More Luxe Than The Price Tag: Quince’s $40 Cotton Fisherman Sweater


There’s nothing quite like a thick cotton fisherman sweater. I’ve been on the hunt for one for years… Either they’re too drapey/trendy/not-classic-enough or too stiff/thick/classically made.

The super-traditionally-made fisherman sweaters (I’m looking at you, L.L. Bean) are amazing…but…as much as I break mine in and wear it around, it just hasn’t softened up. While my L.L. Bean fisherman sweater will last forever, and I adore the texture, stitching and classic ivory color, it’s just not something I grab all the time to live in, as I’d hoped.

So when I found Quince’s cotton fisherman sweater you know I had to try it out, especially at the price tag of $40 bucks, friends. Looking at it online, it checked all my boxes…classic fisherman ribbed pattern, 100% cotton, thick weight… But I needed to try it on for softness…

Quince’s Organic Cotton Fisherman Sweater Is The Perfect Catch

And guess what? It’s a winner, folx.

Not only is it the classic look of a well-made fisherman sweater, but the Quince sweater is super soft without being too thin or drape-y. Score. It smacks of similar but higher-priced sweaters like Jenni Kayne but for a literal fraction of the price. I’ve linked some additional similar options at the end of the post in case you’ve also been eyeing up Jenni Kayne sweaters but can’t justify the price tag.

The Quince sweater has a great weight to it without being too hot or heavy. It’s getting hot in here in this bod of mine these days, and especially in our temperate climate in the PNW — I will be wearing these cotton sweaters more often than my warmer options for a few years I think. (But, gah, if you are looking for cashmere, the shrunken sweatshirt and the Mongolian fisherman are GORG and under $100!)

Quince's organic cotton fisherman sweater looks and feels like luxury brand but costs half as much.

sweater (M) | necklace

Sizing: I went with a medium in the Quince sweater and love the slightly oversized fit (without it being hugely oversized). The small could be my size for a more fitted look, but I’m loving that the medium fits me like a cozy sweatshirt. So, stick to your true size for a regular fit or size up for that oversized chunky-knit sweater look.

I love this sweater so much that I just got it in camel too! It comes in quite a few great neutrals and a couple of bright colors, as well. Here I’m wearing blue — this color looks brighter on the Quince site than it does in real life. How it appears here is truer. It’s not too bright, not too muted.

See It Styled Sporty: You can see it on me here with my red wide-leg Athleta pants plus Diadora high-top sneakers for a colorful outfit combo.

This lovely color of this blue sweater is more muted than it looks on Quince's site.
Compared to the L.L. Bean Fishermens sweater, Quince's 100 cotton crewneck is much softer!
This chunky knit jumper is 100 cotton -- cozy but not too heavy.

sweater (M) | jeans (29) | sneakers | necklace | bag

I’ve been so impressed by the Quince products I’ve purchased over the last year, that I rounded them up for you here with a few notes on each.

The customer service has also been really great. I had a silk PJ top get a hole at one of the seams and Quince credited my entire purchase even though I’d been wearing the PJs for months. I keep purchasing more and more items thanks to the incredible price points and the lovely feel of the fabrics.

Quince Faves & Others I Want To Try Out

Here are some of the things from Quince I already own (and love) and a few more things I’m planning to order in the next few months. I’m wearing the Mongolian cashmere fisherman sweater in a recent reel I did for our Instagram.

If you have any Quince faves I haven’t tried out yet, please let me know! I also have and love their comforter and its super cozy and luxe feeling.



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Photo credit: Posy Quarterman Photography

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Quince's 100 percent cotton fisherman sweater is softer than I expected -- cozy but not heavy -- & a fraction of the price of comparable brands.
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  1. Love that sweater & definitely want one. Thinking Iโ€™ll share the link with the husband for a Christmas gift idea! I have one of their crewneck cashmere sweaters & I like it a lot. Thank you for this.

    • Yes! For 100% cotton I machine wash and lay flat to dry then sometimes tumble on low for just a minute after it’s dried to soften it up ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Just bought the 1/4 zip. Hopefully I got the right size. Fingers crossed. Unlike Michelle above who can give the hubs a link, I have to actually buy my presents and then he’ll wrap them. One more step for me, but I get what I want. haha

  3. I have this in navy and am obsessed. I usually run hot, so I’m loving how the cotton is warm but breathable. I’ve grabbed it almost every day since the weather turned cooler. Unfortunately it accidentally went through both washer and dryer yesterday (!), and it did shrink up a little but is still comfortable to wear, thank goodness ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks brand new coming out of the wash. I know I don’t need another color but I’m tempted…

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