rag & bone Miramar Wide-Leg Jeans: A Review


Remember when Scotti and Laura reviewed rag & bone’s faux jean joggers and gave them a big ol’ thumbs down?

While they both looked cute in those pants, there were some design flaws. As one example, the printed-on pocket details didn’t line up with the actual pockets, and in the end, neither Scotti nor Laure kept them. (Actually, you can still see the issue if you look at the model wearing them, here.)

Jeans That Feel Like Joggers? The rag & bone Miramar Wide-Leg Pants Are Genius

When I came across the rag & bone wide-leg Miramar pants, however, I was intrigued. While they’re still, fundamentally, printed-on faux-jeans, they do have real pockets, which completely eliminates the issue we had with the jogger version. Even better, the wide-leg version is also made from an environmentally friendly fabric (Tencel lyocell).

The Tencel lyocell sealed the deal, and I quickly added the Miramar Wide-Leg pants to cart. Once they arrived and I put them on? Whoa: LOVE. It was an immediate love affair. Not only are these the most comfortable jeans I’ve put on my body, but the whole vibe is effortlessly cool. I mean. Look at that DRAPE.

Once the Miramar Wide-Leg pants arrived & I put them on? Whoa: LOVE. They're the most comfortable jeans I've tried + the whole vibe is effortlessly cool. I mean. Look at that DRAPE.

tee (s) | pants (26) – also in Scotti’s faux-distressed wash | sneakers (more affordable dupe here)

Turns out these wide-leg joggers are bizarrely soft, and look wayyyy more flattering in real life, thanks to that amazing drape. They’re also seriously comfortable and cool (temp-wise) to wear, so much so that my sister included them as a solid alternative to shorts this summer.

While I’m still debating whether or not I should hem them (I’m leaning toward yes), check out the video to see exactly how they fit, why I think they’re so flattering, and a few different styling ideas. Links to everything I’m wearing in the video can be found in the YouTube description.

So yeah…I highly recommend.



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