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Can I be totally honest with you for a minute? 

One of the perks of this job is that I get to try on a lot of amazing clothes, and since I live in The Middle Of Nowhere, USA, it all gets shipped to me. But nothing makes me quite as giddy as when a sweet little Vuori package arrives on my doorstep. 

That thought – of how unique and wonderful Vuori makes me feel – led me to the realization of how special my favorite pieces would be as gifts. If they make me this giddy, why wouldn’t I pass on that joy? 

Sunnyside Hoodie | Studio Pocket Legging

Vuori’s Sunnyside Hoodie Would Make A Special Gift For The Mothers & Caretakers In Your Life

In the spirit of Mother’s Day coming up, I thought it would be special to talk about some of my favorite pieces that I not only think you might love, but items I think would be incredibly lovely to gift to any of the mother figures & caretakers in your life!

Sunnyside Hoodie | Daily Legging

I’m already calling it my Hoodie Of The Summer. It’s even included in Vuori’s under $100 gift guide for Mother’s Day!

Vuori’s Sunnyside Hoodie is made from 100% organic cotton and is soft and light to the touch. Once you have it on, it drapes around your body in the most wonderful way, with a relaxed fit that’s roomy through the body.

Sunnyside Hoodie | Daily Legging

But you may have already known this, because I’ve been singing its praises for the last month… and wearing it nonstop, too.

If I could suggest one super special item to gift to the mom figures and caretakers in your life – or hey, even just to treat your own self – it would be the Sunnyside Hoodie from Vuori’s under $100 gift guide (in every color – no seriously). 

Sunnyside Hoodie | Studio Pocket Legging

My own mother-in-law actually has and loves this hoodie. Okay, that’s burying the lead – she actually had it first and introduced me to this piece! We have totally different body types yet we both are completely obsessed with the Sunnyside Hoodie. I’m wearing it in both Cinnamon and Charcoal colors… and you know I have my eye on Turmeric, too.

Vuori Leggings Are Replacing All Others In My Wardrobe

The Daily Legging was actually one of the first Vuori pieces I truly fell in love with (check out more amazing legging options in Vuori’s Fitness Friendly gift guide!). I’m someone who practically lives in leggings, so when a brand is able to reinvent them in such a way that makes them unique from anything else on the market, I perk up. 

Sunnyside Hoodie | Daily Legging

The feature that makes these leggings so unique is the drawstring in the waistband. It not only makes these a lovely legging for changing bodies (bloating issues are real, and they were quite adaptable during my pregnancy) but they’re also just freaking cute

The design element of this legging is so flattering, and I reach for them for both my morning workouts and afternoon errands.

Perfect For Strenuous Workouts: Vuori’s Studio Pocket Legging

Over the last year I’ve become a major fan of Vuori’s leggings as a whole. While I’ve started quite the collection, the Studio Pocket Legging is a newer one for me.  

Sunnysdie Hoodie | Studio Pocket Legging

Vuori’s leggings have actually begun replacing all my old pastime favorites, since their performance during my daily morning workouts have just been far superior than everything else. PS – Check out more innovative pieces designed for movement in Vuori’s Fitness Friendly gift guide!

The Clean Elevation Legging (available in multiple inseams!) was becoming such a frequent go-to, it led me to try out this fan favorite Studio Pocket Legging (this blue color made me swoon immediately).

Sunnyside Hoodie | Studio Pocket Legging | Daily Bra

I think most of us can really appreciate pockets, but I actually fell totally in love with how the legging performed, and would buy more even without pockets if I had to.

The Studio Pocket Leggings are lighter feeling than the Clean Elevation Legging, making them easy to wear as the weather gets warmer or even just for extra sweaty workouts.

Sunnyside Hoodie | Studio Pocket Legging | Daily Bra

The Studio Pocket Legging stays in place during treadmill runs, aren’t see-through while doing strenuous HIIT workouts, plus are cute for casual streetwear, too. 

Pairing it with the Daily Bra in the same shade was a fashion decision – that just so happens to be fantastic for strenuous workouts. It’s minimal in design but does a great job at support!

hoodie | legging | bra

And the fit? I find everything wonderfully true to size. I wear mediums in the leggings and hoodie, and a large in the bra!

Don’t forget to check out Vuori’s Fitness Friendly gift guide and Under $100 gift guide to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the caretaker in your life!


A big shoutout to Vuori & ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring this post. It’s no secret that I am a devoted fan of yours, Vuori – your team makes the most amazing performance apparel that I also just can’t help but do ALL of life in. I’m so honored to have the opportunity to share the many reasons why I love your pieces with our readers! Speaking of – hey readers! I LOVE YOU! I’m so thankful you’re here, truly and completely.

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