Have You Ever Hugged A Baby In Cashmere?


I turned to my husband yesterday and said “I think our baby was made to live in cashmere.”

To which he replied “Only cashmere…and always on cozy beach mornings.”

And then we cracked up, two full-grown adults in a fit of whimsical giggles.

Is Quince Cashmere For Kids Worth It? (Hold The Phone: This Baby’s Wearing Cashmere?!)

Listen…babies in cashmere? That is not like my husband and me at all

We are the parents that let our kid run around barefoot, encouraging him to stop and play with every bug and puddle.

It’s a shirt-and-pants-are-often-optional kind of life (uhm, diaper required though).  

But I recently learned about a new line of cashmere for kids while obsessing over Quince’s Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan (what appears to be a duplicate of my favorite Jenni Kayne sweater) and became very curious.

Since Quince is all about high-quality pieces at attainable prices, it seemed like a good place to test drive some special clothing for my kid.

Our toddler fell in love with this quince cashmere outfit.

Mom: sweater | tee | jeans | shoes
Kid: sweater | pants | shoes

Our team has been impressed with Quince and its “affordable luxury” model in general. Laura fell hard for the Organic Cotton Fisherman Sweater, and you can watch Shana comparing a few Quince sweaters to Jenni Kayne’s on our YouTube channel.

Although I found Quince’s washable silk PJ’s inferior my set from Lunya, that didn’t stop me from wanting to take Quince’s cashmere for a spin.

Thank god, because every piece — from the cardigan for myself to Quince’s Baby-&-Kids cashmere line — is absolutely noteworthy (and the only thing we want to dress our kid in from now on).

Quince Cashmere Is Soft, Lightweight, And Washable — Ideal for Puddle Jumping Little Ones

Our child actually had a cashmere sweater in his wardrobe prior to this: a beloved hand-me-down that I felt the need to reserve for special occasions.

I think he wore that hand-me-down only once. Mostly because the knit was thick, warm, and slightly stiff, and our boy is prone to getting sweaty and overheated. The sweater was also somewhat itchy, a big no-go for kids. It didn’t really work for our guy. I naively assumed that was how all cashmere would wear.

I was totally and completely wrong.

Quince cashmere is soft + breathable. It's easy for our toddler to love & us to wash.

sweater | pants

The first thing I noticed about the cashmere toddler pieces from Quince is how wildly soft and incredibly lightweight they are. We’re talking melt-in-your-hands buttery sensation. 

Quince cashmere is soft + breathable. It's easy for our toddler to love & us to wash.

Mom: sweater | tee
Kid: sweater | pants | shoes

When I pulled the Toddler Cashmere Fisherman Sweater from its package, I rubbed the material against my kid’s skin, to which he promptly responded with big puppy dog eyes and his famously drawn-out “Awwwww!

He may or may not have mistaken the clothes for a fancy new stuffed animal for cuddling.

Little did my kid know, he was about to wear these items and become mommy’s gloriously soft cuddle buddy (have you hugged a baby in soft cashmere?! Because OMG).

The cashmere sweater isn't too hot or bulky for our toddler. Scooping up my little one cozy in cashmere is the sweetest feeling!

Mom: sweater | tee | jeans
Kid: sweater | pants | shoes

I could tell the knit was far more breathable than the gently-loved item we already had. While initially assuming I would save this Quince cashmere for the depths of winter, the cutie little sweater-pants combo is quite perfect for our guy for chilly mornings.

Fit Notes: Both the toddler sweater and pants have an oversized fit, a piece of info I totally missed on the website, so while I sized up like I normally do for our little guy, I should have stuck with his true size.

My hubs and I are so impressed with the quince cashmere for kids that we tucked away those bigger sizes for later and ordered a smaller set he can wear comfortably right now (they are far too good for simply exchanging).

We are impressed with the quince cashmere for kids that we tucked away bigger sizes away for later & ordered a smaller set he can wear comfortably right away.

sweater | pants

Quince makes cashmere clothing sized for babies, toddlers and kids. This clothing would make for an extra special item to gift to someone who’s expecting. It would also be spectacular for holiday events and photo shoots (your kids will look amazing and actually be comfortable — a win all around).

The best part? Cashmere has natural antibacterial qualities, meaning less frequent washing. But when it does come time for a wash (because the kid found a puddle), Quince’s baby cashmere is machine washable. I throw cashmere in a laundry mesh bag first and wash it on a cold, delicate cycle with all-natural detergent. Shana has a full-on post about how to wash cashmere here.

As for the Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan on moi? It's deliciously soft & drapes beautifully.

Mom: sweater | tee | jeans | shoes
Kid: sweater | pants | shoes

As for the Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan on moi? It’s deliciously soft and drapes beautifully. The sweater is so shockingly similar to the famous Jenni Kayne Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan that I’m writing an entirely separate comparison breaking down the full nitty gritty.

Stay tuned…it’s good.


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I wouldn't dress my kid in cashmere...or would I? 'Cause OMG. This Quince sweater is so soft + breathable. Easy for us to wash & our toddler to wear.
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  1. What size is your cardi? Also someone got my daughter a cashmere baby blanket when she was born and wrapping her up in that was the best part about being the parent of a newborn!! I saw Quince has cashmere baby blankets now too!

  2. These are beautiful and would make an heirloom baby gift. I’ve purchased some is the Quince cashmere promoted on this blog and have been impressed with the quality.

    I have a special knitting pattern I use to make a beautiful cashmere sweater, hat and bootie set for the newborns in my life, but this would be a great alternative.

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