This Sexy LBD From Reformation & Cowboy Boots


This dress. You guys. When one of my friends walked into the kitchen of the Airbnb we had rented for our girls trip to Nashville (super-fun city, btw) wearing this mini dress, I literally stopped talking midsentence.

“OMG, you look amazing, and I need to know what dress that is immediately,” I said.

It was the Marlowe Dress from Reformation (hello, sustainability!), and she loved it so much she had it in two different colors. When she asked me if I wanted to try it on, my first reaction was that I would never be able to pull it off. I mean, the slit, the length, the V-neckline…but it was SUCH a good dress, I tried it anyway.

And. I. LOVED. it.

When In Nashville: A Sexy Little Black Dress + Cowboy Boots

The slit on this mini dress is high, but the entire fit — slightly loose as opposed to a skintight bodycon fit — makes it work. And my friend’s genius trick to styling this sexy little number? Adding cowboy boots and a denim jacket. Those two pieces kind of ground the entire look and keep it from veering too far into the sexxxy category (not that there’s anything wrong with that — time and a place for everything, right?).

So, basically, I just stole this entire look from her because it’s too good not to share.

Cowboy boots + a denim jacket ground the entire look, & keep the Reformation mini dress from veering too far into the sexy category.

jacket (S) | dress (S) | boots

The straps are adjustable (and there’s lots of length to work with, not just a tiny bit), and the top of the bodice is lined. So, if you want to go braless (as my friend does — yes, they’re that nice), you can.

The straps of the Reformation mini dress are adjustable, & the top of the bodice is lined. If you want to go braless, you can.

jacket (S) | dress (S) | boots | sunglasses

A strapless bra also works, though (I’m wearing a wire-free one here — surprisingly comfortable and stays up thanks to a grippy strip along the top of the bra), and a strappy bralette would look cute underneath as well. (Ooh, I love this mesh one from Target!)

A strapless bra works under the Reformation Marlowe mini dress, & a strappy bralette would look cute underneath as well.

dress (S) | sunglasses | necklace

I added my favorite denim jacket from ABLE (I swear this one just keeps getting better with time, and there’s a long version too) that’s super-comfortable thanks to being made with 25% Lyocell, the softest fabric ever. (And if you haven’t heard of ABLE, it’s one of our favorite companies here at TME. Its commitment to empowering women — it began by selling scarves that were handwoven by a few women in Ethiopia who were coming out of the commercial sex industry — is just one of the many reasons we love supporting ABLE.)

This jean jacket from ABLE is super-comfortable thanks to being made with 25% Lyocell, the softest fabric ever.

jacket (S) | dress (S) | boots | sunglasses

Cowboy boots are surprisingly hard to find. Ones that are comfortable without having to break in and don’t cost hundreds of dollars, at least. My friend had also brought these white Western boots with her on our Nashville trip and let me borrow them one night… Let’s just say I wore them for a LONG time — I may have walked miles and danced for hours in them, but it does get a little fuzzy — and had zero issues. I was so impressed, I ordered them myself the next day.

These Mia Western boots are so comfortable, I wore them for miles & danced in them & had zero issues.

jacket (S) | dress (S) | boots | sunglasses

I’ve actually been wearing them with all the things lately too. From cropped jeans to jean shorts to leggings, I’m actually super-surprised by just how many outfits go with white cowboy boots. They’re like the slightly fancier version of white sneakers. I kind of love them.

The ones I’m wearing are low stock, so here’s a number of places to find them!


photo credit: Vafa Photography

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On a Nashville girls trip, my friend let me borrow this sexy little black dress, & OMG. Paired w/ comfy cowboy boots & the softest jean jacket? I'm in love.
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