MOTHER Denim Dupes: Risen Jeans – Under $100 & GOOD.


With the exception of my beloved Levi’s, I’m not typically an under-$100 denim kind of girl. While I’ve been mentally giving myself gold stars for not falling in love with Moussey denim (sooooo expensive), I did fall pretty hard for SLVRLAKE which, frankly, is just as pricey.

Most days I’m in rag & bone or MOTHER Denim, and neither of those brands could be classified as affordable. And while the team at large does cover less-pricey denim (our favorite denim under $100 can be found here), I’m a creature of habit, and usually stick to the brands I know.

So when Maureen (one of the owners of Social Threads) texted to say she was going send me some denim, I was…lukewarm. But she knows me, and followed it up with: “They look like MOTHER Denim.”

Know what? Maureen was right.

Risen Jeans are MOTHER Denim Dupes For Under $100

Risen jeans are the antithesis of rigid denim – think: soft, stretchy, and easy to wear. The washes are great, and their new line at Social Threads has current silhouettes (straight-leg, bootcut, wide-leg trousers), and boasts details like subtle distressing (not too over-the-top) or front patch pockets. Best of all, these jeans are well under $100 a pop. Unlike MOTHER jeans, where I’ve found that the sizing is both wildly inconsistent and often runs bizarrely small, Risen jeans run consistently one size bigger than most designer denim. In the photos below, I’m wearing a size 26 in each pair (and I’m usually a size 27 in designer jeans these days).

Warning: Social Threads can hardly keep these jeans in stock. And, as I sit here, comfortably typing away in the softest pair of jeans I’ve worn in a while…I can see why.

1. Risen Flare Front-Hem Distressed Jeans

These distressed flares from Risen jeans are killing it.

sweater (s) | jeans (26)

This is the pair I’m currently typing away in. Since taking that photo above (while wearing 4-5″ platform heels), I’ve since hacked at the hem with scissors. For reference, I’m alllllmost 5’3″, so anyone up to 5’7″ should be able to pull off these jeans.

These distressed flare jeans work with a cute platform shoe.

sweater (s) | jeans (26)

2. Risen Wide-Leg Patch Pocket Jeans

These wide leg patch pocket jeans are so cute + retro.

tee (s) | jeans (26)

These are so similar to my FRAME patch-pocket jeans, it’s annoying. But like my FRAME jeans, the rise isn’t *quite* as high as I would maybe like. That said, these are super soft, wildly comfortable, and really, REALLY cute. And yes: I am wearing them with those really high platform shoes. This style of flare looks especially cute hemmed (or hacked off) with retro sneakers.

I wish these wide-leg patch pocket Jeans came up a teensy bit higher. But for $100, it's pretty good!

tee (s) | jeans (26)

3. Risen Original Straight-Leg Jeans (In A Gorgeous Gray Wash)

Risen jeans are the soft & stretchy, not rigid at all. But size down for a good fit.

sweater (s) | jeans (26) | similar boots

This is exactly the sort of gray wash I love: not too light, not too dark, and variable in tone. It’s great I also appreciate that the hems are chewed in the back (prevents the jeans from getting tangled up in the top of the boot) and that the waist is nice and high.

These gray wash jeans from Risen jeans are are not too light and not too dark.

sweater (s) | jeans (26) | similar boots

4. Risen Boyfriend Jeans

These are the boyfriend jeans I've been looking for: soft, slouchy, comfy.

tee (s) | jeans (26) | flats

These are the boyfriend jeans I’ve spent the last few years looking for. They’re soft, slouchy, comfy — everything a boyfriend jean should be — but with a higher rise that feels more modern. I love ’em.

These are the boyfriend jeans I've been looking for: soft, slouchy, comfy.

tee (s) | jeans (26) | flats

5. Risen Original Straight-Leg Jeans (In An Inky Dark Wash)

These dark wash straight leg jeans are so comfy! MOTHER denim dupes for under $100.

sweater (s) | jeans (26) | similar boots

Man…I just really like these jeans. Once again, they’re bananas comfortable, and the straight-leg is so easy to wear: not too wide, but definitely not skinny, either. The rear view? Also not bad.

This is Dark-Wash Straight-Leg Jeans perfection, people. Risen Jeans!

sweater (s) | jeans (26) | similar boots

6. Risen Black Bootcut Flare Jeans

similar Eileen Fisher tank (xs) | jeans (26) | boots

These jeans are too long for me out-of-the-box, but I wanted to show the length (they come with a 33″ inseam). Again, the rise is nice and high, they’re soft and stretchy, and make my legs look miles long.

These Risen black jeans are both a bit of a bootcut & also a flare.

similar Eileen Fisher tank (xs) | jeans (26) | boots

7. Risen Dark-Wash Wide-Leg Jeans

These dark-wash straight-leg jeans from Risen jeans are so comfy & flattering.

sweater (s) | jeans (26) | boots

Soooo… these dark-wash jeans are cute, too. The inseam online for these is marked as only 30″, but mine are longer – closer to 32″. I suspect the length gets longer as the size goes up (the model is wearing a size 24, and I’m in a size 26).

These risen jeans are a straight wide-leg jean -- a good dupe of Mother denim.

sweater (s) | jeans (26) | boots

Okaaaay Maureen, you were right. These jeans are great, especially for the price I mean…wow.


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  1. ok i”m going to try a pair…i’m in the TME minority of “not a fan of distressed jeans” hahah and that dark wash looks perfect 🙂

  2. They all look great! I ordered a pair last spring and liked the fit, but the zipper was so odd – it only covered about half of the rise. I just couldn’t get over that, so returned them. I see that the zippers are still that way…

  3. Ooh, I’m excited about these – especially the wide leg dark wash and the gray pair. How do they wear over the course of the day? I love the sound of soft and comfy jeans, but I hate the afternoon tug-of-war that can happen when stretchy things stretch out. Do these hold up?

    • Yes!! I put them on with the shoes I’m planning to wear them with, fold them under until they hang exactly right, then use scissors to make a tiny notch. Then I take them off and cut across where the notch is. I use that fabric to measure the other leg.

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