when it comes to trip necessities and especially especially when it comes to limited luggage room. THEN things get exciting. Oooh, my pulse is rising.

Packing Lists for Maui, Hawaii: Roughin’ It or Living Large

I’ve never been to Maui (or any of the Hawaiian islands) before, nor has Maui been in the Realistically Visitable Places file within the Travel area of my brain. (I know you have one of those too.) But then I moved to California. And then I saw that it was a five-hour flight (instead of my previous proximity of nearly fifteen). And THEN I noticed some credit card travel points. I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

If I’m being real with you guys, Hawaii is expensive. And if I’m being even more real, I’ll remind you that I’m 24 years old with not an incredible (AKA, a low) amount of expendable cash.

So? So, I camped. Well, we camped. My boyfriend Jake and I camped for four nights and Airbnb’d one. It was amazing. Even including that one giant cockroach and that no-running-water situation for two of those days. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Maui Packing List: Adventure Travel

I understand that in the adult money world, camping sometimes isn’t as fun as a really nice hotel. (Yes, I said sometimes.) And you’re not always going to want to have to rent a tent, sleeping bags, pillows, etc…. But if you do, I created a little inspo board for that kind of adventure travel below (i.e. what I did for my trip). If you’re really just there for the fancy tropical vibes sans campgrounds and hikes, I created another for more of a resort vacation vibe. I need all of my hypothetical bases covered.

My packing list includes beach essentials from Free People & Farm Rio, as well as J.Crew sun hat, a Clare V. tote, cute Tevas & of course: sunscreen!

Maui Packing List: Resort Vacation

Here’s my inspo for a more traditional Maui trip: resort livin’, dinners out and maybe a little adventure sprinkled in. (BTW, Gwen honeymooned in Hawaii so she totally did all of the gorgeous fancy stuff. We should all rally around to ask her for her two cents on the packing list topic. Maybe a comment below could persuade her….)

My packing list includes beach essentials from Free People & Farm Rio, as well as J.Crew sun hat, a Clare V. tote, cute Tevas & of course: sunscreen!

Maui Packing List: Beach Essentials

Here are some of the most foolproof pieces to pack for Maui, whether you plan to camp as we did or take it easy in a hotel or resort. You may want to stock up on all the beachy essentials (think: cute sun hats + breezy dresses) and a light jacket isn’t a bad idea, either. Just in case.

My packing list includes beach essentials from Free People & Farm Rio, as well as J.Crew sun hat, a Clare V. tote, cute Tevas & of course: sunscreen!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

Ok, let’s separate this list up into…

Beach Necessities:

Camping Necessities:

1 | Clare V. Sandy Tote

The perfect anti-sand & superbly useful tote.

2 | Farm Rio Cotton Mini Dress

This Farm Rio dress is pure happiness. I don’t know what else there is to say. It’s just SAD that it disappeared from the face of the internet a mere day before this post is to be published. I’m kinda heartbroken. (Actually, it’s in stock in XS here!) But here’s a maxi version in the same print and here is approximately 284 more with the same adorably happy vibes.

3 | J.Crew Raffia Bucket Hat

How adorable is this straw hat in the updated bucket style? Living for it.

4 | Ray Ban Sunglasses

God, just don’t forget a pair. This minimal style is timeless.

5 | Solid & Striped The Cheyenne One Piece Swimsuit

Holy sexy madness. This suit can double as a seriously fun top if you throw on any of the three bottoms in this packing list (denim shorts, linen shorts, or a knit midi skirt).

6 | Free People Pippa Packable Pullover Puffer

I swear I’m not losing it as I add a puffer to a Hawaiian vacation packing list. This packable puffer keeps you warm when you want to be warm and cool when you want to be cool. It’s packing magic. I was so happy I brought mine.

7 | Athleta Trekkie Parachute Pants

Pants like these totally come in handy on cooler nights (either from breezy weather or that chill that you get after a sunburn) or for hikes with lots of prickly ground cover. This brown would match pretty much anything but I also love that pretty bright vermillion color.

8 | Gap Linen Boyfriend Shirt

Must I explain the need for a linen shirt? I think you already get it. I really like this “Havana yellow”.

9 | Strappy Platform Teva Sandals

Gah! These babies are pretty much sold out. Apologies. Here are a couple more sizes. Here is a similar pair.

10 | Reformation Matching Set

This Reformation set is a summertime dream. Hawaii? Duh. Greece trip? Goals. Kickin’ it at the Jersey Shore? Perfect.

11 | AGOLDE Parker Longline Denim Shorts

You’ll obviously bring your trusty denim shorts. These mid-length ones are great for traveling (no chafing!). (Still chafing? Try this.)

12 | Free People Tube Top

A pretty, brightly-colored summer top is hard to beat.

13 | Eberjey Linen Three Piece Set

Ooo man, I love the natural feels of this set. And it’s linen!! *insert drooling emoji here* So many outfit possibilities to style with the rest of your packed pieces.

14 | Salt & Stone Tinted Sunscreen Stick

Because I’d be remiss if I didn’t add sunscreen of some sort. This one is matte, water-resistant and most importantly for Maui, reef-safe. (A rule there!)

15 | Dock & Bay Quick Dry Towel

This packable towel is just a lifesaver to have. I’m sure you’d use it time & time again.

Here are some pics from my trip if you’re looking for one last reason to hit “book”:


Let me know if you’d like any more Maui trip info or another packing list!

Xo, Abby

Hey there, Pinners…

My packing list includes beach essentials from Free People & Farm Rio, as well as J.Crew sun hat, a Clare V. tote, cute Tevas & of course: sunscreen!
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