Why This Simple (Yet Luxe) Cardigan Is My Favorite Item To Style Up Right Now


Does anyone else still use Pinterest? Because, personally, it’s my favorite.

If I had to choose only one form of social media, I would happily surrender everything else in order to keep my Pinterest boards. I think it’s because I’m such a visual, emotional thinker that I love Pinterest so much. Being able to create moods, visually categorize my goals, and have a constant stream of aesthetically-pleasing images is incredibly motivating for me. 

Pinterest is one of the tools that helps me discover what I’m drawn to in fashion. Looking at the outfits I’m pinning on Pinterest helps me understand the themes and style influences that run through everything, that really excite me. This gives me a lot more purpose when I’m shopping for my own clothes. 

This Beige Cardigan Brings My Pinterest Outfits To Life

For a real life example, looking at a classic sweater all alone on a rack doesn’t really evoke any emotion for me. 

But glancing at my Pinterest boards, I noticed a sand-colored cardigan showing up in a ton of outfits. What I otherwise might not have given a second glance, could be the exact item of clothing that unites all of my Pinterest outfits.

As it turns out, a simple, classic cardigan is exactly that. I just needed to see all the outfits I could create with this sweater, in order to understand it was the missing link.

On my Pinterest boards, I noticed a beige cardigan showing up in a ton of cute outfits.

cardigan | jeans | shoes

Sweaters in this style are kind of a dime-a-dozen, so I decided to be extra picky. I was looking for something soft, high quality, not-stuffy, and classic enough to pair with anything while still being a touch modern (if even possible).

The Vince Shaker Stitch V-Neck Wool & Cashmere Cardigan caught my eye in this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Despite how it was styled on the model, I had a feeling it could check all my boxes.

The Vince cardigan is made from 70% wool and 30% cashmere. I have a deep love for wool, & since it was mixed with cashmere I knew the sweater would feel light + soft.

cardigan | jeans | shoes

Cashmere for Wearable Everyday Luxury

The Vince cardigan is made from 70% wool and 30% cashmere, which I was immediately excited about. I have a deep love for wool, and since it was mixed with cashmere I knew the sweater would feel lighter and softer than a classic wool sweater. For my fellow coastal grandmothers out there, a wool and cashmere blend is great for those days where the weather is all over the place.

The longer length of the cardigan keeps it very classic, but the deeper cut of the neckline and drop-shoulder, drapey sleeves is what gives the cardigan the “touch of modern” I was hoping for. Plus, the V shape of the back collar is incredibly lovely.

cardigan | jeans | shoes

For reference, here is what the sweater looks like untucked. But personally, I do not plan on wearing it this way. It feels uninteresting and doesn’t do much for my body shape. Since I plan on pairing the cardigan with other classic pieces in my wardrobe, tucking it in makes it feel fresh, keeping modern in mind.

Modern Cardigan: Skip The Layers & Wear It Alone

Another way I like to style a cardigan to keep things feeling modern, is to wear it alone as a top, without anything under it. When I wear a cardigan over other layers, I feel bulky, almost sloppy. Once I gave myself the freedom to wear a cardigans as a shirt all by itself, my interest in them immediately skyrocketed. If you’re wondering how to wear a cardigan without feeling stuffy, try minimal layers.

How to wear a cardigan? Vince's Shaker Stitch Cardigan has a low cut front -- try a lace bralette underneath for a minimal, flirty, layer.

cardigan | bralette | jeans | shoes

Vince’s Shaker Stitch Cardigan does have a low cut front, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, a lace bralette underneath can make you feel more secure/covered, while keeping things minimal.

I also totally adore the look of the cardigan with the bralette and top button undone — a flirty outfit for date night!

If the bralette still feels a little too risky, a soft, fitted layering tank also works well under this sweater without adding too much bulk.

cardigan | tank | jeans | shoes

If the bralette still feels a little too risky, a soft, fitted layering tank also works well without adding too much extra fabric and bulk. This layering tank needs a restock after the #NSale, but this very similar tank has gorgeous colors available.

Summer Cardigan Outfit Ideas

I am so excited to have a new wardrobe staple on hand that I don’t want to wait for fall to begin wearing my Vince sweater. Turns out, a beige cardigan is really cute with my summer wardrobe. Cashmere in summer might sound crazy, but cashmere wicks away moisture (don’t ask me how), keeping you dry in humidity. (What is this magical cashmere? Well, it’s wool but from goats, instead of sheep). Shana wrote this great post about caring for versatile cashmere staples.

1. Shorts & Birkenstock Clogs

I can’t get over how good the Vince cardigan looks tucked into my favorite shorts. I slipped into my favorite clogs (because they go with everything) and my new favorite summer outfit was born.

Summer Cardigan Outfit 1 -- I can't get over how good the Vince cardigan looks tucked into my favorite shorts.

cardigan | shorts | shoes

2. White Jeans, A Straw Beach Bag, & Flip Flops

I fell deeply in love with white jeans this summer and they’re already a solid wardrobe staple (I’m eager to try styling them in the cold months, too). I love the color combo of the sandy-beige cardigan with these white AGOLDE 90s Pinch Waist jeans. The black color that the cardigan also comes in would look incredibly chic, too.

Summer Cardigan Outfit 2 -- I love the color combo of the beige cardigan with these white AGOLDE 90s jeans & a straw beach bag.

cardigan | jeans | tote | sandals

Styling A Sweater & Jeans As Modern Fall Classics

Fall is a glorious season for cardigans, but it can also be a time when temperatures really fluctuate (at least in Michigan, where I am). Some days are chilly enough for a spiced cider, others days feel just as hot as that spiced cider — so I often reach for my distressed/cutout denim and keep lighter footwear around as an option.

1. Modern Denim & Beige Boots

I’m obsessed with unique pairs of jeans, and pairing them with classic sweaters is one of my favorite way to craft a balanced outfit. AGOLDE makes the best modern denim, in my opinion, and I’ve been in love with their tapered style jeans as of late. I added these waterproof Chelsea boots from Sam Edelman in the perfect beige to compliments the sweater.

Fall Sweater & Jeans Outfit 1 -- Pairing unique, modern jeans with classic sweaters for a balanced look.

cardigan | jeans | boots

2. Distressed Denim & Comfy Mules

Re/Done is the brand I’m grabbing for the best straight leg jeans. While this exact wash is an old one, I highly recommend any of their straight leg pairs.

I completed this look with my new mules — I have wanted this style of shoe for years but couldn’t find a pair that stayed on my feet (while still being comfortable). This pair of mules has a comfort-designed sole, but my favorite part is the chunky heel. Swoon.

Fall Sweater & Jeans Outfit 2 -- This pair of mules has a comfort-designed sole, but my favorite part is the chunky heel.

cardigan | jeans (similar) | shoes

Layering Clothes for Winter

While my mind isn’t quite ready for fall outfits (and even typing the word “winter” makes me shudder), I wanted to see if this cardigan could go the distance in my cold weather wardrobe. Spoiler alert: this styling experiment made me love the cardigan even more.

1. Add A Long Cardigan

What’s better than one Vince sweater? Two Vince sweaters.

I purchased this “cardigan coat” during last years Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it sold out immediately. Thankfully, they brought it back (with a few adjustments, like a streamlined collar and slightly pulled back pockets) and even a shorter length version. I can’t recommend this coat enough!

Layering Clothes for Winter Outfit 1 -- What's better than one Vince sweater? Two Vince sweaters! I added long cardigan for a chic cold weather look.

cardigan | coat | jeans (similar) | shoes

2. Give It Some Edge With Motorcycle Jacket And Lug Sole Boots

Sometimes I just need to feel a bit edgy — it’s totally fun to layer an unexpected leather coat over a classic sweater. While I didn’t yet own this pair of boots when I was styling the sweater, now that I have (& love) them, I would certainly be slipping into those for this outfit.

Layering Clothes For Winter Outfit 2 -- I gave this outfit some edge with a leather motorcycle jacket + lug sole boots.

cardigan | jacket | jeans | boots

My leather motorcycle jacket sold out, but this classic black leather jacket from the same brand is well-reviewed and so good.

The verdict? Vince’s Shaker Stitch Cardigan goes the distance, and I’m so in love with the outfits I’m creating now for summer (and dreaming up for once the weather turns cold).

Fit Notes: I’m wearing a medium in the cardigan and consider it true to size, with an intentional, slightly more roomy shape than other classic fits.


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This one’s for the Pinners…

Glancing at my Pinterest boards, I noticed a long cardigan showing up in a ton of outfits. This Vince Wool & Cashmere Cardigan is the sweater I was missing to make so many outfit dreams come true.


  1. I’m interested in those loafers! I’ve read they make noise when you walk. What do you think of them, the fit and the noise?

    • Yeah, there’s some noise from the chain detail on the front but I don’t mind the slight jingle – it’s very subtle in my opinion! The fit is TTS and they stay on my feet better than ANY mule I’ve ever tried, I think because of the chunkier heel (or because of the cushion footbed?). I am loving them!!

  2. I bought this one too and it’s definitely going to be a workhorse in my wardrobe. All your styling options were so cute but love love the white jeans/sandals combo!

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