Reformation Has The Sustainable Cashmere Sweaters Of My Dreams (A Try-On)


Where are my shorter-torso friends at? I’m realizing this winter all I want are cute, cropped sweaters. I know, who am I?! But hear me out.

I’m 5’4″ and don’t typically need many petite pieces of clothing. My arms are very regular in length for my height, and my legs often fit regular-ish lengths too. But my little torso, friends. I will not show you the recent pics of me trying on high-waisted trousers. It’s like they’re eating my upper half, hahaha.

With all the variety of try-ons I do around here, I’ve started really realizing what feels best on me, and it turns out that a sweater cropped to my waistline is my favorite! It highlights my natural waist that way, and with all these (still) higher-waisted jean cuts around…well, it just works.

It turns out, Reformation has some really good options! PLUS, they’re sustainably made AND cashmere, so big score all around. *And right now, they’re all 25% off and free shipping!!

In full disclosure, one of the sweaters isn’t actually cropped, but it’s thin enough to tuck AND one I’ve been really wanting to try on, so we’ll get into the styling workaround with that one. But let’s get to the try-ons already!

5 (OK, 6) Cashmere Sweaters Perfect For My Shorter Torso: A Reformation Try-On

The team here, especially Shana, has been longtime fans of Reformation’s beautiful line of sustainably made clothing. I’ve always eyed up its clothing, but the styling isn’t 100% reflective of my vibe, so I shied away from many try-ons there. I’ve tried a sweater here or there over the years, but many of Reformation’s pieces seemed like they wouldn’t work for me online.

Well, I guess I was sure wrong to not give Reformation a full try because, wow, I’m in love. There’s a gorgeous little store in Portland that I finally went into and found quite a few beautiful options for the style of sweater I realized I wanted this year. And they’re all cashmere to boot! And quite a few of them are priced reasonably for cashmere at under $165. Sweet and sweet!

1. Cashmere Polo Sweaters (Long-Sleeve + Sleeveless Versions)

This is probably my top pick so I thought I’d get right to it. I love this polo-style sweater. Ooh, there’s a dress version too! You can see below I tried the sleeveless version as well, so when I popped into the store and saw this, I needed it. This is such a lovely top and hits right at the perfect spot for me. (BTW, I’m wearing one of these awesome black camis under each of these. Perfection under sweaters. I sized up one.)

This cashmere polo sweater comes in a few more gorgeous colors and a stripe too. And it’s offered in this camel and a lovely green in plus sizes.

This cashmere polo sweater from Reformation is such a lovely top & hits right at the perfect spot on my waist.
This cashmere polo sweater from Reformation is offered in this camel & a lovely green in plus sizes.

sweater (S) | jeans (29) | sneakers

And here’s the sleeveless version I tried first. It’s SO cute when I stand still, but sadly it’s too long in the upper body and too tight in the midsection. I wish the fit were a little more boxy all over. This is the medium — I tried the large, and it was slightly boxier, but then my bra shows under the arms, and it just felt a little “off.” I may try this sleeveless turtleneck sweater next and see if that is a better fit!

The sleeveless cashmere polo sweater from Reformation is SO cute when I stand still, but sadly it's too long in the upper body & too tight in the midsection.

sweater (M) | jeans (28) | similar boots

2. Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater

OK, so this cashmere boyfriend sweater is the single sweater I tried that wasn’t cropped. But you can see why I wanted to try it. Gah, so lovely. And you can get that nice waist-defining look by tucking it in because it’s so drapey and soft.

I’ve been thinking about this sweater ever since the try-on. I didn’t bring it home, but after having tried quite a few other navy-and-ivory-striped sweaters recently, this is the winner. It’s perfectly oversized, and did I mention it’s soft?? You can see in the second pic the length when untucked, and on this particular sweater, I don’t even mind it untucked. The sporty/classic clothing lover in me needs this.

Check out the other fun stripes the cashmere boyfriend sweater comes in…and a couple of great bright colors too.

You can get that nice waist-defining look by tucking in Reformation's cashmere boyfriend sweater because it's so drapey + soft.
Reformations's cashmere boyfriend sweater is perfectly oversized, & did I mention it's soft??

sweater (s) | jeans (29) | sneakers

3. Cropped Cashmere Sweater

I almost didn’t try this one because it seemed quite cropped, but I was surprised by Reformation’s Luisa cropped cashmere sweater when I put it on. I definitely need to wear the camisole under, but it’s really cute, and the color is fab. I think one thing Reformation gets really right is the long sleeves on its sweaters. It just adds that chic/comfy/cozy factor we all tend to want. LOVE.

This didn’t come home with me, but it’s a really lovely option. The ribbing creates such lovely texture, and again, it’s so soft. And gah. The Gossamer color. Ooh.

I almost didn't try on Reformation's Luisa cropped cashmere sweater because it's very cropped, but I was pleasantly surprised.
The ribbing of Reformation's cropped cashmere sweater creates such lovely texture, & it's so soft.

sweater (S) | jeans (29) | sneakers

4. Cropped Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

This cropped turtleneck sweater is another sweater I keep thinking about. (I honestly wanted to bring home more than I could, haha.) This top is just so lovely, and the fit is so good. I think I like a mock-neck turtleneck on me more than a full turtleneck, and this cashmere rolled-hem, mock-neck crop with long sleeves is just heavenly for this gal. This is now on my holiday wish list, for sure. Ooh, the Cocoa color!

I like a mock-neck turtleneck on me more than a full turtleneck, & this long-sleeve cashmere turtleneck sweater from Reformation is just heavenly.
This cropped turtleneck sweater from Reformation is just so lovely, & the fit is so good.

sweater (s) | jeans (29) | sneakers

5. Cashmere Tank + Cardigan Set

I’ve raved and raved about most of the sweaters above, but this cashmere tank and cardigan set was just not for me. It’s beautifully made, but I’m not really a matching-sweater-set kinda gal, and the fit is just not as “wow” as some of the options above. The tank underneath isn’t uncomfortably tight, but it’s pretty fitted and too cropped for me to feel OK wearing the cardigan open.

The stripe option on the site is almost sold out but so super-cute — if you ARE a matching-sweater-set kinda gal. And the chocolate and light blue shades are also pretty.

Reformation's cashmere tank + cardigan set is beautifully made, but I'm not really a matching-sweater-set kinda gal, & the fit is just not as "wow" as some of the other sweaters I tried.
The tank underneath the cashmere cardigan set from Reformation isn't uncomfortably tight, but it's pretty fitted & too cropped for me to feel OK wearing the cardigan open.

sweater set (S) | jeans (29) | sneakers

More Reformation Cashmere Sweaters I’m Loving

Once I went down the rabbit hole that is Reformation sweaters, I couldn’t help but create a little roundup here. All but the Novara option are cashmere (but that one looks amazing, right?!). I’ve mentioned all of the sweaters were soft, but like, they’re really soft. The polo is probably the least heavenly soft, but don’t get me wrong, it’s still lovely. The turtleneck and boyfriend sweaters are just like WOW-soft and lightweight.

Bonus Content: A Few Good Red-Sneaker Finds

Promise this isn’t out of left field. I’ve shared a couple pics of my sneakers above on my Instagram, and peeps were asking about them. Red sneakers in a good red is hard to find, and I’m loving mine so much! So, here are a few options if you’re feeling that vibe too. The adidas sneakers I’m wearing above are low in stock, but they can be found here.

I hope this inspires you to give some lovely Reformation sweaters a try, friends! Not only is its clothing gorgeous, but it’s also responsibly made, so win-win. Let me know if you have any Reformation sweater faves.

I will be back again to do more try-ons now that I know how fabulous everything is! So let me know if there’s anything you’ve been wanting us to check out!



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All I want are cropped cashmere sweaters, so I'm trying styles (like turtleneck & polo) from Reformation that are sustainable & good for my shorter torso.
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  1. So helpful! Would you recommend sizing down in the Boyfriend Sweater, since it’s oversized? I’m typically between an S and M in tops, and having trouble deciding.

    • So glad it’s helpful! I’m kinda between a S + M right now, too, Christiana. I would stick with the S on this one unless you’re going for really drapey and loose 🙂

  2. Are you wearing a cami under the polo because it’s too cropped and you are trying to avoid showing skin? Would be good to know whether you need the cami for that purpose or not.

    • I just happened to wear the cami that day and I did like it for the turtleneck and the more cropped options. The polo though only shows skin with certain pants of mine, so it really just depends! I had it on with all of the sweaters that day. It is a great piece for adding warmth to cropped sweaters though for sure!

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