3 Cute Outfit Ideas For School (Or Camp) Drop-Off


Well, gang… I thought I was being clever by scheduling a bunch of summer camps back in February before they all filled up. But now that summer’s actually here — I’m not gonna lie — I’m feeling like we might have overscheduled. If you’re anything like our family, weekday mornings are still a bit of a mad dash. I barely have time to get a quick breakfast into the girls and pack Lana’s lunch, let alone fully style an impressive outfit in time for drop-off.

Need Easy Drop-Off Outfits? Try Matching Sets, Barrell Jeans Or Running Tights

So these are some of my shortcuts for looking cute (enough) at drop-off while still embracing comfort, ease and efficiency. If you work from home, as I do, all of these outfit formulas can easily transition into whatever else the day might bring, whether that means exercise, errands, Zoom calls or just getting to Inbox Zero.

Outfit Idea 1. Matching Sets From Vuori, Gap & Amazon

From athleticwear to knitwear, I love me a matching set. Maybe they scream basic millennial — and, you know what? So be it. It’s the fastest way to look chic and intentional while feeling like you’re at your loungiest best.

Matching Set: Vuori’s Elevation Line

I love this combo so much, I have it in a couple of colors: Vuori’s Elevation Plyo Tank is buttery and supportive and not too cropped. One of my most-worn active tops. And Vuori’s Clean Elevation Legging are my favorite of all Vuori’s leggings so far, with a soft, high waist and a handy back-zip pocket. Also shown in the video above:

  • Duster Sweater (similar): Somehow a duster like this remains chic despite feeling like you’re wearing a bathrobe in public. Which is just excellent.
  • Vans Checkered Slip-On Stackform Shoes: An absolute classic, with just a HINT of a platform.
  • Le Specs Air Heart Sunglasses: Made famous by Meghan Markle, worn daily for the past three years by me. Designer quality at a not-so-designer price, and no obnoxious logo on the lenses.

Matching Set: Gap Sweatsuit, Two Ways

Something about the color of a butterscotch sweatsuit makes it feel extra indulgent — like lounging in a pillowy vat of pudding, ha. My exact pieces are sold out, but I’m loving this classic logo version from Gap Factory, which has cool, streetwear vibes (hoodie here, sweats here, in the color Deerfield Brown). Also shown in the video above:

  • Gap Faux Leather Black Sandals (TTS): Been wearing the heck outta these, and they are surprisingly springy (for a flat sandal) and don’t clack annoyingly. The quality of the vegan leather is great, too.
  • Adidas Pureboost Running Shoes (size down half): Been wearing these so much on and off the pavement that I picked up a second color, but the white/black is my favorite for wearing for non-athletic pursuits. Super comfy.
  • Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag (similar): Easy, timeless, and a light-colored bag is always unexpectedly cool.
  • Gap Logo Tote Bag: I’ve raved about this one quite a bit because it’s the ideal size for a tote — not comically large but plenty roomy for all the things, and then some.

Matching Set: Amazon Free People Dupe

Seriously. This Anrabess knit set from Amazon is half the price of a verrrry similar Free People set. Reviews speculate that it’s identical, possibly even the same supplier with different branding, and I have to agree. I was pleasantly stunned by the quality. Worth nabbing in multiple colors.

Outfit Idea 2. Wide-Leg or Barrel Jeans And…Just About Anything

This is more of a strategy than an outfit, but hear me out. Pick up a pair of Gap Barrel Jeans (these run TTS) or Gap Low Rise Stride Jeans (also TTS), top them with juuuuuust about anything and you have an easy look that’s comfortable but also current, so there’s a bit of implied effort.

I often reach for my favorite black tank and an oversized chambray shirt (wearing a men’s large) for a no-fuss denim-on-denim situation, but since my duster cardigan (similar) is almost always close at hand, it’s an easy grab, too. An ivory camera bag (similar) elevates things just a tad, or I’ll lean fully into the casual vibes with a sporty-chic fanny pack. This belt bag from Longchamp is roomier than most and gets loads of use.

Outfit Idea 3. Running Tights! (Instead Of Black Leggings)

Another one that leans maybe more toward a hack than an outfit — ready? Swap your black leggings for running tights. Yes, even if you’re not planning on, uhhh, running. (But if you happen to do so, yay! How handy!)

Here’s why.

Running tights are slightly compressive and supportive. Flattering, sure, but that also makes them ideal for being you’re on your feet all day, doing life things. They’re a sleeker fabric that isn’t as prone to gathering lint, cat hair, or little carpet fibers (if you’re still in the playing-on-the-floor phase), so they stay looking good the whole day. They’re typically moisture-wicking, breathable and anti-stink. And, perhaps best of all — pockets!

I love the Adidas DailyRun 7/8 Leggings because they have all these features (they have not one but THREE pockets) and the fact that they just look and feel great on the bod. You can style the running tights in the same way you would black leggings: hoodies, sweaters, oversized sweatshirts (this is the exact Los Angeles sweatshirt I’m wearing in the video), a denim overshirt, or a cropped tank. Or lean fully into the look and pair them with a sporty cami. I’m telling you, as easy as black leggings but with a little more intention. Yer welcome.

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Ok, gang, what are you wearing to drop-off, this summer?


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Rushing to school drop-off in the morning, I don't want to stress about my outfit. But I also want to feel cute, comfy, and ready for the rest of the day.
Rushing to school drop-off in the morning, I don't want to stress about my outfit. But I also want to feel cute, comfy, and ready for the rest of the day.

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